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  • Best session yet!

    Itís been 10 days since I posted about my success on my first ride on a Progasm Ice:

    Now, after last nights session, mostly with the MGX, I know that first orgasm was just a teaser for what was to come. I wasnít expecting much as I prepped for the session last night. I had tried twice earlier in the week to repeat the earlier success, but the sessions didnít quite get to that level. Iíd been building arousal all day, like with some Aneros-enhanced edging during the morning shower. After prepping, I watched some porn on my vr headset and turned up some binaural beats on my headphones, then slipped in the MGX while lying on my left side.

    The MGX felt amazing from the instant it seated home. I began some belly breathing and focused on trying to relax for the first few minutes, but it canít have been more than a couple of minutes until the first of four super Oís had me moaning with pleasure. I couldnít believe the intensity, and it just kept building. When I came to myself enough to think clearly, I would try to relax and resume measured breathing, and that invariably led to another increase in intensity as another wave of pleasure built.

    The first super-O eased off and I rolled onto my back, put a pillow under my hips, feet pulled close to my butt, knees splayed open, hands spreading my butt cheeks and here we go again! Another super-O built almost immediately. My cock was rock hard and standing upright between my splayed out legs, a stream of precum looping from the tip to my leg. That sight triggered an amazing orgasmic peak. I thought, ďIt canít get any better than this!Ē WRONG! Once this 5-minute long super ramped down I rolled over onto my stomach.

    As soon as I stretched out face down, legs together, hips lifted on a pillow to make a space for my penis, a third super-O swept over me. But this one felt different than the first two. I felt like my entire anal canal was pulsing with pleasure. My eyes tightly closed, I found myself revisiting some visual imagery from my session 10 day before, of falling down a tunnel toward a winking anal sphincter. The peak of this third super was shattering, and i literally sobbed into the pillow. It was the most intense feeling Iíve ever experienced. Was this the fabled Anal Orgasm?

    After that I decided to swap in my Progasm Ice and see if I could coax out anther orgasm. Once again, relaxing and some deep abdominal measured breathing, along with a light contraction triggered another overwhelming wave of pleasure and it was 5 minutes of constant bliss. When super-O number four finally faded, I felt a great urge to stroke my cock, and that led to an equally amazing traditional orgasm.

    What the hell made that session so damn good? I didnít do anything special or different from the previous two sessions, yet I literally could not stop cumming! I tried using techniques and positions gleaned from these forums, but honestly, once the first super-O started, it was as if my body took control and I was just along for the ride (and it was all I could manage to just enjoy the feeling). I just hope it happens again. One of the polls in this forum is about how often Aneros users experience a super-O, and it says a good third of the respondents achieve this amazing experience in EVERY session. Those men are blessed.

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    4 Days Later:

    I had my first major Anerosession since the big 4 super-O amazing wonderful session described at the top of this thread. I felt like I had about the same level of arousal as I had before, and was hoping for a repeat performance, but also well aware that it likely would not reach super-O territory, and was ready to accept and joyfully appreciate any pleasure I might receive.

    Over a two-hour session, I ran through my entire collection of toys (MGX, Progasm, and Hugo. I had quite a few involuntaries and some hard clenches that could have developed into something more, but I never crossed over into super land. Towards the end of the session I did some edging with the toy in place, but decided not to press on for a traditional O, and see if some SR would build my arousal level.

    The next two days will offer me the entire morning to play, and I plan on an early morning session each day. I feel totally amped up right now, edgy with horniness, and hope that helps find my way into bliss again. Stay tuned...