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My experience so far (and occasional heart palpitations)

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  • My experience so far (and occasional heart palpitations)

    First off I must say that reading other peoples experiences has been a world of help.

    I started using Aneros over a year ago and used it on and off over that time with some nice results.

    Several weeks ago I lost my job and with the extra free time recently started using it more (I now have 4 different models) with sessions lasting often 3 or more hours.

    I feel like I crossed a line into new territory. Such that I now understand what people mean when they talk about re-wiring and other such terms used in the forum.

    At times I feel like my Aneros use has become almost a form of meditation. A way of listening to my body and focusing. I don't want to repeat too much of what has already been said but I have started experiencing more of the variety of experiences that I have only until recently been reading about. Fantastic! I had no idea such feeling were possible from such stimulation. I am regretting only now discovering this at the age of 48. AND the times where I do masturbate to orgasm (and usually I keep my hands off my penis during most of my sessions - but occasional nipple stimulation is awesome) I notice more ejaculate and at times I am literally shooting myself in the face. A nice side effect!!

    One thing I want to address that I haven't read much of in these discussions is Aneros use and how it affects heart rate and if it at times triggers palpitations in other users. I have noticed occasional palpitations and increase in heart rate during a session. However I am also noticing at times a few hours after a session experiencing palpitations. Just to provide a bit of context - I have had palpitations in the past and I have a history of occasional panic attacks. But I am noticing a definite increase in these feelings after occasional sessions. Are others also experiencing the same? I looked through old posts here and only saw brief mention of people experiencing increased heart rates.

    Thanks all for the helpful advise in the past and thanks in advance for any insight you guys may have.

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    Your muscles are getting pretty strong then if you're doing some face shots. Nice! I've definitely noticed I can do that now. I notice my heart is pretty amped up during the super-o, too, sometimes to the point of concern. But you know, like they say in Viagra ads, "make sure your heart is healthy enough for sex." I'd say if you are worried about sudden cardiac events, see your doctor. Aneros use certainly can be cardiovascular exercise, and most runners, cyclists, etc. try to stay within a target heart rate.


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      @aneros_user113455, you saw this one, right; I haven't had a problem since then. Probably anxiety. I assume you've told your doctor about the palpitations. Glad you stuck it out. Best wishes on the job search.


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        I used to have heart pulpitations during and at random times from the aneros but it goes away eventually.


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          When I first started I went through a period of time where my blood pressure was high and my heart was racing for no reason at all. I was measuring my blood pressure every day. I've never had high blood pressure in my life. This forum helped me understand that my body needed time to adjust to the new feelings I was experiencing. My blood pressure returned to normal after a couple of weeks. The funny thing is that somehow, I knew it would.
          Everybody's experience is different. One of the best pieces of advice I received was "Listen to your body". I was in a hurry to get to the place where so many others enjoyed blissful super orgasms that I was ignoring the subtle pleasures I was experiencing. It's the old adage "Looking for the forest through the trees". I needed to slow down, enjoy what I was experiencing, but most of all, take my time. I know that the super-o will find me. It's just a matter of time. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy the orgasms I am getting today!


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            Thank you all for the advise and input

            The palpitations have actually improved quite a bit in recent sessions. s.

            My doctor did a full check on me a while back (including a electrocardiogram and Holter monitor for a week) and I passed with flying colors. I am fairly active (jogging biking) so I think I'm safe. It may have just been some degree of anxiety and adjusting to the new sensations and feelings.

            And thanks Euphemistic for the link - I hope all is well!


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              A few times I have used my heart rate monitor during a session and have found the rate to drop and increase (but not to any levels I should be concerned about). Although with the palpitations it sometimes felt like 'skipped beats' which I've learned isnt dangerous in light of the fact that my heart has checked out A-OK!


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                I have noticed that when I first started getting the "in-voluntaries" I was thrashing about at times to the point where I actually hurt my back a bit. I feel like I have been able to control them to a manageable and pleasurable rhythm where I don't thrash quite as aggressively


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                  Stress causes my palpitations. Not at the time but some time later. Also stress caused by anxiety. So in some situations using an Aneros can run counter of upbringing or our culture or both. This might cause an unease that can lead to stress and thus palpitations. This is called cognitive dissonance and can be quite debilitating, I have been wary of distress and have not had any 'thumping palpitations' for some time.