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    I have never left any sort of post or comment on any forum in my life so for someone like me to leave a post online about something very personal says a lot about this forum & the people in it. I'm 43 married & no longer sexually frustrated like I was for many years.

    After nearly 9 months of regular sessions & reading the priceless advice within this amazing forum I've finally decided to put a brief story about my experiences so far hoping that the more experienced Super O'ers amongst you could maybe give there two penny's worth about putting a name to the orgasms I think I've had as I'm not sure if I hit a full Super O or not!!!
    I sort of hope I did hit a Super O of some kind because they are intense to say the least & not sure I could take much more pleasure in one hit.
    I have learnt so much info from you guys but I'm finding it hard naming all these new feelings.
    Most of my sessions are not what I'd call dud ones but I just couldn't get the arousal bit going enough to get the ball rolling which is probably down to the stresses of day to day life. Arousal to me is 100% a must if I want to have a do nothing session which are usually the best ones if everything clicks into place naturally without any need to think or try to move things along with heavy contractions etc. I've had the most success with the Helix Syn but also own the Progasm & Eupho Syn but for now the Helix is giving the best feedback & results.

    1: The first orgasm that I can't put a name to without some of your opinions or advice first was after warming up with some very light
    contractions etc lying on my side the contractions seemed to take over by themselves & then without trying in anyway came waves of peaceful but intense pleasure in my prostate area & as it seemed to calm down I'd add a tiny contraction and another wave would wash over me but a slightly deeper sort of pulsing that would overpower what was already there & this seemed to happen 8/10 times & lasted about 45mins. This had to be what you guys call The Calm Seas or a MMO but I'd like to get confirmation that I've got that right.

    2: Another session that I also can't put a name too. I was using the Helix again but lying on my back with legs bent this time. I was doing the normal build up routine when this pulsing started to grow slowly more & more intense then with every little pc or anal contraction the pulsing would get stronger & stronger till it honestly felt like I was being fcuked hard which produced an amazing about of pre cum. As soon as I got my head around to what was going on I started to lose the feelings as I think I started to try & control the situation. The intense pulsing/throbbing lasted around 4/5 minutes & was in the anal area. That orgasm was followed by loads of little orgasmic tingles for hours afterward.

    I've had around 10/15 really good sessions over the past 9 months but the two I've mentioned above really did leave me floating in orgasmic bliss for 2/3 days afterward...
    I understand that we all experience Super O's in are own personal way but I'd love to know if what I've experienced would be classed as a Super O or is there more surprises in store???

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    Sounds like your doing great! Its going to be hard to confirm what kind of pleasure or orgasms your having as like you said we all experience these things differently. Personally I think your just at the beginning and have much more to experience, and yes more intense pleasure! I don't like to put names and descriptions on what kinds of things happen mostly because they are hard to describe and there can be many different things going on at once. I say just enjoy what your getting and don't worry so much about the descriptions. If I had to guess though #2 was probably a dry O or maybe even a super O if it knocked you for a loop.


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      I think the categories can be misleading because everyone's experience is unique. Though I am early on in my journey, I try to focus on the feelings rather than on the names for them. At the same time, we want to communicate with each other on what we are feeling, and we can only do that through words. They say that rewiring never stops, so even if you can say you have had a Super O it's not necessarily the end of your progress!


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        at least it was an orgasm of some kind, thats always a good thing. I know how i would like an aneros prostate ograsm to feel like/to go like (though I'm sure it won't happen this way) rising feelings in prostate, big erection and then cock pumps like your cumin but no semen comes out and then several of these afterwards.

        everyone gets something different! just go with the flow


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          Your very right about not trying to put names to these amazing new feelings & when I'm in mid session I can assure you that names are the last thing on my mind. I'm trying to have a break from it all for a few days as I love to build up the arousal over 3/4 days as this seems to increase the chances of a successful session at the end of it. It's only because I'm on a break that I've had time to write my first post on this forum & the only thing I'm still not 100% sure about is have I had a full super o yet. I just wanted to break the ice by asking you guys what you think because if there's still bigger & better orgasms to be had like the last two replies have mentioned then that's scary because what I've already experienced has been life changing.


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            @aneros_user106659, yeah when things are feeling that good, who cares what its called LOL. Well to be specific the definition of a super O is an orgasm that is different then a traditional orgasm. So it could be stronger or weaker than a traditional O. And of course its a dry orgasm. So you be the judge. Alot of people get hung up on the famed super O, but really thats not the most pleasureable thing the prostate can offer. There can be super O's, then there are SUPER DUPER OOOOOO'S. Its kinda a scale that is very hard to define. I'll leave you with this though, I read a post from a guy who had been using aneros for over 8 years and he said it never gets dull, always new feelings, and newer heights of pleasure to achieve. Think about that for a minute and let it blow your socks off! Good Luck.


