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I seem to be the only one with little success

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  • I seem to be the only one with little success

    I always thought that you find people complaining when something is broken or doesn't work on the net, what I see here are people saying quite the opposite!

    I'm the only one complaining.

    I used to be happy, excited and willing to try amazing things, now as a result of reading your amazing, unbelievable accounts of orgasms that transcend time and space I am left depressed. You can see it in my posts here, I wish I never heard of aneros. Just knowing there are people out there getting such experiences is like a kick to my stomach.

    If I give up my journey I will slip further into depression, of that I am certain, I have no choice but to move forward, to keep trying and to feel pain until I do. The rest of my life is good (before anyone asks)

    I've always had to fight of everything in my life, even to get the same recognition as most average people get fot free, of that I am proud. But it takes it's toll, especially when it comes to the aneros experience, I think I deserve it to work as it should now.

    I'm going to try the wiki every session and see what happens. I wish I could get b mayfield or someone like that to talk to 1 ton1 regarding this whole experience. Sorry to put a damper on this lovely forum. Guess I'm outta words...

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    Oh no, @inhope! I have been working with the Aneros for a good twenty-one months now but haven't experienced my first Super-O.

    What my sessions have done almost from the very beginning is for me to savor each session. Live in the Now with Aneros. Savor each moment with my Aneros tools, especially in their subtle, yet profound textures of sensation and pleasure. And then enjoy my hours away from my sessions, enjoy the Aneros afterglow.

    I still occasionally experience a dud session. But that is OK.

    The Aneros experience, I have found, becomes a self-defeating exercise when I compare my progress with other guys.

    I wish you well, @inhope.



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      No, @inhope, that would be me. Due to my long-term disk damage from osteoarthritis, and from several bulging disks, I have very little feeling in my anus. I do not expect that I'll ever achieve the legendary Super-O, yet I still try every other night or so, and when I use the larger Anero's, I'll usually get some very large but short-lived P-waves which leave me thrashing in bed for a few moments.

      The goal of this device is to pay attention to the little things going on in your body and learn to appreciate whatever you find in each session, and be contented.


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        @inhope - You know, it's so hard to measure success and or failure when it comes to this. Success is obviously MMO's, DO's, FBO's, and the rest of the alphabet soup. Failure is absolutely nothing. Unless I'm mistaken I don't think you've felt absolutely nothing, or have not rewired whatsoever. Small consolation I'm sure, small consolidation, but it's still something.

        Now believe every word I write when I say I am astonished at where I am today. I didn't go in thinking I would be in the feel nothing category, but six months ago I couldn't imagine this journey. And understand when I write about my successes here, if I don't mention it in the actual thread it is never far from my mind... That I hope every man here feels what I do and then triple, because it's life changing for the better, and yes, sometimes it's also a big friggin let down.

        However, when I read and talk with members on how they can switch and reroute the OE, how they continually feel a buzzing \ tingling \ OE down there throughout the day, when I see the videos of those guys flopping around, I absolutely eat my heart out. Worse yet, I go into sessions thinking they'll be duds or not as good as the last good one. Or when I think I'm about to sustain a lengthy FBO, and then I don't, honestly I try not to focus on it b\c I know I'll get really down.

        It's weird, this whole thing, the aneros, these boards, all of us, in a way we're working for and against ourselves and each other. We each try to help the other, give advice, offer friendship, BS, which demonstrates the power of why we're here and the community and brotherhood it's helped form. At the same time, though its not intentional whatsoever, it kinda sucks when you read how much better others are having than you.

        Like I said in my one thread, don't stop until you're dead. Take time off. Read as much as you can. Look into your physical and mental health. Look to see if there's some kind of guru, class, training, tantra, yoga, etc that could help. Hell, fly one of the vets out to your locale, put him up in a nice hotel, wine and dine him, then pick his brain for every neuron's worth!

        @BigGlansDC said it perfectly, it's self defeating when you compare... And @Badger illustrates that despite his physical status, he still appreciates the journey. And I hopefully demonstrate that even when I'm a frickin neurotic OCD pain in the ass, I still walk away knowing that even if it's on a molecular level, I've changed for the better.

        And again, it's so easy for me to say this. Trust me I'm in your shoes, just at a different level \ point. I hate the grass is always greener tripe, mostly b\c it's true. In short, if that's even possible for me, don't quit. Pull back, regroup, refocus, then get back on your bridge and continue to hunt that white whale.


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          You're trying to hard. Throw the rulebook out the window and just do what feels good

          Its not magic.. It's just getting to know your own body..


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            @HopefulMMOer and @Alex_xxx,

            I agree wholeheartedly. I just wish he would take some of the advice offered by you and others here!


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              Please can you tell me which advice you're referring to? i have taken all i have read, done what has worked and what has not... but perhaps I'm missing something? Please, help me to see what advice you're specifically referring to.

