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The Progasm Classic: My Energizer Bunny!!!

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  • The Progasm Classic: My Energizer Bunny!!!

    Hi guys,

    A month or two ago, I discovered Aneros autof**king, or rather the joy and pleasure of just letting go and let the Aneros f**k my butthole and massage my prostate automatically. It is very much like riding a bicycle no-hands style!

    The Progasm Classic because of his size and "heft" is my main man in showing what Aneros autof**king is all about. I just love working with him. He also brought so much happiness and pleasure into my life, even at age 64! But what is also so wonderful is that the Progasm has taught me to relax with my other models, and they too autof**k me, each in his own way.

    I credit much of this to a "do nothing" approach. Hence, Aneros no hands! Aneros joy! Aneros pleasure! But I continue to Kegel with the Progasm and Maximus to set my sessions in motion.

    The Progasm Classic is indeed my Energizer Bunny!! He kept up giving me his f**k strokes of various length and duration, and all sorts of texture, like no end! But yesterday Progasm Black Ice did the same to me. Yeah, my Prostate was well-worked over, and deliciously sore afterwards. Can't wait for my next session early Tuesday morning!

    Another thing! When my Progasm models get going, they really pummel my ass!!! That is so hot! I feel so much a man when they do that to me!

    Have other guys on this Forum experienced Aneros autof**king? Would love to hear your stories!


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    @BigGlansDC Oh Yeah! All mine autoF**K me sometimes harder and longer strokes than at other times.But then you already have heard my stories dude.

    Have you thought of running a cause sand paper over you extra progasm Ice to give it a rougher finish!
    Maybe this might make your wet dreams come true?
    The eupho and helix float my boat with pleasure but always my prostate wants more.
    The progasm for some reason satisfies my body for some reason and I dont have to have another session for days afterwards.
    My prostate is getting excited just typing about the progasm. Chairgasm on its way! later dude.


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      Well, it is Tuesday morning here close to sunrise. I got up fairly early today because it is an Aneros day. I bathed and shaved, cleansed my Aneros Team and now they are arrayed out like a lineup of baseball players ready to play with me. But first a morning constitutional. This morning I am super horny for my buddies!

      @braveneworld, I like my Progasm Ice and Progasm Black Ice just the shiny, sleek guys they are! They are waiting with eagerness for my butt!

      I do not believe in altering any of my Aneros models in any way!



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        @BigGlansDC - ICE is my bunny! I use some kegeling to get things going, then ICE takes over and f@$@s me silly for hours! Main reason I'm such a Progasm slut. Keep riding and enjoying!


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          @BigGlansDC just thought you had excess black progasm Ices and you could make a black progasm classic, except for the heft.A aneros laying around not being used is a wasted orgasm!
          Progasm Ice did me over this morning good and proper Dry O after super O after dry O after super O.
          I drifted off for a bit and then woke and started typing and shes started autof**king me again.
          Best session I have had for a long time.


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            Hi @varmint and @braveneworld,

            It is said that birds of the same feather flock together. That is why the three of us are such Progasm sluts!

            And @braveneworld, Congratulations to you on having one of your best sessions in a long time with Progasm Ice.

            As for me, my prostate this morning was well-worked and has that delicious soreness, begging for more Aneros autof**king!!!