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    i bought the mgx starter kit and folled the instructions on this web site.
    when i contracted my sphinster muscle i started to feel my cock starting
    to pulsate along with my anus. what a great feeling! then my stomach muscles
    started to tighten up and my cock started to pulsate faster without ejaculating.
    this orgasim lasted just 30 seconds. question: i m asoming my p-spot is in the right
    location.and is it my cock that i am feeling or is it the stimulator stroking my prostrate?
    i am thinking of getting the progasm. what do you think ?

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    I'm no expert at this myself, but I know enough about it to tell you to stick with the one you have. If it gave you those feelings the first use, you're LEAPS ahead of many aneros users ( me included ). The progasm is very large compared to the mgx, and the size of these toys isn't the key...hitting the right spot is, and it sounds like the mgx works for you. Read everything you can here in this forum, there's a lot of great help here.


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      I agree with waveseeker! I also am just a novice at this, but whatever is working for you, keep 'plugging' away, you are definately on the right track.



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        i have purchased the helix and the stimulation is much better. 2 nights ago i came close to a super.
        my stomach muscles contracted greatly,my anus had involuntries and my helix got sucked in closer to my prostate. everything wa realy dancing.


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          I have used the mgx several times, and have yet to reach an involuntary orgasm as many have described. Last time I added a bit more lube, and the extra in-n-out movement caused a bit more excitement. I am finding ways to draw in into me deeper by pelvic movements, and for the first time I think I finally felt it stimulate my prostate. I have certainly been expelling pre-cum fluid, so I know that the massage is doing what it's meant to do. I also know that relaxation and lack of distraction is key to making it happen. I am having a hard time achieving both as I am usually not alone when I perform the massage. My wife knows that using the Aneros is a good thing for my prostate, but I don't really want to let on that it feels as pleasurable as it does. I also don't want this to take the place of sex with her either, which feels equally as good.


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            If you have some money to spend, go for it. Cause I find prograsm to produce a more full feeling compared to mgx, and I have been using mgx for long time and never reach a Super-O with it only with the prograsm. Itīs very good that you had that response from your body in your first session, it makes easy for you to know what feelings to look for in future sessions. But sure, there is no need for you to buy other model, but it will be more fun, for now try to explore and expand these new kinds of orgasms ok ?


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              during my last session with the helix i felt the helix having longer strokes in my rectum.
              as the buzzing began it started to spread from my pelvic area to my nipples. my arm pitts also startd to sweat..there is a small amount of precum at the head of my penis. there are several waves of these feelings before i relax.


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                I was cleaning out a drawer today in my nightstand that I keep my MGX in. As I noticed it in the drawer I realized that I hadn't used it in several months since I hadn't been able to get it to do anything for me.. So I figured I would give it another try. I did something this time that I hadn't before - I inserted some KY lube inside in addition to lubing up the MGX. Either that was the key or it was my using a new position. I laid face down on the bed after insertion to relax and, hopefully, take a short afternoon nap. After a few minutes, right before drifting off to sleep, I started feeling involuntary contractions, which woke me up a little. A few seconds later - WHAM! If that wasn't a Super-O I don't know if I could take one. This deep orgasm lasted at least 15 seconds and left me winded. I relaxed and tried again to fall asleep. Then it happened again.. This went on for about half an hour!! I then realized my nap wasn't going to happen, but I didn't care! By then it was almost dinnertime, so I had to stop. Before bedtime tonight I'm gonna try it again!! This time I'll have to put a towel underneath me to catch all the pre-lube that will leak out. I had to stop and "clean up" several times during the afternoon session. :-D


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                  Is there any best practice to follow for MGX series ?


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                    I concur with waveseeker! I also am merely a novice at this, but what ever is operating for you, retain 'plugging' away, you are definately inside the right track.


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                      I got my Helix seven days ago. Tried it out almost immediately, followed the instructions in the box, and was slightly disappointed at nothing much happening. Slightly pleasant buzz, but I reasoned that could have just been due to my physical exertions and deep breathing.

                      Luckily I found the forum and wiki here, which gave me hope.

                      Cleaning out the rectum went a bit wrong at the start of this week, with an irritated (slight cramping) bottom which didn't want anything to be put up there. I gave it a few days before trying again. Experimenting with lubrication was next. After several tries, I followed the advice here. I'm now using a small syringe to get some glycerine based lube past the sphincter, and then a thin coating of Vaseline on the Helix.

                      I tried a few times yesterday: in for an hour or so, feel uncomfortable, take it out, find I was uncomfortable because I needed to pass wind, then put it back in. Over the course of the day, with breaks of 3-4 hours, I built up tolerance of the intruder.

