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  • Weed

    Been wondering about this..

    Can those that use it with aneros please share some info / experience?

    I'm curious but ain't really a smoker myself.

    If you use it and it helps you superO, doesn't it make you inclined to do it every time? How much do you smoke before a session? What signs do you wait for before starting the session? Do you usually smoke without the aneros as well?
    What is your take on why weed increases the effect?

    Feel free to PM me if the subject is to personal to write about in the forum. I just want to know.. Because I know someone who can fix me up if I wanted to. And it's even legal in a few states.... Maybe I should just pick up andmove to the US altogether...?

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    - two or three tokes, ie, enough to feel a little bit stoned.- immediately feel rush of erotic energy.
    - only smoke weed for session acceleration
    - weed increases the effect because it makes you horny, lowers inhibition, increases sensation and increases imagination
    - most sessions are without weed, the best are with



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      Pretty much what @darwin said!

      Most sessions are without, but my best sessions are with. Really helps to ease your mind, relax and think outside the box on just about any subject. It will enhance just about any experience you have. It really helps with visualization and imagination, both good things when you are with Aneros!

      Drugs have a long and varied history when associated with sexual practices.
      Many physician prescribed medications can have adverse affects on a man's sex life by affecting libido and erectile functioning. The recent development of erectile dysfunction alleviating drugs such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis has eased some of those issues, there is anecdotal evidence the usage of an Aneros massager can act in a similar manner without the potential drug side effects.
      Recreational drug usage associated with sex goes back to the beginnings of recorded history. The search for aphrodisiacs and various substances to enhance the sexual pleasure experience continues to this day. In the context of Aneros usage a few men have reported that certain psychoactive drugs have enhanced their ability to “cross-over” to the super-O. The drug most frequently mentioned is marijuana (cannabis sativa), another drug recently mentioned is diviner's sage (salvia divinorum). Aneros users should be aware that any drug that acts as a nervous system depressant is likely to negatively impact their ability to achieve a super-O, typical among these are the opiate based drugs and alcohol. Other psychotropic drugs or hallucinogens may also interfere with a man's ability to concentrate sufficiently to nurture the subtle sensations that lead to the Super-O. Likewise, nervous system stimulants may induce sensory overload sufficient to completely mask the subtle sensations. You should carefully consider the probable negative results of using these drugs in association with your Aneros massager, regardless of the moral, ethical or legal ramifications.


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        Your reference to salvia divinorum was mostinteresting. Do you have any experience with it? What about using it before a aneros session?


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          Your reference to salvia divinorum was mostinteresting. Do you have any experience with it? What about using it before a aneros session?

          I took that directly from the wiki, only have experience with the cannabis sativa!


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            salvia divinorum looks interesting; quick acting, short duration, not addictive, meditative affects, no hangover. I'm going to try it.

            Wikipedia says "Mazatec shamans have a long and continuous tradition of religious use of Salvia divinorum, using it to facilitate visionary states of consciousness during spiritual healing sessions.[1] Most of the plant's local common names allude to the Mazatec belief that the plant is an incarnation of the Virgin Mary, with its ritual use also invoking that relationship"


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              Hi, That is something I forgot to mention in my previous posts. I am fairly new to this and have only managed what I believe to be a super O three times and I had smoked a little weed on all three occasions I think it does help for sure.


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                I can achieve good results without marijuana but my most intense sessions are with. Through out my sexual history I have always enjoyed the heightened arousal that comes with a little weed. Alcohol kills my arousal most of the time so I prefer my marijuana cookies.


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                  Hmm.. This puts all I've experienced into perspective. When I superO its usually by relaxing, relaxing into it, not caring and focusing on the feeling. So if weed helps you relax, lets you loosen up mentally and heightens feelings.. Then it all makes perfect sense.
                  I had a session a couple of hours ago trying exactly that, and I had a short superO (been a long while since last time). Afterwards I tried relaxing even more and I almost superOd again. My sessions have -almost- always ended after the first superO. So this was new..

                  Thanks for the input guys. The effects of weed and why it is easier for people to superO on it really serves as somewhat of a blueprint for key facilitators to the superO.

                  Think I'll even try some. Just a bit worried about achieving a level of better orgasm on "drugs" that I can't achieve without.

                  Valuable input from you all. And that herb sounds trippy...


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                    I smoke and/or eat a pot cookie every day (I believe in the medicinal properties and take a preventative approach). Now I only partake at night when my day is done and I seem to have conditioned my prostate that after getting a buzz on, next comes the Helix. Now whenever I partake, my prostate immediately wakes up as if to say " on!"

                    I think it's kinda cool and at 59 years young I have trained "Pavlov's dick" to be ready whenever i get high!


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                      Too bad for us who live in countries where this stuff is outlawed!

                      Even if it was legal here, I would be pretty wary of going down this road as I understand that it invokes the risk of onset of mental disorders; specifically schizophrenia and depression in those at risk.

                      I do heartily agree that alcohol is a definite no-no! Does nothing for me at all and is the reason I take Friday and Saturday nights off!


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                        Hmm, maybe you should stop enjoying alcohol instead Pommie? Save money, save your health AND have a good time doing so...with aneros.

                        I dunno about the side effects, but the superO must be my biggest inclination to try the marijuhana.
                        Got to read up on the subject first!



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                          I have experience with numerous drugs and aneros use. Ive been using the aneros for about 7-8 years on and off. For the first few years I had very little luck with super Os, I would occasionally have a good session with mini Os or just nice feelings. At this point I did smoke weed but never thought to mix it with aneros use. After trying for the first time there was an obvious difference, I was able to have mini O's and occasional super Os, sessions were much better.

