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    How? "I am natural!" Not really--there is a learning curve! Learn until it becomes your 2nd nature! Different brothers might prefer different methods, but the GCGQO method works for me! And I highly recommend the "Trident" models which make the Os so much easier to attain.

    Gulliver, Condor, Goldfish, Queen-bee, & Os
    The bliss of “Super-O” through prostate stimulation is real!!! Just need to sweep aside your “Pride and Prejudice” and pick up your “Sense(s) and Sensibility,” then you will energize your “Sexuality and Sensuality.” There is no need for men to envy women who could experience multi-Os; Men could have this kind of life style as well. Once your prostate is awakened, prostate’s “entourage” members—the sensual “Aneros-Muscle-Ensemble (see below)”— are also ready to play the Prostate Concerto and make the whole body resonate. You can journey to “the multi-O-zone” rather easily and as often as you desire. It becomes very natural.

    Of course, there are some very interesting video-demonstrations on the internet. But we could only see what’s outside; the more important happening is in fact INSIDE your male bodies, subtle yet intense, rather exquisite and ineffable. Aneros brothers always tries to describe the experience and share their inside-the-body methods/skills by words. It is a hard task beyond words. I would like to use some common figurative images to illustrate.
    • Relax! Relax! Relax! Breath normally——until it becomes “breathtaking”!
    Rest all the “Fight-or-Flight” muscles! No need to “fight” OR “flight”!
    The model for your Aneros-friendly body-state and mind-set might not be the Greco-Roman high-tensioned muscular athlete-warriors; it could be that of sensually breathing Yoga gurus, for whom the WHOLE body is erogenous zone. Total relaxation helps awake the “small” subtle sensual pelvic muscles & nerve/sensor-network (they are in fact very alive if you ever notice them)—Kegel muscles, perineum, sphincters, anorectal chamber, tailbone, buttock, inner thighs…etc.—let us call the brotherhood of these muscles “Aneros-muscle-ensemble” i.e. Prostate and His Whole Accompaniment. Listen to the natural music of your whole body and inner entourage—your mini-me(s) if you would! And this sensual ensemble, created by Mother Nature and long evolution will very patiently coach you how to “pick up” the waves of sensations and take a ride of “mini-Os” all the way to whole body “Super-O”!

    At the beginning, the Aneros-muscle-ensemble, together and each takes turns gently ricocheting the sweet melody (indeed, many brothers in this community mentioned the great art of music), plays with the massager/musical instrument like a gentle pelvic chamber music (because this instrument makes full-grown men moan & sometimes even giggle…), a quartet, quintet, or sextet (why is there a “sex” in “sextet”?!) of Aneros-muscle-ensemble melody, to the Prostate Concertos (with multiple movements/stages/phases of erotic dynamics), to full-body-symphony, until the sensation become gradually & progressively intensified, while still rather subtle, electrifying and iridescent Wagnerian rainbow-bridge for your prostate/body to ascend…The male gender needs to learn to relax (relax much MORE than you thought you would) and let your innate sensuality reverberate awe-inspiringly around the ENTIRE space of your pelvic chamber as well as whole body. Boys always want to be in a rock-n-roll band/gym. In fact, the best band/gym ever for a man is right inside his pelvic chamber, a treasure trove of sensual pleasure. Once you get the hang of it, even when WITHOUT an Aneros massager in place (during a boring meeting, or waiting in line…), you could still enjoy (s)exercising your “sensual chamber music” with resonance of prostate, Kegel-m, perineum, anorectal-m, buttock to make your whole body feel jolly. It’s something a male could enjoy every day naturally! A great gift from Mother Nature!

