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Natural Jelly

The ingredients arrived all in the same delivery, so last evening I mixed up the brew:

3 Vitamin E capsules (400IU), pricked and their contents squeezed out
1.5mL Refined Shea Butter
5mL Beeswax (actually I measured a little more as they were in pellet form and didn't pack too well in the measurer)
45mL Grapeseed Oil (this is the only variation from the given recipe, but it was to hand)

Warmed in a metal bowl in a boiling water bath, stirring until all the ingredients had dissolved. Took out of the hot water and allowed to cool, stirring all the time. Eventually it started to set, and at that point I poured it into a small plastic bowl and left it for a few hours.

At room temperature, the consistency was a little harder than Vaseline, but it very quickly softened with body heat.

I roughly coated the Maximus, and tried to get a small lump inside me but most of it melted before I could get it in. (Note for next time: try putting a lump in the freezer to give a little extra time before it melts.)

The feeling? Different. I could feel the Maximus and I couldn't feel it. There was very gentle pressure in different places to usual. It felt very nice indeed.

Results? Well, no O's, but about ten times as many p-waves as from a normal session, and they felt much more intense. The prostate didn't seem to feel engorged at all. The Maximus did feel a lot more mobile than in previous sessions too. All in all, a much gentler sensation than usual. I liked it. Maybe as my body gets used to the changed sensations the O's will come.

PS. The ingredients also came with a block of cocoa butter. I might try using that at some time too.