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  • Breakthrough

    Finally! A breakthrough happened last night when I was using my Prograsm. Recently, I purchased the Helix Syn, and sadly, that thing doesn't do anything for me. I will sit there focusing on my breathing, relaxing, and after an hour I get bored. However, when I use my Prograsm, I always have good sessions! I have been using aneros products for a little over a year now almost weekly. I am determined to get this SUPER-O! I have gotten a few good feelings, but nothing mind boggling like some posts on here. Last night though, I think I finally made a breakthrough.
    My boyfriend stayed at work late, so I took advantage of this extra time to myself! I used the Aneros Syn first because for some reason I still have hope with this little thing. Like usual, the product did nothing after an hour, but I enjoyed my session. I felt a few good sensations here and there, but nothing special. I then changed positions into a sitting position with my prograsm sitting perfectly to have enough room to move around and shift. It may have been because I used the syn for an hour before, but I began to feel great sensations right away. I was focusing on my breathing and making sure to "release" from holding in my ass cheeks. I tend to do that a lot, and I think that has been a reason for me not expericing great sensations!
    As many other users have said, a small vibration sensation began to build in my ass and also the base of my dick. My dick got very hard and the Prograsm just began to dance in my butt. It continued to do this for a good 2 to 3 minutes. It felt really good -- nothing orgasmic, but def a breakthrough.

    My question is this -- when you have a Super-O, I am still unsure what these sensations are that you have. Obviously, I bet I will know when I have one, but when users say they have a "dry orgasm" does it literally feel like you are having an orgasm? When I was having my great experience, my dick was bouncing around like an orgasm, but I was NOT having the same pressure in my dick as an orgasm.

    Any comments would be great!!

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    First, congratulations on your perceived breakthrough moment and I hope you can benefit from the following observations.

    Second, It seems to me you are devaluing your experiences by labeling them - (from 9/24/12) "... but nothing amazing by any means." - "... I felt really good, but nothing orgasmic." - (from 10/7/12)"Still nothing wonderful and mind blowing,..." - (from 11/29/12) "It felt really good -- nothing orgasmic, but def a breakthrough." You are having pleasurable sessions while simultaneously dismissing the pleasure because it is not reaching some level of hidden, unstated expectation. You are experiencing orgasmic sensations but denying their significance, this is a recipe for frustration and slow progress, you are programming yourself for very slow and incremental advancement.

    Third, (from 9/24/12) "I was watching my dick just bounce around -- waiting for it to cum or some amazing sensation to come forth, but nothing happened except the strong vibrations in my butt and the base of my dick. It felt good and this was by far the best session I have had." (from 10/7/12) "...but something good is going on down there and makes my dick very hard and makes it pulse a lot. It too dies down, but I have more sessions where it lasts the whole session with great sensations." (from 11/29/12) "When I was having my great experience, my dick was bouncing around like an orgasm, but I was NOT having the same pressure in my dick as an orgasm." These statements all point to a focus on penile sensations as a source of orgasmic pleasure. This is where you need to make a paradigm shift in thinking about orgasms. I strongly urge you to read and think about the Penis, NOT thread by 'Cockadoodle' and the thread What's an Orgasm? for a little help here.

    I suspect a change in attitude is likely to bring about a substantial change in perceived pleasure.
    Good Vibes to You !


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      Thanks Rumel - From all of the responses I got back in October, I started to not let it be all Penis focused and started to go with the flow. So since then, my sessions have become better. Maybe I do have a expectation from reading everyone else's thoughts and sessions. Pleasure is pleasure. I'm just waiting to find my orgasmic pleasure


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        "Recently, I purchased the Helix Syn, and sadly, that thing doesn't do anything for me."

        Well don't throw it away. Models that didn't do anything for me at one point come back into play months later and redeem themselves in a great way.

        "but when users say they have a "dry orgasm" does it literally feel like you are having an orgasm?"

        Personally, yes.
        I wondered the same thing for over 2 years
        . When you get one, you'll have no problem calling it an orgasm. I didn't get ejaculation type spasms with it, but the pleasure rush was unmistakable and beyond any doubt a full orgasm. (the same feeling as the peak of a normal orgasm but more intense and it went on and on)
        Just talking about it makes me want another one, but my sessions have hit a slump lately.


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          I, too, doubted at times if "this was the True Super-O." In my case, I think I had expectations that there would be this Big Bang and it would be over. But it seems that it just keeps going, on and on! There doesn't seem to be a distinct finish. Some wet orgasms are small, some are big, but what they have in common is an Ending. That's where I had to adjust my thought process. I may have these dry orgasms almost continuously for long periods of time, some bigger, some smaller. But it's up to me to decide where the Finish Line is. So, yes, it does feel like a wet orgasm in many ways, but without a distinct ending, which may be what you are expecting.


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            Thanks, SaddleUp -- I appreciate your point. I have had some reasonably lengthy sessions this past week with good sensations. Very good sensations! But, there was no discernible end. You have clarified there will be no telegram coming with a message: "It's over!" I appreciate that.


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              On the Helix Syn. I used it exclusively for two weeks after getting it, with poor results. I gave myself a couple of days break from Aneros use, had a couple of good sessions with my other Aneros models, and then (having shortened the handle on the Syn so it didn't drag on the sheets when I was lying on my back) I tried it again. The difference was as between night and day.

              With any new tool you need to allow yourself time to learn how to use it, even if that learning process is subconscious.