    Imagine that YOU are Gulliver! When you are lying on your back/side(s), your Aneros-muscle-(sex)tet-ensemble functions as your “mini-me”-Gulliver(s) polling / twitching / piston-ing / nudging your sweet spots from inside very sensually. (You have a “Trident” that is even more pleasurable than that of “Aquaman”! Superhero-Tights not required!) These mini-me Gulliver(s) are puppet-masters who could really pull some strings inside you. They turn you the “Gulliver” into a great puppet theater show. You the “Gulliver” does not need to “travel” very far; the fun journey is right inside you! (This is what the famous book did not tell you! Now the secret is out!) You become curious: what the **** is going on?! Yet, you enjoy it!
    • Patience! Patience! Patience! Building up the sensation slowly & intuitively.
    Leave your cannon, although loaded and eager, alone…for a while (or you could play some adagio edging as the overture but need to control it and save the finale…). Unlike the rocket-ish Peniel Allegro excitation that could be reached in a few minutes (boys could (s)exercise some adagio “edging” to last longer and nurture this (s)exercise as a habit), Prostate stimulation needs much longer time (1, 2, or 3 hours or longer). But the P-org*sm is also several times stronger! It is a slow but powerful Adagio, if you would. Do NOT rush the process! Therefore, each Aneros session does take some quality time, but it is very worthy! Your Queen-bee-ish Prostate will award you with “sweets” and your precum will keep oozing out like honeydew, nonstop. Because it takes some time for the newbies to get used to, wearing it to sleep might not be a bad idea—it could be your bedtime routine if you want! Do not have unreasonable expectation. Do Not overthink! In due course, your “Queen” and “mini-Gulliver(s)” will take you on a very fun journey!
    • Nipples: Men have nipples! And it just happens that our arms & hands are just in the right length, not too long and not too short, to reach nipples (plus penis & a**). What a concept!? What a blessing!
    All men know that male nipples are the best liaison, or remote control, of penis and prostate!!! Nipples love to be multi-phased man-handled! Tease! Caress! Fondle, Milking! Featherlight touches in different delicate patterns, and REST! (In music and in life, pause/rest is as important as the clusters of sound/action!) “Multi-phases” emphasized! “REST” emphasized! Do NOT be a robot — Do creatively explore/surprise/intrigue yourself! And see what happens! (Trident) Aneros just becomes a multi-axial “auto-f***ing-piston,” a gentle yet poised one in continuous, subtle wiggling & wobbling & caressing movements—inside your very sensitive anorectal canal! This multi-axial auto-f**ing-piston is what every virile male-engine needs to generate the most powerful manly sensation.
    • Toddler and His Pacifier / Actions & Rests / Paddling & Gliding
    Only one thing is a more powerful remote-control than male nipples: Your mind! This is the art of selflove; there is an artistry MEN would want to master. But don’t over-think! Although practice makes perfect, we need NOT over-analyze it!
    Let us learn from our younger selves! Boys grow up and become men, but their a** are always like toddlers’ (mouths), who need pacifiers for suckling & playing, no matter what kind(s) of “orientations” you think you are. Aneros are the best “Pacifier” for 18+ males.

    Be like a toddler, use your intuition and feeling! This is a natural art already IN you. Observe the toddlers: they do not even think about it, suckling their pacifiers seems so intuitive. Just breath normally, suckle and REST/Relax! See what happens next!

    Some Aneros users suggested the “Do Nothing” approach! But, only “Congress” members do nothing! If we just lie there like a dead fish, nothing good happens! In fact, “doing nothing” is the description of “REST—after caressing & suckling.” “Do nothing” is only partial (and somewhat inaccurate) description of one of the many phases of your sensual Aneros experience. The whole process is more complex—see the “Condor-Goldfish-Queen-bee” section below. I suggest we replace “doing nothing” with “gliding-cruising-riding & feelings.” Feeling the multitude of sensations with various phases & intensities is not really “do nothing.” It is something!
    • Condor-Goldfish Soaring-Floating / Queen-bee buzzing
    Like a Condor riding the upward thermal to gain height, your “Aneros-muscle-ensemble” would really “take wing” and (be gentle!) flap (contracting) the wings (of sphincters + Kegel + perineum) to start. But once the sensation reaches certain “height,” the “bird” glides and takes the ride and soars even higher! You are in the realm of half-dreaming-half-conscious cruise-control! However, although the “Condor” (your extremely aggressive Herculean male desire) is very eager to hunt down the “Super-O,” all the Aneros-ensemble muscles should use only the strength of a “Goldfish” (your sensual Eros action)! (I learned the “goldfish” metaphor from “Lingaman” (in his April 5, 2014 blog post “A Sexy Weekend”—totally agree such a visual guide!) Tis also the X-men skill of “between rage and serenity” Professor X taught Magneto!

