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The Vice is more than nice

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  • The Vice is more than nice

    Hello, all.

    I've used my new Vice three times so far; once solo and twice with my wife. For solo sessions, the Vice is as effective as either my Helix or Eupho. For partnered sex, the Vice is superior to both for several reasons: material and vibrations.

    The soft silicone material conforms to my body and bends enough during intercourse so that it doesn't get too "pushy," like a rigid material sometimes does. With proper lube (I use Vaseline covered with olive oil or Astroglide Natural) I can leave the Vice inside me overnight without soreness, sticking or irritation. It slides out easily in the morning.

    The vibrator adds an incredible new dimension to sex. My wife loves the buzzing she feels from my erection. It helps push her over the edge. I find that the vibe makes dry orgasms feel like wet ones and it triggers intense super-Os even when I'm flacid.

    In short, the Vice is a great product.



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    Got it 3 weeks back. Not yet managed to put it in all the way. Seems a bit too big...!


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      Hello, kaama.

      Yeah, Vice is big. The Aneros Wiki has some advice about that. To sum it up: hot shower and then whatever else you like to drink or whatever for relaxation. Pre-lube your rectum. Lube the Vice really well. Insert S_L_O_W_L_Y, using a kind of scooping motion. Lay down and relax for at least 10 minutes before doing anything else. Still won't go? Try a smaller Aneros model to "warm up" before the Vice.

      Best of luck to you,



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        Wait... aren't you supposed to NOT use Vaseline on the VICE? It's petroleum based right?


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          It's silicone lube you don't want to use on Vice.



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            Thanks Dave,

            I'll try the Vaseline then with a thin layer of Extra V. Olive oil.


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              got the vice yesterday, got a chance to insert it early in the day for a short time, it is a large deVice compared to the Helix. After lubing it up it actually slid in quite easily, after inserting it I could feel it fully inside me, after relaxing for a few I decided to try the different vibrations, what incredible feelings. Later after taking a shower with it inserted I had some precum, afterwards as I sat in chair alternating vibes, I was having different waves of pleasure, had it in for about 90 mins. Can't wait for another session and getting closer to super-O.