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The truth behind how to "rewire"

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  • The truth behind how to "rewire"

    Now I'm gonna preface this by saying this is just my opinion based on my experiences BUT that said the principles I'm going to talk about are ones that tantric sexuality has been talking about for centuries.

    Plus, I know I'm not unique in my experiences. There are plenty of men on here who have experienced the same things I have and have experienced success using stuff I've talked about before.

    So, try what I suggest in this post and you'll probably be pleased with the results.

    So, let's get into it.


    We are all pretty much the same physically.

    Some of us have different positioned prostates or different sizes BUT we are all pretty much similar

    Barring any traumatic injuries, physically we all have the ability to have the super orgasm.

    In the same way that men who have a healthy functioning genitals will be able to ejaculate if stimulated in the right way.

    BUT, ejaculation is EASY. It's an instinctive thing that most of us discovered by sheer accident at a young age.

    This incredible pleasure becomes the focus of all our mastubatory sessions. Every other tiny pleasure that comes with building arousal is overlooked.

    When we are horny we focus on getting a full on erection and then stroking one out.

    As we grow older we begin to have sexual partners. Our focus then becomes giving her (or him) sexual pleasure. We hold back our orgasm because we don't want to ejaculate too early.

    We may begin to masturbate slowly in order to increase our stamina aka edging.

    But again, these sessions start with an erect cock and the urge to "get off".

    We ignore and gloss over all of the subtle sensations in out lower stomach, anus, perinium and cock that happen as we start to get aroused. We skip over it and don't FOCUS on it because it's not really that exciting compared to the pleasure at the point of no return and past it.

    And this is where we have problems when it comes to the super O.

    Physical arousal in men starts long before you get an erection. And it's these sensations that build and build into the super orgasm.

    You are already rewired

    Your body is already giving you the sensations required for super orgasm.

    You just aren't aware of them.

    You've spent years skipping over these subtle sensations. You've ignored the twitches and aches and growing warmth in your lower body as you become aroused because you rush the arousal.

    Take note of that - you rush your arousal.

    You hurry to get an erection for sex and for traditional masturbation. Because you erroneously believe there is nothing pleasurable in the arousal building process at the early stages.

    Well, this is where the super o hides.

    Most people think a man is only physically aroused when he has an erection. But that's not the case.

    We as men are very disconnected from our bodies when it comes to sex. We are goal orientated - we drive towards orgasm. In fact not just men, but there are a lot of women who are like that as well. Plenty of women just want to hurry to penis in vagina sex rather than revel in the arousal building of foreplay.

    But, to reach super orgasm you need to be VERY in touch with your body.

    The reason people can have aless orgasms is because they are now (thanks to the aneros) aware of their rectal and adominal sensations.

    It's not that those sensations didn't exist before - it's that they didn't notice them.

    Here's an example in a different context:

    You may have heard of vipassana meditation - it's all about (like most meditation) bringing your attention to the subtle sensations in the body.

    Awareness the breath is a traditional exercise.

    Now, most of us can become aware of our breath. If we focus on it then we can become aware of our breathing in and out and the movement of our chest/stomach.

    We feel the expansion etc.

    That's about the level of sensation we can feel at first. I have never done this meditation so that's all I can feel as well.

    But, the more people practice it, they report feeling more subtle sensations. They become aware of the feeling of the air over their upper lip as they breathe. They become aware of the sensation of air moving down their throat into their lungs.

    Their awareness gets deeper and they pick up on subtle sensations they have never been aware of before.

    Those sensations were already there but their mind wasn't focused enough on it.

    The "Recticular Activation System"

    Your conscious awareness can only be aware of so much. It's not really important for your life to be aware of the sensation of your heart beating (for example). So, your conscious mind doesn't focus on it. It's got more important things to worry about.

    It uses something called the Recticular Activation System (RAS) to choose its focus at any given time.

    But, if you focus on something you'll become more aware of it over time. And the more time you spend focusing on it the more that awareness continues throughout your day to day life.

    Ever bought a red car and then suddenly become aware of how many red cars are driving around your town? They were always there but you didn't pick up on them because you weren't focused on them.

