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  • My Journey by Brine

    The Titanic may have sunk on her maiden voyage. I, however, sailed through with flying colors on my maiden voyage with my newly launched Syn. She is a fine looking vessel, from bow to stern, port to starboard. And she cruises as smoothly as any model yet.

    After christening her by cleansing her with warm soapy water I was ready. I had done my usual preparation, manscaped, showered, douched, warm room, low light, at my side - a towel and more lube.

    I slipped the Syn inside easily. It fit me like a glove. I knew it was there, but it felt like a part of me and not just something up my ass. It took very little time, only a few seconds, to begin feeling the sensations. In less than two minutes I had my first Dry Orgasm. During the almost 90 minute session, I lost count of the number of Dry and Super Orgasms I had.

    The ride reminded me of the newness of my first Helix experiences. It was all fresh and exploratory - new things discovered throughout. All of the orgasms, from P to Mini to Dry to Super to Calm Seas, were substantially more intense than I have experienced recently. I am a full-body, LOTS of movement type of guy during my big orgasms, and these were definitely full-body with tons, TONS of movement. My cock went between flaccid and rock-hard over and over. The pre-cum was flowing freely. During the violent Super O's, the pre-cum would fling out of me and spray all over with bliss. I had to remove my glasses; pre-cum drops are hard to see through!

    My usual moans were much louder and longer, and deeper - more guttural. I also whimpered like a puppy and laughed out loud many times. I could hardly concentrate on things, the pleasure over took me and didn't let go - delirium. I tried to adjust the clock so I could see it better and I almost lost it when it dropped behind the bed. My breathing was very difficult to control, I had to focus very carefully.

    There were electrical pulses emanating from my loins, reaching out to all of me - my nipples, my thighs, my neck. It felt as if my prostate was itself moving and turning around inside of me. The Syn moved and massaged me deeply.

    I reached some amazing highs, and deep, deep satisfaction. I do not have an addictive personality, but I may need some therapy so stop me dreaming about having that amazing toy tickle my fancy. I am looking forward to MANY sessions in the future.

    I'm also looking forward to sharing Syn sessions with my wife. She enjoys seeing me in the throws of orgasmic bliss. And, she and I both LOVE being together while I ride.

    I give the Syn a 12 out of 10! You've got a winner, Aneros. Looking forward to more Syn models.

    More voyages are in my future. I would suggest you get your ticket, pack your bags, embark and cruise to the floating bliss of orgasm on board the Syn. Ahoy, matey!

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    BRAVO!! brave voyager!!~~~!!!~~~!!!!!~~!!~!~~!!~~~!!!!!!~~!!!!~~ !!~!~~~~!!!!!!!~~~^^^^^^^^^^^~~~!!


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      I've taken the plunge good sir. I placed my order moments ago and can't wait for my own voyage to being. I've also placed the order for Evi for my girl. She'll be stateside again soon, and I can't wait to share this gift with her. Perhaps we'll be able to have an initial launch of our respective new journeys together! Now, wouldn't that just be a Synful evening worthy of the Garden of Evi...

      You adventure sounds like it's moving splendidly! It thrills me to see you reaching such great heights and peaks. It's just another stage in the enjoyment of life my friend. Please keep posting your updates. It's nice to see another adventuring having such a great time!


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        Yep... I got a Helix Syn after 11 months of only an MGX and... WOAHHHHH.. what a difference! The MGX hardly reached my prostate and I had to sit on it or push it with my hand to make full contact. The Syn is a very finely engineered piece of pleasure technology. It fits my butt like a glove, my inside just swallows it - it sits close to my prostate, and a single muscle contraction will squeeze it in deep contact. Unlike the MGX where contractions were something I had to consciously "force"-- with the Helix Syn the contractions begin very soon and happen naturally. Each muscle contractions causes a feeling of incredible pleasure deep in my prostate - as the Syn clearly "hits the spot." I have never felt such deep pleasure before.. like this was a whole new level of experience. I did not have a super O but I had 3 (!) gentle emissions where prostate fluid leaked out. Also the day after my session I was in total bliss - deeply relaxed, profoundly calmed, incredibly soothed. My body was limber, the blood flow and sensation in my penis was full.. and I was more "grounded" than ever before.

        This is not a "toy" - it is nothing less than a miracle. Something I have been looking for my whole life. Thank you Aneros.


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          Thank you for sharing Brine. I think I'll def be investing in a Syn soon, after that glowing review. Hope your subsequent sessions remain as exciting


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            Do any of you think that height matters in the excellent results you guys get from the helix syn. I am considering buying one and I am 6' 1" tall. I'm just wondering if the physical dynamics you guys describe are across the board, irrelevant of height. And, for the record, not rewired.


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              I have reposted this as part of my new blog:



              I have heard good reviews of the Syn by guys of your height. So, I suggest that you give it a try. BTW, how the heck are you?



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                I am 6'1" exactly - and the Helix Syn fits like a DREAM. Couldn't imagine the length, width, shape & contour, softness / hardness being any more perfect. It touches my prostate just right for a guy of my height.

                In contrast, the MGX didn't really even fit at all... way too short & small. But I stilled learned how to "work" it with extra effort. The Helix Syn takes no effort at all... my body just "swallows" it and starts contracting automatically.