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shoelace tied to peridise
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    in this thread i described how i used a shoelace as an excellent cock ring.

    i made it much better by... tying it to the peridise.

    i suppose the idea might have been inspired by the awesome report of techniques used in japanese prostate massage here:

    anyway, what i did was:
    - tie the loose ends of a 30" shoelace together in a simple knot, with about 1" dangling.
    - this gave me a closed loop about 13 inches long
    - put the double strands around my c + b with the knot end under my balls
    - passed the other end through loop formed at the knotted end
    - tighten
    - pull the loose looped end down and hook it over the handle of the peridise

    don't tighten too tight. the idea is to give stimulation, not force engorgement or cut off circulation.

    the tightness i had was:
    - i could just squeeze a finger under the strands around my c+b (when fully hard)
    - the strands running down my perineum were taught enough to stimulate the region

    if it is a little too loose, reach under your balls, loosen the knot a little, and slide it a bit to shorten the whole loop, and then tighten it again.

    the total effect was absolutely fantastic. peridise movement and contractions pulled on the strands, making everything go crazy together. it stimulates the same regions as does a regular aneros, but also includes the whole base of your penis and balls and the full length of your perineum.

    (i also took it for a ride on my body ball. see