    Observe how a beautiful & very innocent-looking Goldish floats and breaths in the water with No hurry! Image your an*s is the mouth of the goldfish and your sphincters & perineum & Kegel muscles the gills and fins. See how (it seems) effortless and elegant (& erotic) the Goldfish enjoys being in the water! Your anorectal-mouthpiece (deep)throats/inhales the Aneros just like the goldfish-mouth swallows the water and breathes (and not really close the mouth completely—relax!); your perineum very gently moves toward your heart and then toward your feet like a bellow; your anorectal tunnel turns into a gentle hand (you can feel it) which holds the Aneros, with multi-axial motions, to gently nudge or caress your prostate who demands the service. Yes, our guts are truly amazingly versatile & willing! No wonder Real Men must (sensually) “have the guts”!

    Your prostate then turns itself into a Queen-bee, making everything else serving her and buzzing around her! As if your pelvic chamber is a beehive, your whole body is a sex organ, and your inner Queen-bee turns YOU into a live-sized phallus. No wonder women call us “Dick”! It probably means to be a compliment. Talking about “Queen,” your mini-me-Gulliver(s), it seems, are singing the famous songs of Queen (band) “We Are the Champions” & “We Will Rock You!” (You could in fact rock/thrust (by the remote-control of your mind) your hip a little bit…) You are for a great ride with such buoyancy & joy & warmth (thus the “thermal” metaphor) with yourself and/or with your partner(s)! Like the Queen-bee keeps delivering (next generations of sensuality), you feel your “mini-me-Gulliver(s),” keep polling and twisting, gently, your sweet strings/spots non-stop, your male parts keep pre-ejaculating-ish pumping/pulsing / throbbing / twitching/spasm, very subtle yet very intense, but Not empty your stock at all, and you get the most erotic yet most virile sensation, continuously. You are simply happy to be a MAN! Only men have prostates after all!

    Riding the “waves” in a good way, your way, will lift you from “Rocky Mountain High” to “Andes/Aneros Mountain High” and even “Himalaya Mountain High”! You feel as if you could float and glide above “Tibetan-Plateau-of-Os” for hour(s) and even into the breathtaking “Stratosphere” of male sensuality. Don’t be afraid!
    • Breathtaking Spontaneous Whole-Body Sensations/Os Spontaneity is one of the key features of “Super-O.” Listen to our male bodies, truly, and our male bodies will intuitively and willingly show you the “How To” naturally. It is ineffable! There is NO sufficient descriptions because it involves so many parts of our male bodies and the experiences vary from individual to individual, it appears.

    Remember: your Male MIND is the most powerful remote control of the sensual experience (Like XXX-rated Professor X). If you like some sensations to happen, you only need to feel it, love it, and simply “thinking about it” is enough for your mind to orchestrate & conduct the most sensual and erotic music in your male body. When you finally desire, fire your “cannon” and you feel you can join the ecstatic finale of 1812 Festival Overture!

    But you needn’t mind your mind at all! No “control” either! Your (Dionysian) prostate could surprise your (Apollonian) mind in the most delightful ways and takes over the game! Forget about everything you have learned! There is NO rules/routine or “skills” you must use; Your male body just knows what-and-how to do!