                      Finally, at the end of the day I tried one last time in bed (with towel underneath). The lubrication meant that this time I could feel it engaging the prostate gently, but nothing much seemed to be happening. I eventually fell asleep with the Helix in.

                      6.30am, I wake up naturally (odd as I'm a heavy sleeper and usually need two alarm clocks), stretch a little, and notice something odd. I feel a hot flush coming over me. Nothing seems to be moving downstairs. I'm doing nothing consciously. Then gradually a feeling like an orgasm but very subtle and diffuse. No spasming at all. It gradually wore off.

                      So, I try a few gentle contractions. That feeling comes back a little. I relax. The flushed feeling builds again. I spent the next hour or so experimenting with different positions and was able to get that buzz and occasionally a tingling in the spine and hips which was most pleasant. Then I had to get up.

                      Nothing mind shattering but it was very very pleasant and left an afterglow that I'm still feeling now several hours later. My rear still feels like there's something up there -- not unpleasantly -- so I'll wait at least until tonight before I try again.


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                        Day 9/10.

                        Went to bed at 11pm (a little early for me, but Mme Helix has been causing sleep disruption). I tried the "do nothing" technique. To my surprise, it started to work, and addling a tiny voluntary anal or PC contraction would cause my body to hang on to that contraction and deepen it, giving a very nice feeling, but nothing more than that. I kept it up for a little longer, but after a while my body didn't want to play along any more.

                        Got a bit of sleep (with Helix still in) and wasn't awakened this morning by the orgasm rush. Had a bit of wind inside the rectum, so got up to the toilet, pulled out the Helix, farted, syringed a little more lube in (tonight I was using a polypropylene glycol one), a little touch of Vaseline on the hole itself and popped the Helix back in.

                        Experimented with positions both of the body and of the Helix. I found that it was nicer to pull the skin up away from the hole before engaging the P-tab with the skin. It also had the effect of cantilevering the body of the Helix forward in the rectum and making better contact. Then came a long period of exploration of various techniques.

                        I was trying to get the Helix touching the prostate so that I'd get the "want to pee" feeling, and then gently move it back and forward (we're talking fractions of an inch here) to intensify the feeling. I'd get it, but I'd then lose it again. (As others have said, this is like fishing.) After several hours of that, getting nowhere other than a will-o-the-wisp tingle that would appear, then disappear, I went back to the original technique from the box.

                        What I did around 10.55 am (yes, I'd been at it for 12 hours) was approach the "must pee"feeling, and instead of try to rock back and forth round it with the sphincter contractions, I held it. PC muscle tried to release, but I held it. Anal muscle is used to keeping up such contractions, and it didn't flinch. However PC didn't want to hold, and would spontaneously try to release. Each time I brought the pressure back to the same point. It felt good.

                        Then something surprising happened. I felt the muscles below my diaphragm clench. "Odd," thought I. "I wasn't doing that." So I continued to keep exactly the same position of both PC and anal muscles. Gradually over the next few seconds, other muscles joined in, more and more, until I had a whole body shake, which resulted after about 3 seconds in the Helix being ejected from my bum. Oops!

                        I put it back in and tried again. It took a while, but once I'd got myself such that I was at the "wanna pee"feeling and the PC wasn't allowed to slack off, within a minute the shakes happened again. This time I retained just enough control to keep the Helix from popping out. My whole body was convulsing like in an epileptic fit, and I had no voluntary control over it. It was scary and exciting in equal measures. It lasted about 10 seconds or so. I repeated the experience another two times, each giving a 10-15 second "fit".

                        At no time during the shakes was there any orgasmic feeling, but that might come some time later.

                        For now, I'm forcing myself to have a rest from any more until tonight. I do have a life to lead.


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                          Sure get the progasm is big and delicius my progasm is now my best friend


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                            My MGX just arrived in the mail this morning. After preparing the props, I took a warm shower and cleaned up then watched some porn on the computer to get in the right frame of mind. I lubed and inserted and tried a few positions,finally settling on my back with my knees up and spread and my feet on the bed. I concentrated on the breathing while practicing some contractions. Not much happened....About a half hour into this, I was so focused on and breathing that I drifted off to sleep. I immediately began to have a really amazing erotic dream and was startled awake about a half hour later by an incredible feeling. Being new to this today, I cannot begin to explain it or define it as a wave or an O, but it was great ! When fully awake this wonderful sensation ceased and I noticed immediately that apparently my cowpers gland had been overactive while asleep! I had leaked more precum onto my stomach than I ever had experience while awake ! I cannot wait to do some more experimenting in a couple of days.

                            Any of you pros able to explain to me what might have happened ?


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                              Rather than repeat my reply, here's the one I made to this same question in another thread.