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RE reading the wiki, useful stuff!

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  • RE reading the wiki, useful stuff!

    I find that re reading things really can help move things forward, today, after YEARS i have leaned what an involuntary is:

    "After have been gripping for awhile the muscle will be fatigued, and as you release the grip, but not fully releasing, it will start to flutter with exhaustion. Like a weightlifter on his last rep. These are the elusive in voluntaries."

    Guess what, I've never noticed this, never had one 'involuntary' in 10 years! no joke. The progress I've made is from somewhere else entirely.


    "Two muscles are involved in making the Aneros do its thing, your PC muscle (the one you use to stop urinating) and your anal sphincter (the muscle you use to hold in gas). Locate these muscles and learn how to manipulate them."

    Isn't the holding in gas one more of a 'pushing' muscle? i still cannot differentiate between the two very well.

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    @inhope, i swear I had asked you a while back if you had been getting involuntaries and you said yes all the time. If your not getting the involuntaries then this is probably why not much seems to happen for you. You definitely need to work on this then. You will never progress without them.


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      also what kind of lube are you using and how much?


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        Hi @ineverknew I find it hard, because of the subjective nature of this whole experience if what i get can be called 'Involuntaries'

        What i get is what i refer to as 'twitches' (which i thought were in voluntaries), but it's not from the two muscles in a 'tug of war', so i find it hard to describe them in comparison to the wiki as my description differs by its very essence.

        These 'twitches' only happen when my legs are together, i.e. when the muscles in my ass and the aneros device are all being pushed together, when this happens its like my whole area in there is fluttering like a bat outta hell, but i get NO pleasure from it, just like a lot of squirming, this usually kills the session, 'overloading' things. Involuntaries seem to be, according to the wiki much more 'civilised'.

        The first 10 mins of my sessions are wonderful, there is movement in my ass and 'twitching' and my cock might be super hard, half hard... generally its all going very well. its when this swelling/twitching gets intense that it overloads things, it 'numbs' me so i can't even feel my prostate after a few minutes.

        I know this to be true because after i end the session around 10 mins later my prostate is back! it feels great as well. However if i left the device in there it would not 'wake up' again.

        I still trying to find the difference between the two muscles it mentions in the wiki, they're very hard to separate in my opinion as to which is being used and when. I think on some level I've been able to work them both together like it mentions, but not quite separately yet.

        I use pure unrefined shea butter for lube and plenty of it.

        Don't get me wrong dude my sessions WERE gong somewhere, what i was doing WAS working and working well but now its just stopped! I've not changed anything, but the reactions i get are different now. Its hampering progress yet again, i can't understand whats happening to me, i have focus, i have arousal and i have had, until recently, progress.

        Oddly enough I'm not angry, but i am confused.

        Did you read about my strange technique that got me what i thought were orgasms? lifting the legs off the bed, up toward your bum? that would work 100% of the time, every time in prior sessions, now it still does but its so weak in comparison. This is what i consider to be 'an orgasm without muscle involvement' so in effect I'm just pushing the aneros to touch the prostate and the prostate generates its own pleasure.

        One other technique which works from time to time is doing holds of 10 secs or so then releasing. It would always build to a point and then fizzle again. I still think, after all this, I've not had a dry-o. I've had something 'else', same goes for involuntaries.

        The muscle part is what i missing.


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          you think i should use WAY more shea butter?

          Let me ask you something else as well, can involunatiries be rapid, not visibly move the device and vary in frequency? If so then yes I have them, but I've never once felt pleasure while in the presence of them

          Interestingly I get the twitching (whatever you want to call it) using the do nothing approach.....


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            @inhope,I don't really know how much shea butter you are using but suggesting you use "WAY more" is probably not going to solve your problem.

            Seems to me that you are still trying to micro-manage this process and that is absolutely your the first problem you are going to have to overcome!

            Happy Christmas!


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              Pommie : perhaps but as I say I don't know what an involuntary actually is, so I may be having them all along.

              What's your description of them, the descriptions vary so much.

              I know what I need to do, I need to rest, regroup and focus on one device, a few techniques and to not place any expectation on the heights I reached in previous sessions.


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                @inhope I just posted this in another thread, but I will post the link here as well. The method I used to help learn the muscles. It might be of some use? Maybe adapt it to your own way of thinking, but hopefully it makes enough sense my friend. Take a gander!

                To answer the question though, pushing is not holding gas, that would be blasting it out, I believe they call that "bearing down" or forcing. Kind of like when you evacuate your bowels - you "bear down" or "push" to help your movement along.

                Squeezing your ass together is holding gas, or stopping a nasty accident from happening. Bearing down would be to force it out quicker.

                Same can be said for stopping urine contraction. Squeezing would hold your urine in and forcing the other way would be to cause urine to expel faster as you pee.

                Hope it helps!