    The same with rectal abdominal sensations. Spending hours at a time focusing on your rectum and genitals during an aneros session will cause you to become increasingly aware of the sensations down there.

    Those sensations that we use to build into super orgasms have ALWAYS been there. You have just rushed through them.

    Using your mind

    If you want a super orgasm you are going to have to play in the lower stages of arousal.

    And you are going to have to take pleasure in the little sensations that are there. Because, although those sensations are subtle at first during a session, they grow into bigger pleasure and eventual super orgasm.

    If you are feeling sensations down there during a session (or outside a session) but they aren't building into anything then it's likely that you are not relaxing and amplifying the sensations mentally.

    Twitches and warmth and aching etc. in your anus and body is not necessarily "arousing" in and of itself. Certainly not in the same way as penile stimulation.

    It's your mental reaction to these sensations that determine whether you will orgasm.

    An orgasm is mostly mental. It's why things like KSMO work.

    You could already be feeling all of the nice sensations that aneros gives you but if you don't focus your attention on them and ALLOW yourself to be sexually pleasured by them then you will struggle to reach orgasm.

    So, if you are feeling twitching or throbbing or warmth down there then focus on it and tell yourself how good it feels. Relax into the sensations like you'd enjoy a massage.

    Don't try and force them to get stronger or bigger or start worrying if you are going to reach orgasm.

    Your mind and body are linked in a feedback loop. If you tell yourself you are aroused and you act as if you are aroused then you will get aroused.

    Slow Down and Don't Try to Have an Orgasm

    This is an exercise that will enable you to build your awareness the arousal of your rectum and lower belly.

    Please note - don't be disheartened if you don't feel anything much at first. Your awareness might be too low or you might be focused too much on building arousal to actually notice things.

    And, sometimes you might not be in the right headspace to feel much.

    For example, yesterday I felt loads from my rectum and had some mini aless orgasms but this morning I'm feeling not so much despite my focus on rectum and lower stomach. Why? Well I have a lot of work to do this afternoon and I'm a bit preoccupied.

    So, just keep at it.

    Remember - you aren't creating sensations. You are just becoming aware of these sensations that already exist.

    Step One

    Find a comfortable place to sit or lie. Don't make a big deal out of it. If you take this exercise too seriously then you'll probably not experience much.

    Stay clothed. No need to get naked.

    Step Two

    Just be aware of the whole region from your belly button down to (and including) your rectum, penis and balls.

    That's where you attention needs to be focused.

    Forget about everything else but that area.

    Ignore your mind, ignore your thoughts. Focus on experiencing the physical sensations.

    Step Three

    We are going to just dip into our mind for a second to kick start our arousal.

    Pick the scenario that turns you on the most. A fantasy, a kink, an image or whatever that gives you a sudden jolt of arousal.

    Maybe it's sucking your own cock and cuming in your mouth.

    Maybe it's fucking the neighbors 18 year old daughter.

    Maybe it's impregnating someone.

    Whatever it is, choose your dirtiest fantasy, the one that REALLY turns you on, and think about it for 1-3 seconds.

    If you are anything like me you'll suddenly get a rush of butterflies in your stomach. Or a jolt of excitment. Or a jolt of "oh fuck that's really hot".

    Your cock will be flaccid at this point but you'll feel aroused, a bit horny.

    You might get an urge to get hard and wank.

    You might feel a jolt of electricity in your ass. Or a throbbing.

    Whatever it is, you'll feel some physical response to the you've briefly thought of.

    The intensity doesn't matter. Don't try and force a physical sensation. If you've chosen your hottest fantasy then you WILL have some response to it (however mild)/

    THIS is the sort of physical sensations that will build into orgasms with focus.

    It's pretty "nothing" right now isn't it? It's just a physical response to an arousing mental image.

    It's nothing compared to the intensity of stroking your cock at the point of no return and then ejaculating.

    That's why we men always skip over this when we are having normal sex or masturbating.

    But awareness of these sensations and allowing ourselves to be aroused by them is what will drive us to non ejaculatory orgasms and super orgasms.

    Step Four

    STOP the mental fantasy the instant you get a physical response. Again, if it's your hottest fantasy/kink then you will have a physical response within a few seconds.