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              Good points Ineverknew, well made. As long as well all end up at super o city it's all good, it must get stronger the more we use it and get those incredible feelings we hear about, otherwise it's not 'super' ;-)


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                Not sure what I would call them, but the ones that leave me breathless are the ones I really enjoy. Especially the ones that seem to never end and once I do catch my breath it's here we go again!


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                  From your descriptions, I would opine that both orgasms were Super-O's. I also fully agree with @ineverknew that putting labels on these experiences may be confusing and over-complicating things for you and others. Repeatedly in this forum, I see guys report their extraordinary orgasmic sensations only to quickly denigrate them to non-orgasmic status. Guys, when you do this, you do yourself a real disfavor, give yourself credit for the results which you receive and don't over inflate the term Super-O to fit some mythic experience you will probably never have. Such over-inflation will only leave you frustrated for not living this fantasy notion in your head.
                  While everyone is different and their experiences will be different the WIKI definition for a Super-O is quite simple and broad enough to include many of these orgasms as Super-O's

                  I'd like to reiterate what I said in an older thread posting - The dictionary’s #1 definition for the prefix word “super” is simply : “over, above, on top of”. It does not imply any particular degree of “over, above, on top of”. If the experience is 1% “over” a traditional orgasm, then technically speaking it is a super orgasm. I think too many users read the posts of fantastic experiences by others and then expect their experiences to match them. They build an expected experience in their mind and are frustrated when that experience fails to transpire in their sessions. This ‘expectation’ is a real Super-O killer or at least a major inhibitor. We need to remind ourselves to drop the expectations and experience the feelings of ‘right here, right now’.

                  Guys, if the orgasmic sensations you are experiencing "...steps out of the normal frame of reference." & " an overwhelmingly strong non-ejaculatory orgasm..." then it's a Super-O, so don't go burdening yourself with additional conditions to qualify it.
                  Good Vibes to You !


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                    I hate to post a comment right after rumel, however, my story is much like yours. Similar age, family, etc. I have had the same success with aneros and just made my first post ever today. Funny the timing? I have thought about posting for years, but just never thought I had anything to add until the last couple of months. Glad you posted!


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                      @rumel, well said as always!


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                        Oh well - THAT settles it then - I am having super-Os and I didn't even know it. "Am I bovered"? Not really. I was just enjoying them immensely, whatever they were called. Until now, I had resorted to the looser term "dry orgasm", that seemed to cover all the angles.

                        I couldn't agree more, than that there are always new levels to discover and new experiences to be had. I am sitting here at the moment, and an anal quivering (almost buzzing) has just started. I had it last night too, whilst watching TV, and one instant was even followed by a light, but pleasurable dry orgasm, because I just followed the sensation and enjoyed and appreciated it. Anyhow, the aneros-less anal buzzing is new and very pleasurable - and so I must accept it for what it is, without resorting to the thought, "I wonder where it will lead"?

                        If any of you guys are Myers-Briggs/David Keirsey NF or NT temperaments (I am INFJ), then living in the present (in the here and now) as Rumel says, will be all the harder, since we have a tendency to be very future-oriented - always asking, "where will this lead"? SPs will probably be more in the moment than anyone, and SJs, tend to look back, using the past as a clue about the present, or where to go in the future.

                        Whatever your temperaments - keep an open mind, and remember to stay in the present, however hard or unnatural this may seem.

                        All the best to everyone.


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                          Well said rumel


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                            Gentlemen, First thanks to all for sharing what I've got to look forward to. Secondly, if this is the wrong place to post this then moderator, please move it to where to see fit. Until this week I thought my "journey" was headed no where fast. I've had the Helix-syn for right at two months and ordered the Progasm Monday of this week looking for perhaps the missing link. Then all of a sudden, helix took over. I've had three really nice sessions in a row nothing mind you to the extent of your descriptions above but awesome for me nonetheless. I am 66, have ED and mild diabetes and so normal ejaculatory sex for me is ancient history. Also, spouse is not to interested in anything to do with sex. So I turned to aneros for help. Thus, I'm here now to proclaim its going to work even for me. One question I have for you who have gone down this road before me is this. Last night during a great session I again experienced wonderful sensations emanating from my prostrate and had substantial leakage I can only assume was pre-cum. Then for a few brief seconds I felt like by penis was about to explode its load and then suddenly the feeling was gone without anything occurring. Can someone tell me if this is a natural progression toward an end or just an anomaly?


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                              Thank-you for all your replies to my first post. If I'm honest I think I might
                              of made a mistake by asking you guys to try & put names to some of the amazing orgasms I've had from my Helix, up till now I've stuck to what's been said in the forum & enjoyed the experience as it happens not expecting anything. That laid back attitude worked for me big time. Since I strayed from just going with the flow & wanting to label the experiences all the fun has stopped. Saying that it has helped put my mind at rest knowing that I wasn't wrong in thinking that my own personal Super O bliss had already visited me 2/3 times Thx rumel. Think I went down a one way street in my aneros journey so it's back to the old skool way of doing things from now on by chilling out & letting the Helix do it's thing!!! Or it might even be time for the Progasm!!!!!