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Am I doing this right?

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  • Am I doing this right?

    I just picked up my Aneros and am very excited. After doing a lot of research on prostate toys I hope made the right decision. This is not what I set out to buy but was convinced by what I read.

    Now that I have it, I am not sure I am doing it right.

    When everyone says to contract you anal sphincter, how do you do it?

    1 is it simply squeezing your cheeks together like your trying to hold a poop in?
    2 flexing the muscle in front that makes your penis move
    3 flex the muscle you use to pee?

    Thaks for your help.

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    #3 are your muscles of choice!

    Those muscles are the ones most responsible for contributing to the pleasure you'll start to experience.

    Just remember, this is a gentle journey, not necessarily a rough and tumble one!

    So, contract gently when you do, however, unlike masturbation where you stroke until you ejaculate, you should also relax just as often, and allow time for your body's own natural tendency to manipulate the Aneros.

    When you do, that's where you are likely to notice more pleasure that happens all by itself!

    Make sure to read the Wiki a few times...its full of the best advice available!



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      Thank you. So far #2 seemed to provide the most stimulation, but will try # 3 again.


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        Very appropriate and well stated question for a new user. Incidentally, what model did to get to start out with? At any rate, and as with any of the massager styles and designs, the technique you use is to relax about 10 minutes with it in, doing nothing and breathing slowly and deeply, then gently "pull in" with your urinary sphincter muscles. Of course, this will slightly contract your anus as if "holding in a poop" but you don't pull so with your urinary sphincter that you notice any appreciable pulling in with your anal muscles. The good Lord made us so that you can't completely separate the two, but this is the best way to approach isolating the urinary muscles.

        You can practice using that muscle next time you pee by sitting on the toilet and gently pulling in with your urinary sphincter just enough to cut off your urine flow mid-stream several times. At any rate, when you're doing this all relaxed with the Aneros in, tug just gently enough you feel it "up front" in the bladder area but "not back" as in the anal area, and hold that contraction say 15 seconds, then release it for 15 seconds, then repeat the process. For many, including myself, lightly tickling your nipples while you're doing this really helps bring on sensations internally. Train like this with about 30 minutes (at least, though whole lots longer than an hour produces little results for most) about 3 times a week.

        It takes time, took me almost a year, but usually within weeks to months you'll "rewire" to where you notice warm subtle sensations inside while doing this that will eventually lead to involuntary contractions of your anus and rectum around the massager while you're having sessions which strokes your prostate and leads to these prostate or "super" orgasms. They're really neat to feel and you'll enjoy years of finding ways to make them more intense and enjoyable. There's really no end to the fun you can have with these things and they produce real medical benefits including improved urine flow and better sexual performance, especially for us older guys, and they help reduce hemorrhoid flare-ups too.

        Hope you have lots of fun learning with it. Remember, patience and taking your time with no real expectations for any one session, just the enjoyment of spending some time with it, is what brings on the fun stuff.


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          @slimjim @alibaba I love your post. Ive always been confused if Im doing it right. I always tightened my anus and figured it was correct because it moves. As I read your post I started tightening. What I notice is that with a light squeeze I feel the urinary muscles contract, but if I keep going and squeeze harder my anus tights along with my urinary muscles. Am I squeezing too hard? Is using your urinary muscles kinda like trying to make your penis move? If it feels like my penis is moving am I doing it right? Been doing this almost a month but not with aneros. A cheap knockoff. Im am upgrading to helix with my next paycheck. Tried a classic from A&E to see if I really wanted to spend the money. I do! It does give me pleasure, but why have a pinto when I can have the cadillac.


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            Just a light squeeze, more like a tugging in as if to gently hold back urine, not enough to where you actually feel your anus contract. And it's not really the contraction you use to bob your penis up and down either, just to tighten your urinary sphincter. Just close your eyes and pull in gently and focus mentally on "up front" like.


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              Hmm. I feel multiple muscles in the area and, like twocan7, have been using the anal muscle when HypnAerosession tells me to "hold it!"

              Muscles I identified are:
              1. Inside the penis. Used to "bounce" the penis, has the most intense feeling during ejaculation.

              2. Behind the penis, used to stop urine.

              3. Inside the perenium (pelvic floor /PC?)

              4. External anal sphincter (the muscle you wish was stronger during bouts of stomach bug).

              5. Deep inside the rectum, muscle contraction draws things in, rather than pushes them out.

              I have been flexing muscle # 4 when trying to achieve p-waves .... sounds like I should be using # 2 (or maybe # 3?)


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                Thank you to all. Slim Jim helped me realize there are more contraction options than I originally listed.

                I would add the motion used to hold in urine when trying to find a bathroom. This is currently my favorite.


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                  Due to my back surgery and nerve damage, I started using my Aneros (usually Progasm) on overnighters every other night or so. By sleeping with it in, I can hold most anything in, even loose bowels, but my problem is being able to release and let things come out without straining.

                  Any suggestions?