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  • Aneros vice did the trick

    After 3 months of trying different things with my helix classic I thought it would be time to get another toy. The size of the helix seemed normal and easy now after getting used to it. Putting it in was a piece of cake with some lube. I almost looked forward to it being in there now. Nonetheless it seemed that another toy was needed. After these months I had been able to reach p-waves but no super -O convulsions that I hear about all the time. It just made my normal sessions so much better, my dick extra sensitive, and produced incredible amounts of cum. All the makings were there and I'm not the most patient guy so it seemed that maybe another model would be better. I read a bit in these forums and learned about the vibrating Vice. After looking at the specs it seemed incredibly overwhelming. Almost like when making my first purchase, the Helix classic. I procrastinated and hemmed and hawed about it for a while. I just couldn't get over the size but I finally decided it can't be much bigger than the helix, can it?

    I purchased the vice as the idea of vibrations in there was just to good to pass up. I would some how have to find a way to get used to the size, somehow. But it probably wouldn't be that big? It arrived and it came in wonderful boxing as I am used to from aneros. After unwrapping everything I finally got a glimpse of what would hopefully get me into rare air of a super O Or maybe just a more intense feeling. So I'm looking at this thing and it looks huge to me. I hold it in my hand and it's quite girthy, but the silicon material this one is made of is much better feeling than my HC. Did I say it was big though yikes. It definitely was going to take some getting used to, or so I thought. I knew I would need to relax though to get this thing in even a little. I put it back in its box after making sure the vibrator worked, which it did.

    I came home the next night feeling ambitious so I got out the VICE. I lived myself and it generously as the size was still over whelming to me. And I began to try and put it in. My back end is familiar with aneros toys now so initially it seemed to allow a bit of penetration but I had to take it pretty slow to get over the first bump. After I got the first bump in the second was an easy follow and that's when I felt it. As I slid it in the first bump pushed firmly against my prostate giving me the p-waves that I had to work so hard for with the HC. This was on the first insertion and I hadn't even turned the thing on! I layer on my side a bit more so I could get used to the size which felt oddly comfortable. I think the softer silicon of this toy makes it so much more accommodating and comfortable. Either way after I adjusted it felt almost like it belonged.

    I rolled over on my stomach from my side as this is how I have gotten the best results with my toys, and that's when I knew I had made the right purchase. As I rolled over I could feel it pressing firmly on my prostate and I immediately got the slight urge to pee and that triggered to me That this was it. I started my normal exercises and it felt so much better than with the HC. The direct stimulation to my prostate was incredible and within minutes I was shaking. Not violently just lightly which is normal and what I had been after wit my Helix. I think I just achieved a super-O. I still hadn't turned the thing on yet ! Once I was less trembly and had calmed a bit I reached back and pushed the on button holding it for 4 secs, as that's how it works. It starts out on constant vibration low and that's when it happened. The direct vibration to my prostate sent my body into convulsions. I heard my self moaning and immediately grabbed a pillow to muffle it as I was kinda embarrassed for myself, lol. I couldn't stop shaking and bucking and grinding into the blanket I was laying on. The feelings were incredible and this was just the first setting. By this time I was rock hard and could barely compose myself. I gathered enough to reach back and push the button again for a different sensation. This next setting was vibration waves, which Is now where I start out, but during this first attempt didn't care for so much. One more press gave me intermittent buzzing, very rapidly. This was different and felt great but seemingly not as great as the constant vibration I had started out with, at least during this session. I left it on intermittent for a bit and went through my exercises in sync with the vibration. I had calmed a bit from initially turning it on but with every intermittent vibration I could feel something building.

    The feelings got more and more intense. The p-waves got stronger and stronger and felt more super. I'm grinding into the blanket furiously and can't help it. Bucking and humping but not in my control. It's like my body was doing it on its own. I once again gathered myself enough to reach back and press the button one more time for the last setting. The last setting is high constant vibration and Changing from intermittent to this was incredible and a shock to my system. The difference in feeling sent me into another set on convulsive humping (best way I can describe it). It was all I could do to not scream into the pillow that I had buried my head into. It subsided slightly but the vice relentlessly buzzed away on my prostate and took me Quickly back into uncontrollable bucking and shaking and grinding. It was so intense this time that I couldn't hold out any longer. The vibration on my prostate and the feeling of the soft blanket rubbing against my dick As i uncontrollably jumped it forced me to cum in massive amounts. It's almost like I could feel it building from my feet up. Easily the most intense orgasm I had ever felt. Super-T? As I'm cumming I had to try and turn the vibration down as it felt to intense (I like it now). The whole experience was about 30 mins long. Much shorter than usual and but it felt like it was only about 5 mins. I could t even move after as I felt spent. I just left the vice inside for a second rolled out of the pool of cum I had made underneath me and just reveled in the great aneros purchase I had made.

