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My First Aneros Orgasm

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  • My First Aneros Orgasm

    To all,
    I had to write and tell everyone, I had my first involuntary muscle contractions and orgasm this morning after about 70 minutes into my journey. I know that so many of you have already been to where I am now, but I had to tell ya' anyway.
    I've been massaging my prostate now for about 2+ weeks and was beginning to think things weren't going to 'cum' together for me. But, hallelujah, things are looking up.
    I want to thank everyone, especially those who have shared the advice of 'relaxing' and 'being patient' with my progress. Last night I ordered the KSMO CD's, and am looking forward to incorporating KSMO into my journey.
    One moe thing I would like to share; I never realized how much my abdomen muscles plays a part in my Aneros journey. Again, thanks for letting me share


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    Congratulations! Two weeks, huh? Consider yourself an extremely lucky dude.


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      I just received my MGX and I guess I am also a lucky dude. I had some sensations during the first use but nothing massive. However, on only the second use I could feel the pleasure building as I increased the frequency until it took over on its own. My legs were quivering and I had this wonderful sensation over my whole body. It was not in a specific area but just everywhere. It seemed like the sphincter was working on its own because I didn't seem to be consciously moving in and out. Every so often I would pull it in real hard and hold it with my legs tensed up and the sensation would build then I would go back to the seemingly automatic motion. This was the most fantastic feeling that I have perhaps ever had and it lasted for almost 5 minutes. The intensity was not as high as in a full blown orgasm from intercourse but it was close and lasted for so long. My wife is fully supportive of this activity and I'm looking forward to future sessions. I never would have believed something like this was possible but I fully intend to take maximum advantage of it.


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        Hi in response to your post i myself just recieved my mgx through the post last saturday i could hardly wait to try it having read so much about the possibilitys so saturday afternoon i had my first attempt lay relaxed for the session couldnt feel any of the expected results . However wednesday evening i tried hynoaneros to launch my second attempt for nearly two hours i didn't know what hit me the cd guiding led me into a series of spasms that i had no control over with precum starting to flow though not in great amounts after i had been asleep for three hours i awoke with an enormous erection precum flowing from me and spasms running throughout my body causing me to shake to the core and whimper and this was without the aneros in place my god after 49 years i feel like i did after my first unexpected ejaculation....