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  • 90 Day NoFap Challenge

    I'm starting this new challenge thread because I'm having problems completing the 21 day challenge (no ejaculation for 21 days) because of wet dreams as of late. I've learned quite a bit from the 21 day challenge, even though I never beat it, and I don't want to abandon it entirely. Maybe I'll manage to complete the 21 day while doing this challenge.

    This 90 day NoFap challenge means no masturbation or looking at porn normally. I'm going to go for these two goals, but allow aneros sessions. The typical benefits of the 90 day NoFap challenge I believe are similar to those of the 21 day challenge, but the 90 day challenge doesn't reset if you have a wet dream or do something else to ejaculate without masturbation, such as sexual intercourse. I haven't had intercourse yet, and cannot be certain if I will during the course of this challenge. Not having intercourse while doing this challenge is known as "hard mode" since you can't have the sexual release of ejaculation unless you have a wet dream or something.

    For more information visit the Redit page:
    If you sign up, you can get a badge that keeps track of how many days you've done.

    Anyone is welcome to partake in the challenge, try their own similar challenge, and post in this thread as long as it's reasonably on topic.

    Let's learn more about ourselves together!

    I'm going to keep track of my wet dream ejaculations as well, in case I manage to get past 21 days.
    Day 2
    Last masturbation: June 3rd
    Last ejaculation: June 5

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    @Jspad --- Best of luck on your challenge! I couldn't ever go that long without ejaculating!



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      Thanks Theme_Gasm! The goal isn't to keep from ejaculating though, so it's not that impossible.


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        Since I've started masturbating for over an hour and, in the process, teaching myself better ejaculatory control, I've found that not only have my sexdreams increased which I certainly welcome as it's the only time I'm 'getting some' but what otherwise would have been wetdreams become drydreams. I've even had a dream where I could do something that I can't do in waking state yet, namely to pass the point of no return and clench down hard on my pc muscles and have the orgasm without the ejaculate. At the time I thought shit I'm going to have to change my underpants, but it was completely dry. That was a while back now I just have sex with lots of dry orgasms as I really have during my sessions.

        So I'm not really sure what your goal is to no fapping, porn etc, but if it's to lessen the frequency of your wetdreams this is possibly not the best way to go about it.


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          I did the 21 day challenge and it was hard to get through literally lol but I finally got through it. But I did it while riding and edging a lot. Not looking at porn or watching porn or getting a hot image pop up on my computer would be so crazy to even try. Good luck though. Would love to know the out come of it all.


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            @Ehm This is about the experience, learning new things more or less. Also, after a really long time doing this, a lot of people get what they call on the Redit page "superpowers." Things such as increased energy, ability to concentrate, social confidence and abilities, etc.


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              Like I said before about not fapping for a year, if it had given me superpowers, increased concentration/confidence/abilities I would have known. I can vouch for increased energy, at least....perhaps it's more that I have less energy after ejaculating.
              If there's anything to the whole no fap craze it's saving your essence.
              Taoists have been saying for millennia there are health benefits to not ejaculating, but orgasms are very healthy. The interesting thing about this ancient knowledge is that recent science researching telomeres(shortening of telomeres is meant to cause aging)have found that spermcells are the only cells in the human body where the telomeres don't shorten!!!
              I've read sperm is also meant to have all kinds of health benefits for women(or gay men) swallowing it or spreading it on their skin.
              Mantak Chia talks about sperm breathing; circulating sperm energy to the organs and somehow rejuvenating them.
              So perhaps it's just a coincidence or these taoists masters from centuries ago had some scientific wisdom long forgotten?

              So just like orgasm and ejaculating are often used interchangeably the same is probably the case with fapping and ejaculating coz I definitely don't have any loss of energy from fapping(&not ejaculating) sometimes it's even the opposite like with the Aneros.
              I have worried about the precum but know I just swallow it . I think I'll do that the next time I ejaculate as well, it's full of nutrients and it is after all part of the magic in creating life, it might do something as well to counteract the lethargy and loss of energy/lifeforce after ejaculating


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                That is very interesting @Ehm, brilliant observation!

                I have worried about the precum but know I just swallow it . I think I'll do that the next time I ejaculate as well, it's full of nutrients and it is after all part of the magic in creating life, it might do something as well to counteract the lethargy and loss of energy/lifeforce after ejaculating

                I too have been swallowing my ejaculate after the first few times Iíve masturbated, i believe that it is good for the body, may as well not let it go to waste.


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                  I had just completed this challenge when I received my first aneros as a gift from the anonymous friend


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                    That is very interesting @Ehm, brilliant observation!

                    I don't want to hijack this thread so one last thing about this.
                    Every cell in our body has this ability, but for some reason it's only in the spermcells where it's turned on.
                    They've already done experiments with mice where they've actually reversed the aging, i.e. made old mice young again and made the telomeres longer. These mice started acting like young mice again!
                    Some say we're very close to finding a way to do this with humans as well.
                    Seeing oldage as a disease (to be cured) is quite a recent development. The thing with oldage is it makes you a lot more vulnerable to all kinds of diseases. Also it's not that younger people can't get cancer or whatever and die it's just a lot less likely, so basing it on probability then you could live to a 1000 and by then science will probably have ways to counteract the worst kinds of diseases.

                    It would have interesting implications, like would people still reproduce? what would it be like having your parents/grandparents youthful? How would the brain cope, it's still say functioning like a 25 year olds, can the brain handle all those memories that would normally require many lifetimes? But who knows what stemcell research will bring by then.....

                    Anyway back to the no fapping discussion!


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                      @BigOluver,Hearty congratulations on completing the challenge! IMHO, you have achieved something worthwhile.

                      Have you thought about repeating the challenge?


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                        @Pommie actually I am. Today is Sunday and have been cumming all weekend and on Monday the challenge will start again.


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                          I decided to masturbate tonight, 38 day streak ended.


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                            Day 5, checking in.

                            @Ehm Very interesting, cool stuff!

                            Anyway, I can't say how not masturbating long term will effect me since I haven't tried it this long before, but at least haven't felt that "no motivation" mood for some time. Also, one way I might benefit is the mindset of not focusing on my penis. It's good to try new things, and see what you can learn. I feel like I'm developing more as a person lately, being more adventurous and motivated.


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                              Day 7

                              Last night, before going to bed I was feeling sexual feelings in my nipples and groin/anal areas. These feelings were little more than slight feelings, but besides feeling nice they were kind of uncomfortable at the same time. Not that they didn't feel nice, but it seemed to urge me towards sexual release. Even so, I won't masturbate, as I want to grow these kinds of feelings. One thing that was interesting was that if I concentrated on my penis or some sexual fantasy, I would get a somewhat pleasurable feeling in my penis, a bit better defined than what I felt in my rear end or chest.