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    Wow, got my Eupho Tuesday had to try it out right away. 2 hrs. later I put it away. No super-o but close. Have had 4 more try's, still comming close to super, but I'm having a lot of fun with it. I get to the point and I loose my concentration, still it get's better each time. Told the wife about it this morning, she was pretty sceptical. After Our lovemaking tonight she is also sold on your product. I also bought a helix and peridise, which is what we used tonight. I ordered a progasm Friday can't wait for it to arrive. I just want to say men that don't do anal play sure don't know what they are missing. Thank's for a really great product. Wrekdummm.

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    I've had a Helix for a few weeks, but finally used it while having sex with my wife. My first thought was "can I live through this orgasm???". Fantastic!!!!!