                          About a year ago I gained access to various other drugs. So since then ive tried the aneros with a few different ones. Mainly LSD, 2c-b, 5-meo-dipt, Mushrooms, Poppers and MDA/MDMA. These were all chosen from research done on what drugs have a positive effect on sex.

                          Weed - This is all ive had access to for years up until recently. It works great for aneros use but is not even close to the best drug ive tried with the aneros. It is almost always guaranteed to have a positive effect on your aneros sessions but it really just gives you a helping hand to get closer to super Os. Different strains don't seem to make too much of a difference and I've found its better to continue to smoke throughout your aneros session. I use a vaporizer so this is quick and easy and I don't lose too much focus from my session. 5/10

                          LSD - LSD seems to be in everyones top 3 sex enhancing drugs so it was the first thing I tried. The first couple times I tried this my aneros sessions were nothing special. I did two tabs at about 100-130ug each. This is a fairly low dose but was what was recommended for a first time user. The next attempt I tried 4 tabs. This experience was much better. The entire session felt like one big super O. I was also tripping really hard, very strong visuals. I always watch porn with my sessions and seeing the girls faces and bodies morphing was a little weird. It was also very hard to concentrate on any subtle feelings of the aneros. 7/10

                          2C-B - - I hadnt heard of this one until fairly recently when doing my research for drugs that enhance sex. Similar to LSD but I never really had a great aneros session with it at various doses. 3/10

                          5-meo-dipt - - I did not like the feeling of this drug in general. The body load it gave me sucked, most of this subsided after about 30m-1h. I did have 1 very good aneros session on it. The drug 5-meo-mipt is on my to-do-list. It is very similar to to dipt but without all the nasty side effects of dipt. 6/10

                          Mushrooms - nope not for me....I absolutely hate these things. Others have said mushrooms are great for sex and some say its almost as good as lsd. But for aneros use these did. I have tried shrooms various times over the years and each time I tell myself that maybe this time will be different, its always shit. Would be interesting to get someone else's perspective on shrooms and aneros use because there are plenty of people out there that love shrooms, they just aren't for me 1/10

                          Poppers - - Poppers are a lot of fun. I first used these for regular masturbation or sex. The effect last only about 1 minute but the feeling is amazing, they will also likely effect your erection, next to impossible for me to stay hard for that 1 minute, but it feels so g. I then starting experimenting using them in my aneros sessions. I would usually wait until I was far into my session and getting mini Os or even super Os. For about 1 minute you would feel like you were having the most amazing orgasm of your life(seriously that 1 minute is pure bliss). The problem is when the effects wear off you go back to how you felt beforehand, this state of pleasure still feels great but you realize how much better it can be. I started to only use them when I was nearing the end of a session. Also avoid over use of these. As far as nitrates go they are relatively safe but I developed a cough from too much use that took forever to go away. I no longer use them. Legality of these is still a grey area in most countries and you can find them online for purchase fairly easily. 7/10

                          MDA/MDMA(ecstasy) - These are two different drugs with similar effects. MDA is more hallucinogenic and speedier. Both offer the best euphoria out of any drug I've ever taken. So far these two are the holy grail of drugs to use with the aneros. I have had 3-4 hour sessions on these with super Os lasting for minutes at a time going on throughout the whole session. These and weed are now the only drugs I will use with the aneros. Nothing else really even compares. 9/10

                          Mixing - Weed tends to enhance whatever drug you are on so i will use it with MDA/MDMA, Ive also used weed with poppers, again it helped make the experience more enjoyable.

                          I know a lot of people on these forums frown upon drug use and don't believe it should be used during your aneros sessions. I respect that and completely understand why but I feel like this is useful information for some people to have and wanted to share my experiences(there is almost no other information about this on the net that I could find). I would also like to add that I still have plenty of sober aneros sessions, these still feel great and I enjoy them very much. I also now have super Os during almost all my sober sessions. This was almost non existent in my first few years using the aneros and only started happening when I starting using drugs.


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                            I smoke and/or eat a pot cookie every day (I believe in the medicinal properties and take a preventative approach). Now I only partake at night when my day is done and I seem to have conditioned my prostate that after getting a buzz on, next comes the Helix. Now whenever I partake, my prostate immediately wakes up as if to say " on!"

                            I think it's kinda cool and at 59 years young I have trained "Pavlov's dick" to be ready whenever i get high!

                            That's a good point, the interplay Aneros marijuana has conditioned my prostate to react orgasmically everytime I get stoned, regardless if the Aneros is inserted. We all know how music sounds much better with mj I think this is partly because hearing is feeling. This is why visual porn can sometimes interfere with the Aneros coz you're too much 'out there' instead of inside your body where the sensations emanate from. Audioporn is a good alternative for the Aneros coz it allows you to close your eyes get aroused and get in touch with your body at the same time.

                            I like listening to this type, when stoned just listening to this type of moaning can induce contractions

                            It's a pity there seems to be a preference for women screaming while being fucked hard, coz this is much better to listen to. Maybe the Aneros will change the pornindustry, I hope so


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                              @aneros_user62763 Thanks for sharing. It is interesting information, wether we use drugs or not. To make it even more valuable you could probably add these drugs' known effects and general feel.

                              I am not surprised by MDMA being the winner. Its reputation and "Extasy" nickname are well deserved.

                              Funnily I have long had the reputation of being on MDMA all time without taking any drug. I perfectly can see how the known effects could possibly affect anersos sessions... Much less for weed, though.

                              I guess Amphetamine and Cocaine might be good contenders too.

                              I personnaly stopped using any drug some years ago. And that includes nicotine, alcohol and cafeine. I like neither the effects nor the addiction. Only have the occasional tea or glass of wine with meal. Feeling healthy, rested and in good shape is more subtle but also more enjoyable pleasure for me. Tasting life unfiltered. I am surprised I even posted on this subject. LOL