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  • Dear Friends,

    I have been trying to reach the Super-O with Aneros for three years.
    Unfortunately I have not been able to experience this mysterious fulfillment of the male sexuality.
    I think I have tried almost every suggestion mentioned here in this forum.
    I think I would need kind of a personal trainer for this.
    I am really patient and I have invested quite a bit time for this project, following the rules of complete relaxation.

    Would somebody be kind enough to guide me in a very explicit way by writing to me?
    My personal e-mail is
    Your help and "support" would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks and best regards to everybody!


    • Back to the Basics = Success

      After six months of trying everything, having some wonderful A and
      A-less sessions I was frustrated at not really getting the big O. I
      decided to regroup and go back through the Wiki to see if I'd missed
      something important. I carefully reread each section (which was
      painful). When I got to the Contractions Exercise section I realized
      that I had not really tried the constant low level contraction with varying
      stronger contractions since starting my journey. I have rarely had any
      involuntaries and have never gotten anywhere fantastic using the "Do
      Nothing" method. So, I thought why not try it again.

      Listen i need to ask, the problem i have with this method, the contractions, is that my penis always gets hard. Prostate contact always results in this, not just hard but like 'diamond' hard. The issue? well when it gets hard the muscles in the ass and around the prostate swell and tighten as well which results in it becoming difficult to maintain low-level holding contractions, they often feel like im really squeezing hard, its difficult to maintain, because of the lack of perception on what is happening inside as a result.

      I also have device choice issues, what device was this session with?


      • Originally posted by Rydm View Post
        I've been using the helix on and off for about 6 years with some good results and some dud sessions.
        i just finished my best session and I'm still in shock.
        I started off on the couch with some light nipple while watching football. I then took it it into the bedroom and thought it might be fun to throw on the webcam and record my session. I slipped my helix's in and the pleasure started. I rub a bit of baby oil on my chest and as soon as I did the involuntaries took over leading my into super O after super O. I was so relaxed and let the pleasure take over. It was absolutely in believable. I couldn't believe how much my body was shaking and how intense each super O was. The precum was pouring out and was squirting out on to my stomach and chest.
        13 super Os in 2 hours before I thought I should stop and have a shower. I'm just watching the video now and it's kind of a turn on to watch myself lose control and succumb to such pleasure.
        Any chance you would consider putting the video online for us all to see? no worries if not!


        • Upload, upload, upload! Oh, behave, I meant applause, applause, applause. Isn't life wonderful?


          • Bhopkins, I believe that you experienced an Aneros Super-O tsunami. Isn't that wonderful when that happens!


            • @Bhopkins, Congratulations on your Super-O. You have also entered the Spiritual Realm through your minds third eye with your statement, "With my eyes shut I saw a flash of white light". It is an extraordinary leap that brings us all closer to universal awareness. We are constantly rewiring, just like the Aneros started all of us on our individual journeys. You can expect many more experiences with the White Light, along your journey. There are numerous articles on the internet about calling upon the white light. Here is an example:

              My experience with the White Light has been Beautiful. I had heard examples of individuals experiencing the White Light but at the time I had no clue what they were talking about. A couple of months into my journey I first experienced the White Light, with my eyes shut I saw a flash of white light, as Bhopkins stated. Through my third eye, I have seen the White Light moving up my spine, a White Light orb over my heart, my complete body surrounded by the White Light, my head surrounded by the White Light, and as recently as this month, pulsating waves of White Light surrounding my body. I am also able to channel Healing Energy to spirits in need, when I'm experiencing the White Light. Through my Third Eye I have also seen glimpses of people, places, and things. In addition, with my eyes opened, I have seen gold and deep purple colors associated with my body.

              Your Spiritual Awakening has Begun, Embrace your Awareness.


              • Rydm and Bhopkins, congratulations to your success in finding your ultimate bliss so far and thank you both very much for sharing your vivid reports about your exciting experiences. Just went into some fine Aless only from reading and participating. Keep us posted, there is still so much more to come! Isn't life unbelievable wonderful?


                • Originally posted by RoJackSYN View Post

                  After about an hour and a half of this, I manually finished myself to avoid tumbling into utter madness.

                  I will never use another device again. The Helix SYN is a beautiful thing indeed.
                  Hey, RoJackSYN, congrats to your success with your Helix Syn, maybe it indeed is all you ever will need.
                  But if you really never will go and try it's little "brother" Eupho Syn you might miss another awesome experience!

                  Best vibes after all!


                  • Originally posted by SOwithoutAneros View Post

                    Hey, RoJackSYN, congrats to your success with your Helix Syn, maybe it indeed is all you ever will need.
                    But if you really never will go and try it's little "brother" Eupho Syn you might miss another awesome experience!

                    Best vibes after all!
                    I second that!