    REMEMBER - physical response DOES NOT mean an erection. You will start getting hard as your arousal builds BUT there are plenty of sensations even before your cock responds with slight stiffness.

    Now FOCUS on that physical response and enjoy it.

    It feels nice.

    Perhaps you feel an ache in your perinium.

    You might feel tingling.

    What's your lower abdomen feel like? Is it warm?

    If it is, enjoy that.

    Perhaps you can feel an aching or throbbing behind your cock. That's your prostate.

    Enjoy these subtle (or not so subtle) sensations as the blood begins to flow into your lower regions.

    These sensations have always been there, you've just rushed through these less "exciting" levels of arousal when having sex or wanking.

    Just breath and relax.

    If you are struggling to "enjoy" them in a sexual way then imagine these sensations are being caused by a sexual environment. If you feel a tingling over your balls that perhaps imagine that the tingling comes from a lover's fingers gently tickling them.

    Don't worry too much about creating an indepth fantasy - your focus needs to be on the physical not the mental. You just want to ensure that you are enjoying these sensations in a sexual way so adding a slight sexual twist to them is all you need.

    FOR MOST people though, the fact that these sensations are genital and anal that have been caused by a sexual fantasy is more than enough to enjoy the sensations in an aroused way.

    At the end of the day, these sensations ARE sexual arousal. You've just never noticed them before.

    Step Five

    As you enjoy this low level arousal you'll probably find your cock SLOWLY getting hard.

    DON'T force it to get hard. This is all about ALLOWING your body to slowly get aroused.

    So stay relaxed and just feel it slowly growing in size.

    You'll probably start to feel some wonderful sensations in your cock - tingling, liquid feelings.

    You'll also probably start to feel some pulsing and twitching in your PC muscles as your cock pushes it way upwards.

    Notice all the subtle sensations in your penis, perinium and anus as your cock grows. And how good they feel.

    You've skipped all of this for so long. Who would have thought that this low level arousal would hold so much wonderful feeling?

    Are they "orgasmic" feelings? Nope. But they feel good.

    Arousal feels good. And it's that good feeling that will build and build into orgasm.

    Step Six

    IF AND ONLY IF the sensations in your abdominal/genital area are disappearing then feel free to quickly (literally 1 sec flash thought/image) think about your hottest fantasy from time to time. But not for too long. Remember the focus is on the physical sensations of arousal.

    Once the sensations themselves come back the STOP thinking of the fantasy and focus on the sensations of arousal. That is more than enough to sustain you - remember the physical sensations of arousal are themselves arousing.


    At NO point try to "hurry" the arousal along.

    Think of it like a manual car (stick shift for you Americans).

    You need to manually go through the gears - you can't jump from first to fourth gear. If you do you'll stall the car and have to start again from the beginning.

    In the same way, you need to SLOW DOWN. If you try to force your arousal to a peak you'll end up losing your arousal and having to start over.

    The whole point of this exercise is to build your awareness and enjoyment of the subtle sensations of arousal. It's those sensations that build to super orgasm.

    Trying to rush it or skip steps will end up ruining your arousal.

    Every single step feels nice from those small little twitches in your perinium through to the growing cock through to the warmth in your belly through to the etc. etc.

    The instant you feel impatient is where you'll ruin it and you'll have to start again.

    Think of it like you are walking by foot for a mile. But instead of running or even walking you are creeping as SLOW as you can. And the slower you walk the better it feels but the instant you speed up you end up back at the start of the mile again.

    End of exercise

    Now, you've been doing this exercise without an aneros in your ass. Guess what - this is what I do when I have an aneros in my ass and it gives me super orgasms.

    I've also started doing it without an aneros in me and what do you know - I'm having mini orgasms and dry orgasms and am very close to a super orgasm (it just requires a bit more focus when you don't have an aneros in).

    So, take this exercise and do it without an aneros in your ass. SLOW DOWN, RELAX ENJOY THE AROUSAL BUILDING PROCESS.

    Then next time you have a session with your aneros - DO THE SAME THING.

    NOTE - your cock will become flaccid again during an aless or aneros session EVEN though you are highly aroused. It just happens as you focus on the sensations in your ass and body.

