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About the Aneros

What is the Aneros Stimulator?

The Aneros Stimulator is one of a kind!! It is medically researched, designed and patented. Specifically, Aneros is designed in accordance with modern scientific knowledge of anatomy combined with ancient Oriental awareness of erogenous zones and pleasure centers. The Aneros Stimulator pleases all of your neglected erogenous zones at once. Once the Aneros is inserted, it naturally seeks out the prostate gland (the Male G-Spot) while the perineum abutment gently massages the acupressure spot related to the pudendal nerves. This plexus of nerves is largely responsible for distributing sensations of pleasure throughout the uro-genital area.

What’s the difference between all of the models?

Each Aneros model is based off of our patents, but each has its own unique characteristics.

Please visit our Aneros chooser guide for complete details on the differences between our models.

Is this just another anal device?

No. The Aneros Stimulator is a patented prostate-perineum massager. It is not a toy! The Aneros Stimulator is different in both concept and design. Though other anal devices are sexual tools for penetration and fullness, the Aneros is designed to specifically massage the male G-Spot! This prostate-perineum massage leads to a completely different category of orgasm – A unique, full-body orgasm that is incomparable with anything else. Whether you have previous experience with anal pleasure or not, Aneros is for you. Check out our testimonials section.

What is the Next-Generation Line?

The Next-Generation Line is made up of the Helix, Maximus and Eupho. They were designed based on customer feedback, additional research and several new patents that were applied to each device. Each has its own characteristics, visit the product details pages for more information.

What are the dimensions of the Aneros?

The Aneros is anatomically designed to stimulate the Male G-Spot. It is approximately one inch in diameter and has an insertion length of approximately four inches. Remember, it is designed for comfort and effectiveness.

What size batteries does the Aneros take?

The Aneros needs no batteries. It works by using the contractions of the man’s own muscles, giving him complete control.

For what is the handle used for?

The curled arm (handle) should fit between the buttocks, and the upturned arm should touch the perineum, which is between the anus and the scrotum to facilitate an external massage of the perineum acupressure point.

The handle is used only for inserting and removing the Aneros. Remember the Aneros is hands-free, so while using the Aneros, we recommend that the handle not be used.

What is the Aneros Classic and why can’t I buy it alone?

The Classic, our original model, has nodules and a wider-spaced perineum tab. Although the MGX has been newly redesigned based on testing and customer feedback, some men do still prefer the Classic.

What is the Aneros made out of?

The Aneros is made of non-porous FDA approved materials. The materials are approved for both body and fluid contact.

How long will my Aneros last?

Indefinitely, the solid design and construction of the Aneros should provide years of pleasure.

5 Responses to “About the Aneros”

  1. Jerry says:

    I am an 80 year old widower. I masturbate every day without ejaculating. I have read that this can cause prostate problems. Can your device help me and how would I use it. I am not interested in the orgasmic aspect.

  2. John says:


    No matter how old we are (I am 66), we desire and need sexual pleasure. If your prostate is intact and you are able to relax and let tings happen, it can and should be a blessing. You and I are both straight and sex is wonderful, but, we love to beat the meat and the Aneros will add an incredible sensation and nothing is better than taking care of ourselves. Go for it.

  3. Esteban Zavala says:

    I have been diagnoses with prostate enlargement, I have problems to reach an erection and when masturbates there is almost none sperm, can Aneros help me with my condition? If I order Aneros, can I pay with a US money order?

  4. Rossie Turner says:

    I am a 55 years old woman. I am suffering with Hemorrhoids for several years. It comes and goes. I was wondering if this device is good for women too or is just for men.
    Please let me know asap. I would like to purchase it but want tomake sure if it is good for females too.
    Thank you so much.
    My e mail is :

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