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Just got my Peridise set, WOW!

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    Some notes relevent to the possibility of 'loosing' a Peridise.

    I use the 18mm and 22mm (original Beginner's set) for anal pleasure, 'roid treatment and mental mapping of my Chakra positions and feelings during Tai Chi and beginning Yoga.

    Many of these sessions, some on extended airplane flights or on automotive trips, have ranged out to 12 hours and the longer ones have been terminated or interrupted only to accommodate the need for a bowel movement.

    I've never been unable to easily grasp and remove a Peridise. Remember though, YMMV.


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      So it sounds that most of you strongly recommend the Peridise. (I don't have one). What is the difference between them other Aneros products?

      They are not specifically for prostrate massage


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        I have some questions about the Peridise:

        1. Do you have to have already experienced P-waves, Dry O's, or Super O's with one of the Aneros massagers in order to feel something from the Peridise?

        2. How do you use them? Do you just insert one and wait for something to happen? contract your sphincter muscles? something else?

        3. What are the "mechanics of pleasure" for the Peridise? What I mean is that with one of the Aneros massagers, you receive pleasure from the massaging of your prostate. Since the Peridise isn't massaging the prostate, how is it imparting pleasure, particularly since it basically a small bulb on a stem? I'd think a dildo would have a better chance at giving you pleasure since it's larger and has so much more surface area. What is the Peridise doing to impart pleasure, particularly given that some users have reported experiencing Super O's with it.

        Thanks for your input (pun intended).


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          @robertf57,I don't set myself up as an expert in these matters but will answer your questions from my own experience.

          1. No. I understand from the manufacturers of these devices, (High Island Health), that, in their intended original use as tools for the relief of haemorrhoids, users reported the unexpected side effect that they experienced anal dry orgasms from using them. These people presumably had not used prostate massagers and may not even have come across the concept of prostate massage, let alone prostate orgasm.

          2. For the first few years using the Peridise models I tended to use them for their intended purpose. Having first well lubricated both the tool and the anus/rectum, I would insert to tool before going to bed and simply ignore it while I went to sleep and would then remove it early in the morning. I did soon find that I experienced pleasurable P-waves that later became quite strong body buzzing that I believe heralded the beginning of my rewiring. Ultimately I came to experience what I believe to have been the occasional super-O but, as you suggest, the prostate was only marginally involved.

          3. I think I might have answered your third question by way of my first two answers. Needless to say, I now use both the two smallest Peridise models and a dedicated prostate massager over about three sessions each week but, I don't, as many others do, mix them during an individual session.

          Hope that helps.


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            The peredise can still massage the prostate, it's not it's intentee design but still, it does


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              I am having trouble finding the set of 2 advance Perdise massagers. Contacted Aneros company and they only offer the 2 piece beginner set. HIH has the 4 piece set, but I already own the 2 beginner models. I really would like the smallest 16mm massager.

              Is the 2 piece advance set no longer available?


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                I purchased the 16mm Peristal a couple of years ago for the same reason...$33. Advanced dual set no longer available from Aneros to the best of my knowledge. Bummer!


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                  I have had the set of 4 peridises as well as a tempo for a while. I'm going to have to experiment with them again now that I'm rewired because I could never get much pleasure from them before. They always seemed a bit 'harsh' to me. However I always was inserting them all the way instead of letting my body do what it wanted. Ill have to have a go again.


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                    I use Peridise very frequently...and always insert the tip just beyond the internal sphincter...the body will suck it in to the the natural resting spot...I've tried pushing it in as deep as it would go...but never experienced any benefits...most pleasure from the natural resting spot.


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                      The Peridise type toy is finicky for me.... I th ink they are 4 sizes... 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm (I might be off by 2mm which one is the biggest/smallest). Only the 2nd smallest one does anything for me. I have lots of orgasms with it. I've never had a single orgasm using the other 3, and they are so close in size.

                      I have the tempo too and I've had some weak orgasms with it, but it mostly falls into the "doesn't really work for me" category.

                      But that 2nd smallest peridise - it was worth trying all of them and the tempo to find the right one


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                        shockedwaves Is the 2nd smallets the same as the largest from the 2-set peridise?


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                          Originally posted by lonewolf8 View Post
                          shockedwaves Is the 2nd smallets the same as the largest from the 2-set peridise?
                          The second to the smallest is the smaller size in the beginner 2-piece set.

                          The advance set of 2 seems to be unavailable at the moment. Not sure if HIH still offers the boxed set of 4, but I can't see spending $100 bucks on it anyway to get the smallest (16mm) size. The 18mm size has done more for me than the 22mm size for sure too.