    Vice is now my go to aneros toy with the occasional helix play. I'd like to try either while having sex someday. I'm not sure which aneros model I should try next. Suggestions?


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    Wow ! Sounds like it really is worth it !

    What do you do in those exercices you speak of ?


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      Kaly so the excercises usually consist of squeezing down my PC muscles and sphincter tighting. With the Vice I squeeze both pulling it as far in as it can go and hold it while on wave setting. I kind of squeeze with the Rythm of the vibration. So as the vibration intensifies I squeeze and when it ramps down I loosen up. Sometimes I'll do the opposite. It's to the point now that once I roll to my tummy from putting it in I can immediately start to feel p-waves. I'm guessing it's from the way it hits my prostate. I don't usually get much of anything on my back which is odd I think.

      On the intermittent. I squeeze or act like I'm trying to pull the vice in farther without my hands and count 5 then 10 then 15 and so on vibrations releasing after each series. Kinda just make little games out of it.

      Once I start "the shakes" I try and squeeze for as long as I can and just hold on. Usually that starts the involuntary hip movement. Almost like my whole body tightens up.


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        Another great post, Lasiter1! Love how you describe how you feel when using the toy. I really want to try the vice myself, too bad it's so expensive where I live.. Do you get consistent results/orgasms/super o's while using the toy?


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          OneFitGuy thy are for sure expensive. so far its worth it. I definitely consistently have super-T's with the vice. I am working on building the control "rewiring" to not touch myself while using an aneros. since i have the best feelings on my tummy this is difficult. One day ill get to Super-O


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            Originally posted by Lasiter1 View Post
            I just couldn't get over the size but I finally decided it can't be much bigger than the helix, can it?

            I purchased the vice as the idea of vibrations in there was just to good to pass up. I would some how have to find a way to get used to the size, somehow. But it probably
            Mine arrived today, first thought when I opened the box was "Holy Shit" that's big !. I find the Helix Syn is right at home and just slips right in, but with the Vice - gonna want some extra lube on hand before trying this, glad I bought some launchers

            Any tips you can offer on use, insertion etc ? The only thing I've had in my ass is the Helix which I quite enjoy, but the Vice is intimidating to say the least.


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              Ok, cool! Maybe I'll start saving up for one.

              Do you get super t's/ejaculation without any penile stimulation (like j/o or "humping" the bed)? I really want to learn and controll how to do that. No success yet. Trying to do some semen retention now to see if that helps. The only downside with prostate orgasms is that they don't give me the sexual relief that comes with an ejaculation. It just makes me longing for more, which sometimes makes my sessions go on for several hours. I think a completely handsfree super t would be a nice way to end a session.


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                Originally posted by The Monk View Post

                Mine arrived today, first thought when I opened the box was "Holy Shit" that's big !. I find the Helix Syn is right at home and just slips right in, but with the Vice - gonna want some extra lube on hand before trying this, glad I bought some launchers

                Any tips you can offer on use, insertion etc ? The only thing I've had in my ass is the Helix which I quite enjoy, but the Vice is intimidating to say the least.
                Its crazy because I actually went from the HC to the Vice too. Plenty of lube and patience for the first time. You have to be sure to relax. I used a scooping motion almost. So if i'm on my side with my top leg bent at the knee I kind of slide it across my hole getting deeper with each pass. When it feels like its comfortable I give a little push and just hold the tip in until I relax enough to let the entire first bulb in. Once its in I actually pull it back out and do it again this time pushing it further to get the second bulb in. Again, Lots of lube is def needed because it was a huge toy to me. sometimes when I pull it out the first time I re-lube. After the very first use it was so much easier. Don't turn the vibration on until its in, it'll kinda shock you you might like it. let me know how it goes.

                OneFitGuy im no expert but i think a super-O would be hands free and a super-T would be with Stimulation. I have not gotten a super-O yet from any of the Aneros' that I have. retention is definitely something ive been thinking about to try. I also don't get the same relief from the mini-O's I get from the vice as I do from an ejaculation, but damn if it doesn't feel good. Its like time speeds up or something, next thing I know its been 2 hours. Ive been trying to warm up to the idea of the Prograsm, but i kind of like the vibration a lot! so not sure. when you use your HC what position do u get best results?


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                  Oh, I see! Thanx for clearing that up, @Lasiter1.

                  Yeah, I completely understand what you mean about the change in perception of time. I had a 3 hour session last night (which by far has been my best session to this date), and I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at the clock when I was finished.