    Having an erection is not really necessary for a super orgasm. So don't think you've failed if your erection waxes and wanes. As long as you can feel things in your body that feel good then you are on the right track.

    I hope this makes sense, I've tried to condense a lot of thoughts into one concise post so if you have any questions then let me know in the comments below.

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    good advice. Thanks.


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      Thank you neros for taking the time to post your experiences.

      Have had the Helix classic for almost 2 months and although I've not experienced dry-O's (have had p-waves) have noticed much progress in the last few weeks. Until a few weeks ago it would take time to get to the very pleasurable feelings, now I able to get there in just a few minutes. Prostate pleasure is new to me but if had to describe what I feel relating to regular ejaculation orgasm and rate pleasure at a 1-10 scale with the PONR being a 10, I'm now able to get to 9.0 to 9.5 with the aneros in a very short period of time. Difference would be during regular ejaculation climax sex after getting to 9 it is a very short period of time, perhaps a minute or less, before ejaculation occurs. With the aneros can stay at 9 plus for a long time, 10 minutes or more. It feels so good if I never have dry or super O's I will be happy.
      After 10 minutes or more of 9+ it goes down to 7-8, sometimes I can get it back to 9+ by changing some movement, sometimes I just take a break and start again in 10-15 minutes. When starting again it almost always only takes a few minutes to get to that 9+ feeling.

      My attitude now is just to get to that wonderful feeling and enjoy. I do find it hard to believe that I can feel so good for so long yet do not get to the dry-O's? When I get to that 9+ feeling I try to relax and just enjoy. I can normally stay there with very minimal movement if any (at least not movement I am trying to initiate, just movements my body wants to do)

      Have noticed recently I am getting more pre-cum, sometimes I get some when I just get the Helix out of the box. Also until recently I was rarely hard during sessions. Now I am frequently semi to rock hard with a lot of pre-cum.

      For me my best position is laying on my stomach, pushing slightly my pubic bone into the mattress as I make slight anal and PC contractions. Gets me feeling real good in no time that way.

      Will be interesting to see where I'm at in the next two months.


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        FANTASTIC Post!

        Thank you!.

        I hope you don't mind that I also posted this over at the KSMO Forum. I think it will help some folks over there!



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          Yeah no problem - I'm actually a member of that forum as I bought the KSMO a few weeks ago. I posted a question about sexual fantasy on there during KSMO sessions as I was in the process of working out how to orgasm without an aneros inside me and wanted to ensure I was "inside protocol" if I used sexual fantasy in a KSMO session. (as we know how Jack says to stick with protocol at the beginning).

          Between then and the other day I realised that I don't really need the key sound to have orgasm without aneros - all I need is what is above.

          So, I'm chucking the protocol and KSMO to the wind!


          If that's the case then I would try to imagine the sexual energy running over your body. For me the point of no return for a super orgasm is buzzing all over my body until it becomes really intense and feels like I'm falling. And then I have super orgasm.

          So, when you get those delicious feelings down there just gently try to imagine them creeping up through your belly and into your chest. Don't force it. This should eventually spread the energy out and allow you to achieve more full bodied orgasms.


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            I've been doing something similar to your method this weekend @neros. I'm taking a break, a couple of weeks already, from aneros riding and am enjoying the Aless sessions. My thought was to reset and resensitize my body since I've plateaued at the calm seas orgasm level. Well my wifi was not working last week so I had the cable guy come over to install a new gateway. We got to talking and he offered me his personal cell phone number to call any time I have a question. I thought that was really nice but later I connected it to an online course I'm taking in "how to meet relationship ready men". I thought I should contact him and thank him and suggest we get together to chat sometime since we live in the same neighborhood. What I'm getting around to saying is that when I was lying in bed the following mornings and having my usual aless sensations in my anus, they reminded me of him probing my ass with his penis and my ass responding. I just laid there enjoying this for a long while studying where the sensations led my imagination. It was an interplay between the sensations and the associated fantasy. My arousal was fed by my action/desire of contacting him and the dreamlike responce of my body especially my anus. It did not lead to a super orgasm or even a traditional orgasm, just a intense state of increasing arousal.