    The Peniel-O becomes more intense AFTER your multi-Prostate-Os. No wonder some men like to do (the middle meat of the sandwich) piston-ing King-thrusting in front “ing” end while being piston-ed in the Queen “en” end…in rigorous full throttle OR tantric-adagio fashion. Only MEN have BOTH penis and prostate. Both are super demanding and they must be served, in style! Over millions of years of evolution, our forefathers, it becomes apparent, must have been experimenting so many delicious ways to satisfy both the front and the back… (Please put down the “Pride and Prejudice” taught by those self-appointed “moral” authority…) Thanks Dad, Grandpa, and all the male ancestors! We might want to reactivate our inner hunter-gatherer tribesman’s skills… It is not a privilege; it is your huMAN right—just to take full advantage of what Mother Nature intend to endow All MEN with! Thanks Mom!

    Thus, GCGQO represents not a word but the graphic image of men having prostate massager Aneros in their “manholes” and reaching Os…PICTURE it!

    1. Vibrating prostate massagers with battery are inferior than battery-less Aneros! The vibrating massagers could only generate rather robotic motions imposing to our bodies, and usually in rather hasty, crude, dull, unimaginative, and unsatisfactory ways. It is simply Not spontaneous! In comparison, Aneros allows every individual male body to find his own delicate & exquisite rhythms and styles. In fact, it is your own prostate using Aneros to create his own (free style adagio) “workout/(s)exercise” sessions. For the same reason, the (new) Kegel exercise-device “Evi” (by Aneros) for the ladies is also “hands-free” & “No vibration” design. It is our own bodies that will figure out what & how to do. If you are considering some 18+ gifts for your hubby or male friend(s) / cousin(s), you might want to skip over the robotic (dumbass) vibrators—and save your money! Get the Aneros Trident models instead, and he/they will thank you! (Valentine's Day is here...)
    2. No need for douching, which is like creating a biblical scale of flood for the good microbes living in our guts! We need the good microbes to maintain our health. Also, douching is extremely time-consuming and often makes the situation even messier. Imagine the water comes out during play time…most undesirable scenario! Our bodies are clean, naturally! If you must, use “Pure for Men” fiber and/or condoms instead!
    3. Aneros session could be an experience of hours. How about other hours of our daily life? Men could sensualize their daily life by have some extra dimensions! We are not talking about Tuxedo! Or tuck or untuck our shirts? We are talking about tugging your balls (another kind of stuff-pulling mini-me-Gulliver(s) if you will)! Recommending Donut-Ball-Stretcher-Weight & its heavyweight cousin Heavy-Donut-Ball-Weight-Stretcher from C****G***. They are the safest and most comfortable models with excellent workmanship and the design is aesthetically pleasing! A quality artwork great to marvel! You could check out the more than 640 reviews (as of Jan 2018) from the maker’s website, so you know the how popular this (s)exercise has become among modern men. You will be happy to be “well-hung.” But, of course, for prostate play, Aneros is the MUST Have!
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      What a post, great job!

      Especially I love your borrowing from music and your referring to suckling pacifiers.

      GulliverPlus, if you would allow, I'd only like to suggest to add one single but very important word, namely "should", to the citation below, because at least I myself didn't know anything about my nipples until the end of my twenties, then did most things wrong, only now after rewiring finally getting the clue how wonderful this gift of nature can be for us men too. And inbetween I furthermore met quite a few men who even definetly knew neither anything about their own nipples nor how to carress another guy's nipples skilfully.

      Best wishes and thanks a lot for your most inspiring post! Rereading it makes it even better each time and lets me already feel like a GCGQO-evangelist.


      Originally posted by GulliverPlus View Post
      How? "I am natural!" Not really -
      there is a learning curve! Learn until it becomes your 2nd nature!
      All men [should] know that male nipples are the best liaison, or remote control, of penis and prostate!!! Nipples love to be multi-phased man-handled! Tease! Caress! Fondle, Milking! Featherlight touches in different delicate patterns, and REST! (In music and in life, pause/rest is as important as the clusters of sound/action!) “Multi-phases” emphasized! “REST” emphasized! Do NOT be a robot — Do creatively explore/surprise/intrigue yourself! And see what happens!
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      No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path. BUDDHA
      Instead blaze your own trail and add strings to your own bow. Your best expert is you!