                  As for the progasm, unless it leaves a big hole in your wallet, I would say go for it, maybe? It's difficult to tell if your'e going to enjoy the toy, you just have to experiment with it youself. I personally love the progasm. It was the progasm that gave me the first seriously good prostate orgasm. But again, everybody is different.

                  I usually just lay completely flat on my back, no bend in the knees and no supportive pillows. I also spread my cheeks a little so that the device can move around more easily. I find it easier to breathe and relax in this position.


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                    Originally posted by Lasiter1 View Post

                    let me know how it goes.
                    Thanks for the tips, I'm calling it ass-success

                    Did my usual to relax last night, got everything prepped, thought I'd try the coconut oil to prelube. Got it ready in the injector, put the cap on and got distracted. By the time I was ready it was so cold here it had turned solid. Ran it under some hot water and in my haste inserted it and pressed the plunger - heard a small "pop" and realised I had forgotten to take the cap off the plunger . Minor moment of panic, but cap soon retrieved.

                    Started wth the Helix, as usual slipped right in and warmed up for about an hour, once I felt quite relaxed I lubed up the Vice with some coconut oil and lots of KY - and did a bit of teasing myself with it working on my arousal levels, once ready the first bulb slipped in with a small amount of initial discomfort but soon passed, I let myself relax and when I went to remove it to apply more lube, my ass sucked the 2nd bulb in. I had prepared myself to feel some discomfort, but was suprised when I noticed how it felt right at home. Did some relaxing and breathing then decided to follow you advice and relube. 2nd time insertion went allot smoother. After a while tried some contractions and realised I need to seriously start focusing on the kegel excercises, the Vice really fills your ass up.

                    Tried out the vibrations, not expecting much, but found the sensation quite interesting. Took some time to figure out the vibe settings,for something so small it puts out a hell of a vibration. Cycled through the settings and after a while decided to grab the fleshlight. Layer there for awhile enjoying the vibrations and ended up falling asleep. Woke up a few hours later with the vibe still running and semi firm, grabbed some lube and was surprised to come quite a bit again. Decided to call it a night and removed the Vice which seemed right at home and took a little bit to convince it to exit.

                    Lessons learned, relax and don't fear, will need to focus on the kegels allot before I reckon I will be able to fully appreciate the Vice - but writing this I am already excited.


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                      The Monk sounds like a total success to me. glad you retrieved that cap. that could have been an awkward explanation. I think I will give coconut oil a shot next time. I have heard great things about it.


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                        OneFitGuy trying that technique next!


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                          Cool! Good luck, let me know how it goes :-)

                          Also make sure that the tail isn't in contact with the bed/sofa/floor/whatever you're laying on, as this (for me at least) is very distracting and reduces the mobility of the toy.

                          Here is another technique I have been using the last three sessions with amazing results. I have done this with my helix syn. I don't know if it works with the classic model, but you can try. With this technique I'm also laying in an all flat position on my back with my head on a pillow. My legs are slightly spread (not too far and not too narrow) in a comfortable way. But this time I don't spread my buttcheeks. Instead, I let the tail "get stuck" between the cheeks. When the aneros is inserted I gently pull the p-tab up towards my "nutsack", as far as it goes. This will push the aneros firmly against my prostate, creating an intense pressure that feels extremely good. As the tail is still "stuck" between my cheeks, the aneros will hold this position when I let go off the p-tab. Even though the aneros is locked in this position, any involuntarily muscle contraction will still gently massage the prostate. I get the first contractions and orgasms just a couple of minutes after insertion when using this technique, but it might require some training.

                          I used this technique last night with great results. Several 1-10 minutes long orgasms with varying intensity just rolled over my body like the waves on a beach. An hour-hour and a half or so into the session I got a low intensity orgasm that seemed like it would last forever. My prostate, and whole body im general, had a "buzzing" feeling, kind of like when a body part falls asleep (but much less intense, and not uncomfortable). Also, any involuntarily muscle contraction would fuel the orgasm and keep it going. I had to actively stop the orgasm after 30 minutes or so by sitting up in bed, as I started to get worried that it would not end by itself and that my mind would not return. Lol. Again, this was a low intensity orgasm, but definitely felt good. So I wasn't laying there moaning and shaking, but instead I felt kind of paralyzed and my mind drifted away. Trying this technique again tonight to see if I can turn it up a notch.

                          So yeah, definitely worth a shot, but again, what works for me may not work for you, so don't be discouraged if it does not yield the same results.


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                            OneFitGuy Tried all of those techniques and def was able to achieve a lot of what I can do on my stomach. Thanks! Its still tough not to turn over and get double sensation but I think this will help with the rewiring process for sure.


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                              do you thing using a vibrating toy desensitizes your prostate? im worried about getting a vice then not being able to go back to my helix because im just use to the vibrations