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Not working for me at all

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  • Not working for me at all

    I purchased a Helix Syn and have not had any success with
    it. I am no stranger to prostrate
    massage and have successfully massaged, milked and reached orgasm BUT not with
    the helix. At first I thought maybe I
    was not relaxed or not giving it enough time but I have laid for an hour or
    more without anything. As I use the
    muscles as described in the instructions I feel NOTHING at all. And despite how much lube I use it comes out
    really dry. One time I had such
    difficulty removing it that I thought the handle would break off. I need help, what am I doing wrong or is
    this just not for me?

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    It's hard to recommend specifics, but I think a common problem is trying to fit the aneros experience into a certain template of what you want/expect to feel. Listening for signals only on a particular channel, and discounting the rest as noise. I think you should try to "explore the frequencies". It might be easier to follow different sensations if you let off that sexual tension a few hours before a session, so you can explore the aneros without constantly pulling things in the direction of release as-you-know-it.
    In this way, you're not using the aneros as a tool to solve a particular problem, but rather taking the time to see what the tool is good at.

    On the dry aneros issue, I get that too if I only use water based lube. These days I coat the aneros with something thicker that'll still be there in three hours.