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My Second (and BEST) Super-O

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  • My Second (and BEST) Super-O

    Been using Aneros for about 6 years now: it's been a journey. I've had many prostate orgasms, mini-o's, but only once have I had a true, full body, earth shattering, mind melting super-O. It was about 4 years ago. It was incredible but it really took me by surprise, and I was not mentally prepared for what it would do to my body and my breathing. I remember being a little freaked out while it was happening, but I also remember it being absolutely profound. Again, I've only ever had one super-o in my journey... until tonight, and oh. my. GOD!!

    I was very relaxed, but also pretty wound up at the same time. I remember right when I put the Eupho in, I tried to make no movements or contractions but my prostate was already quivering. Still, I tried to relax, breathe, and hold still for as long as I could. I remembered as I got going I was basically squeezing the Eupho with my prostate, kind of pushing down on it with my perineum. I tried holding that position, then it started moving on its own, and that's when things got crazy. This was about 40 minutes into my session.

    I'm rubbing my nipples and thoroughly enjoying the prostate movements I'm experiencing, not forcing anything, just riding this wave. I started feeling that little tingle in my arms which is what I felt in my first super-o. I've felt that same tingle since then but it's never quite built beyond that. The tingle became a vibration, and the vibration began to slowly spread to other parts of my body. While this vibration is building throughout my body my prostate is just going crazy! I'm trying to relax my breathing because at this point it's getting quite heavy. The vibration keeps growing stronger and stronger, and the eupho is still rocking my world! At this point I knew it was happening; the vibration takes over my entire body and puts me into a state of quasi paralysis. I cannot move. My breathing was insane but controlled. During my first super-o 4 years ago, I was less aware of my breathing and felt like I was gasping for air, which is why I think it freaked me out. This time I was aware that I needed to take regular breathes, and the experience was spectacular.

    What it did to my body was absolutely remarkable, it's difficult to put into words. It's like someone injected me with a shot of some super potent, out of this world drug that made every inch of my body radiate this super intense energy. It was impossible to move, totally impossible. I wish I could have seen myself because I probably looked insane lol! I don't remember the exact moment, but at some point I had to stop my prostate just so I could catch my breath, but this intense feeling sustained for quite some time. I'm still absolutely floored just thinking about it.

    Over the years, I've read several super-o success stories, and the one thing they all seem to have in common is that the super-o recipient was not chasing the super-o. They were simply riding the waves of pleasure and enjoying whatever happens. In my experience, this mindset yields the best results, but it can also be really, really difficult to fully embrace and maintain. Even after reading all these super-o guides and testimonials that say "don't chase, don't chase", it can be so difficult not to try to will it to happen. But this time I had that mindset going into my session and I absolutely believe it's why I was able to have the best experience I've ever had in my journey.