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First Time Success and all I can say is WOW

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  • First Time Success and all I can say is WOW

    So today marks the day I had my first completely hands free orgasm. Holy hell was that crazy!

    I've had my aneros helix for about 6 weeks now. I'm new to the whole putting something up your butt for sexual pleasure world. With that being said, I'm a 39 y/o mostly in shape straight male with a live-in girlfriend who has a huge sex drive. Needless to say, between her needs and my apprehension, I figured this aneros MMO and HFO was going to be a mythical beast I'd never actually experience. I'd had pleasurable experiences with it but nothing on the level of an orgasm like I understood at the time. I had tried various session lengths, positions, reading here and on Reddit as well as other Google searches and for weeks just came up empty.

    Today I realized I was making the cardinal mistake. I was chasing the O instead of just having fun with it.
    I wasn't even going to have a session today. I had kinda chalked it up to an experience that was worth a try but probably a waste of time. I wasn't particularly in the mood... I was reluctant to even give it a go because I'd though it was a waste of time like I said earlier. Well, something changed my mind and I decided to give it a go. I lubed the helix up and let my ass swallow it. This time, I used more lube than normal. Not a lot but more. I put it in, pulled it out, relubed, repeat for 2 or 3 times each time checking how easily it slid in and out which also helped me control those muscles a bit to make them relax when needed. Once in, felt like the same ol same ol. Nothing was different and I immediately thought I'm wasting my time but fuck it let's give it a go.

    I started out laying on my left side and I kinda tucked my junk, I'd read somewhere that's the recommended way for newbies. Dunno if that actually helped anything but I threw on an HFO hypnosis video I found on YouTube thinking wtf let's give it a try. This was more a tactic to get my body to just relax completely and I figured fuck it, if I HFO then success if not I should be relaxed at a minimum. Went through the whole video and I'd almost fallen asleep during. At the end of the video I hadn't orgasm'd but was in a good place mentally and decided to throw on a clip from one of my favorite porn stars and just let myself get lost in it.

    While I never got lost so to say in the video I was definitely more aroused and noticed that I had what I would describe as tremmors rippling throughout my body. This was as close to the orgasm I'd gotten up to this point in previous sessions. Body tenses up. Precum drips. But never a release.

    Something was ever so slightly different. I was having these mini peaks that would build and build but eventually just fall off the table. This went on for 3-5 times and then suddenly I felt this massive feeling building and I immediately thought holy shit it's happening... The feeling died and fell off the table again. I wasn't at all discouraged tho. This was progress! So I kept pace. Watching the video. (Probably watched it in and out of bliss about 6 times. Its a short video clip no worries. It wasnt like a 6 hour session.) Anyway, gettin lost in how much I'd love to be in the room with the 2 having sex and feeling what they were - the tremors, as I call them, intensified. The pwaves intensified. I felt it coming again. That build up was happening again. It was huge. I felt like I was in that "just about to climax" feeling for I don't even know how long but felt like a really long time. Suddenly... WOOSH a huge wave rushed over me and BOOM here I was with the mythical beast!!

    Holy hell is the only way I can describe it. It was intense. My penis didn't just drip precum it oozed out. It wasn't regular cum because it was mostly clear. My body shook uncontrollably but I didn't care. If I died at that moment it would have been ok. Nothing was wrong with the world for the duration of that orgasm. It was crazy unlike anything I'd ever experienced. Overall, it was much longer than a traditional one. With the peak being about the same as a traditional one.

    After it happened I almost fell asleep immediately. Like my body was tuckered out or something. I made sure I didn't and also ended the session. Part of me says I should have tried to keep going but I was so happy I'd reached that level I wanted to end on a high note. I have a LONG reset time. If I came, even with power tools, cumming again would take a long time. As a test I put my gf's vibrator on my penis to see if I could easily cum again and I would have if I'd left it on another second, I would have. Think I'll save that load for the gf later...

    What I learned today and the best advice I can give to anyone who reads this and is struggling to get there, stop chasing the big o. Let it chase you. It wants to find you, just get your head out of it's way. Reading about others' success stories leads to your own disappointment. Make your own story but first, clear your mind and enjoy every last little feeling you get and you will get there just like I did.

    Next step... Get comfortable enough with it to introduce it to our bedroom play. I can only imagine how insanely amazing sex will be between us when we can play together with this enhancer.

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    Congratulations, ELS78, on what seems to be your first Super-O's and MMO's with Helix Trident. You have many wonderful experiences with Aneros ahead of you!


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      ELS78 Yes, great description. Congrats! Feels a bit surreal at first, as if it might have been a dream. Experiencing any Aless yet? You might find it doesn’t just end when the session is over. Good luck.


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        Harper - it really was surreal. The next few hours were just amazing. I can't even describe it. I felt like I'd reached a new level of clarity. I know that sounds a bit hokey but it's the only way I can describe it. I was the happiest I'd been in ages. Found myself seeing things and thinking more clearly. I was walking in the clouds... I dunno, was an amazing experience.

        So I tried again yesterday to replicate the exact same thing and I didn't have the same success but had a CRAZY strong HFO with ejaculation.

        Everything went the same way only it ended when I climaxed and I couldn't get it started again. When I checked the cum it was full on cum and a LOT of it. The orgasm was intense but not the same and not what I wanted. It wasn't mind altering like the previous session. I wasn't glowing for hours afterwards. Either way it was amazing and I'm not complaining. I just really want to get good at understanding myself and eventually direct that energy toward my relationship and really take my sexual encounters with my gf to the next level and maybe eventually get to a point where I can have aneros-less sessions. LOL There I go again chasing the result instead of just having fun. Haha back to basics but I'm more excited for the experiences to come!


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          What an amazing description, and very typical of the first time it "hits you". You are fortunate and an inspiration to newbies. Just, don't be surprised if you have some "bust" rides in the coming days, though. Just take it as it comes. Welcome to this amazing experience, ELS! (i'm over 5 years down the line and have recently had absolutely new experiences [or else, i'm just getting much more forgetful...LOL]


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            "Let it chase you." Woah, awesome quote, that is going to stick with me for a long time.

            Edit: Also, the thing about ending on a high note: If I listen to the voice of your body I can hear when it's time to end my session so my body can absorb the experience, digest, and recharge. I am really taking the voice of my body seriously these days. I had one experience where I wanted to keep the Aneros in after having a good full experience. I listened to my body and ended the session. That doesn't mean pleasure has to end there. The come down of an experience can be very orgasmic as well if you "let it in". I went to bed and let warm, fuzzy pleasure, put me to sleep.
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