            I've noticed that my sessions go better when I build arousal slowly, almost to the point of giving up and ending the session. That's often when I notice I'm already orgasming or about to. Calm seas orgasms for me are a subtle shift from building arousal to an orgasmic state sort of experience. I often forget how I got there and maybe will remember the next time. Thanks again @neros for your detailed description. You reminded me of things I've done subconsciously but have not perhaps understood the importance.


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              Yeah no problem - I'm actually a member of that forum as I bought the KSMO a few weeks ago. I posted a question about sexual fantasy on there during KSMO sessions as I was in the process of working out how to orgasm without an aneros inside me and wanted to ensure I was "inside protocol" if I used sexual fantasy in a KSMO session. (as we know how Jack says to stick with protocol at the beginning).

              Between then and the other day I realised that I don't really need the key sound to have orgasm without aneros - all I need is what is above.

              So, I'm chucking the protocol and KSMO to the wind!

              Yes, I understand. KSMO helped me a lot during my early learning phase. I think it helps to teach you how to feel the subtle feelings we're not used to feeling. It sounds like you found this without KSMO. I very rarely use the sounding from KSMO because I feel over stimulated from it. I prefer to have it ramp up more gradually.

              Thanks Again,


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                Thank you Neros for a really good posting. Your observations of how guys skip over everything about arousal and head straight to orgasm are so true. I have experienced most of the feelings of arousal and prostate pleasure before the aneros but I always went straight for the dessert table.The aneros has completed the circle for me and now I keep pushing the boundries of arousal and orgasm


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                  I agree with Longshanks, IMHO, this is an excellent and well written post about aspects of Aneros use which do not get the attention they justly deserve on the Forum. This post ranks right up there with 'cockadoodle’s post Penis, NOT and 'rook's post Whole Body/Whole Mind - the mental side as essential reading for all Aneros users. It is right in line with 'BF Mayfield's description of Aneros use as "Tantric training wheels" and my own description of "zoneros". Thanks for taking the time to point out the significance of the subtle sensations we men, all too often, ignore in our goal oriented pursuits.
                  Good Vibes to You !
                  Last edited by rumel; 09-30-2017, 11:27 PM.


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                    I appreciate very much @neros's long post on Rewiring. I like how he writes. Every sentence is worthy of consideration and meditation. Every sentence can be taken aphoristically.

                    In recent weeks, my sessions are becoming more and more pleasurable. Almost every session results in exquisite Aless which I like to savor. More and more I am focusing on the energy buzz from my Aneros sessions and Aless!

                    Finally I am bookmarking this thread for further study.


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                      Thanks for the kind words everyone.

                      An extra step I forgot to add:

                      Step Seven

                      I've just added this in as I realised after writing the original post that this is something I do as well.

                      Typically the sexual energy/arousal you are building up tends to focus around the genital area. If you stay relaxed and breath then that energy typically moves up through your body until your entire body is buzzing with energy. This is the precursor for a full body orgasm (aka super orgasm).

                      However, you can help move this arousal up your body as well. Simply focus imagining the sensations you feel moving up into your lower abdomen. The sensations will be subtle at first but (at least for me) it feels like a nice warmness or tingling as it moves up there. You might experience it like a mini butterflies (like when you are excited).

                      Typically I find once I move the energy there then I can move it up to my chest as well and by that point it floods into my head and my arms and my legs. For me, once the energy is buzzing everywhere during an aneros session then I start having the super orgasm.

                      NOTE - once you get a bit of experience with this, when there is a lot of energy in your stomach you can then direct that energy where you want. Like yesterday I directed into my penis whilst washing the dishes and for about 2 minutes it felt like I was pouring cum out of my cock. It felt divine!

                      And a note on my gears changing analogy:

                      In fact - don't try to "change gears" at all. In fact, you might find your arousal just stays at a plateau during the session - this doesn't mean you aren't doing well. For some people their arousal might stay the same but just by keeping awareness of it they will have orgasms.

                      Just relax into the pleasure without striving for more. It's the striving for more intensity, more arousal, more pleasure that's the impatience that will kill the session.


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                        I am going t follow this as much as i am able, i have two things to overcome in my sessions however:

                        1. fantasies, I've used so many of these over the years in my sessions that i no longer feel i have any that really arouse me, or able to keep me aroused for anything but a millisecond, this is why i enjoy hearing others fantasies which i can vicariously interpret/use in my own sessions.

                        2. remember all this! there is so much info here that it causes you to think during your sessions, I've printed this all off but referring to it mid sessions will always hurt it. Maybe if i read and re read this a lot it will sink in eventually? a bit like osmosis? hah who knows.



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                          @inhope you only need to use the fantasy to kick start arousal. So a few milliseconds is okay. Then just focus on those arousing feelings because arousal is arousing.

                          "Quick reference guide" for you:

                          1. Quick mental fantasy (or erotic thought) to kick start arousal

                          2. Focus on enjoying the arousal feelings in your lower abdomen, genitals and anus. Whilst staying relaxed.

                          3. As they build you can imagine those feelings creepin up your body into your belly and up to your chest. Enjoy any new feelings you feel up there (buzzing, warmth etc.)

                          Good luck!


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                            Hi @neros,

                            Even as I type this reply, these very three steps which you have described are happening right now! My Aless is alive and quivering with delicious, sweet, sexual energy. It is absolutely beautiful! Even my penis from from its root/bulb to my glans is alive and quivering with this energy!

                            Right now I am using my Aless as a foreplay for an Aneros session!

                            I am glad I have bookmarked this thread!



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                              @inhope you only need to use the fantasy to kick start arousal. So a few milliseconds is okay. Then just focus on those arousing feelings because arousal is arousing.

                              "Quick reference guide" for you:

                              1. Quick mental fantasy (or erotic thought) to kick start arousal

                              2. Focus on enjoying the arousal feelings in your lower abdomen, genitals and anus. Whilst staying relaxed.

                              3. As they build you can imagine those feelings creepin up your body into your belly and up to your chest. Enjoy any new feelings you feel up there (buzzing, warmth etc.)

                              Good luck!

                              Thanks dude i need to share my most recent session with you, your thoughts are very welcome.

                              I have to admit to forgetting most of your guide, however i kept a few things in mind (that i could remember)

                              1. Mental fantasy for a few milliseconds
                              2. relaxing and focusing on the feelings once they started to build.
                              3. letting the fantasy go when this occurs

                              I had within my first minute or two a mini orgasm. Subtle, warm, a definite feeling of orgasm (which i couldn't have said to be true in any previous session)

                              As i had thought though, it tapered off and i couldn't get the feelings back, even the fantasy stopped being nice. its like i need to switch fantasies to remain aroused, but i just don't have the repertoire any more (strange considering I've done some pretty sexually amazing, promiscuous, things in my past and still some pretty amazing ones i would still like to do)

                              My mind then wandered and the chatter stopped things dead.

                              Saying all that, this in many ways was my most successful session! The immediate mini O was definite and real.

                              I did find another mental fantasy which got me feeling things again, but it was 'forced', so i even knew in my mind that "this is not the right way" so i stopped the session before i got out of control. The thing is the arousal is arousing yes, but it still tapered off, like it always has, i have no explanation of this phenomenon. I realise that I'm making much of the fantasy part of things which shouldn't be the focus BUT things taper off for me quickly, the 'arousal is arousing' mentality only works if the arousal is still there.

                              One thing i realised today as well was that my mind was not focused on needing an orgasm, nor my body, which is what normally triggers a session, i decided on whim to have a session, just to 'test' things. The previous day i had used my cobra libre and had (what i call) a Super T, 2 days before that i had the Super T from sex. So it was like i had fulfilled the biological urge to ejaculate in those days.

                              What i need is a balance, a way to be aroused yet not need to 'want' to orgasm, my body aches for it at times and I'm sure its as a result of me being hyper sexual.

                              Lastly i started this session as well because i felt something in my prostate whilst sitting, a warmth, a sort of mini a less "I'm ready" feeling. Does that sound familiar? one thing i do not, nor have not experienced is an ache as you describe, not sure why.

                              EDIT: i forgot this! my legs (feet flat on the bed, knees bent) started to hurt after a few mins, like keeping them up was a strain. Never understood how others do it without being a distraction! I'm sure this didn't help with my mental focus.