              If you mean the last two posts? sure, i am doing those as we speak (but i have been for the last 4 years also!) as HopefullMMOer said, i won't give up (i can't as I've already explained)

              I HAVE HAD SUCCESS! the problem is, its stopped being repeatable and after yesterdays strangeness its now going down another direction, perhaps rewiring me badly. It was my first aneross-less session i suppose, so i guess there are hiccups, deep in my back of mind, something i laughingly thought couldn't happen (that i would ejaculate from a slight tensing of anal muscles etc) and it happened! for me its far worse than a dud session, i want my body to LEARN.

              I felt real ashamed that i had been so quick in the past when i tensed hard, I've clearly told my body to respond to the tensing of penis/anus and its now subciouncious it seems.

              I'm moving forward and in doing so i have made this realisation:

              - Don't do anerosless sessions, they result in yesterdays thing
              - Do 'nothing' approach, tensing for me is bad
              - Positive visualisation, i find this hard as i don't know what I'm meant to visualise, any fantasies just don't cut it! (even imagining my previous sexual exploits don't work for long, pretty much done all my fantasies you can think of)



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                @inhope, You are being way too analytical about this. Just because one thing happened in a session doesnt mean you should refrain from trying it again or the same method. Most sessions ARE NOT REPEATABLE. I think many will agree with that. Almost every session IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT THEN THE LAST. Again I think many will agree with that also. You are always rewiring whether its a good session or not. The only thing I can think of that would stifle your rewiring is any penile stimulation. Stop worrying so much about doing the right or wrong thing and just enjoy every session for what it is. Find the pleasure even if its little things here and there. Have a more positive attitude.


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                  OK then thats good, i shall view it that way. The ONLY thing about 'doing it wrong' was when i first got my massager i DID damage my prostate, or the muscles (my own fault as i didn't know how to use it). I also did the same by tensing too hard, clenching the device and holding it for 10 mins at a time, would could strange echo effects and fatigue. (though i don't think this damaged it as such)

                  Aside from those I'm happy to continue with no expectation again, i do not TOUCH my cock, haven't done in a while in any session, last session i wasn't even aware of it being there, yet i ejaculated through it. All the things people are saying, you included, i was already on the path to doing! the set backs i experience are so weird though? not documented anywhere? if thats normal, then so be it.

                  I am positive, or rather i was! i WILL be again... i told you, i will not give up and i will not stop until I'm posting in here about my first proper Dry O. (yesterday just knocked me for six was all) :-)


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                    @inhope, i find it hard to believe you did any damage per say. Maybe over worked some muscles by clenching too hard, but keep in mind that the anal cavity and prostate are pretty squishy and things move around inside us, so unless you had a jackhammer up there I wouldn't worry too much about the past. Weird? maybe. Not documented, probably not, but thats not to say there arent others in your situation, they might just not be forum members. There are tons of aneros users who do not participate on here. Good attitude, keep it up!


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                      I've been aneros iong for almost 4 years, no dry O's, no pwaves, no super O's. I feels awesome, but I don't get anything like others have posted. Like Moulder says, you are not alone.


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                        Cheers @ineverknew dude, I feel better now! @Forum_Jedi, feel free to pm me, I can show you what broke the bad cycle for me, though im no expert!

                        Okay something positive to report:

                        I just had two sessions, in the first session I did the do nothing approach and felt nice feelings which lasted approximately for a minute or so I gave up that session after 10 minutes (as advised)

                        The second session I did micro movement contracts very subtle sensations, and got lots of build up and feeling like I had precum coming out a lot, when checked, there was none (there normally is some)

                        after about 10 minutes again the contracted feelings began to create a sort of burning sensation in my prostate (nice at first) then it changed it felt like mouthwash is in your mouth too long and you want to spit it out not necessarily painful, a touch more and it could be though, but not pleasurable either just wondering if it's possible overstimulation perhaps? It's like a cold burning?

                        This 'bad' kind of 'burning' stopped after a few mins though and didn't feel as uncomfortable in subsequent ones, but didn't reach the heights as before.

                        BUT not a dud session! Happier today, just hope when I do orgasm I don't ejaculate again too! My legs are tired when on my back and feet flat on bed, requires effort to keep them there, this is my biggest obstacle believe it or not! i need to get my concentration way from my legs (if i tense my legs remember, i ejaculate)

                        Lying them flat does get the aneros in the right position, lying on side makes me jizz and lining on back and legs up/bent is by far the best (but tiring) anyone use a wall or something to lean against? a chair maybe? time to experiment...


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                          And I thought I was too analytical... Man, you beat me !

                          Maybe (don't know) you don't let yourself enough room for improvisation. Like when you say something helps you at begining of session but, in the end, the same kills it... Of course it does... Why on earth would you keep doing the exact same thing for the whole session?... Change, do less, do more, adapt (gently, don't zap channels in frenzy like a kid with a Tv remote). I think intuition is helpful... On the condition you listen to it and trust it (yeah, not easy for me either).


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                            I suppose i do the same thing in each session because for 3-4 years i feel nothing unless i did that one thing, so it got wired into my head that it needs to be the same for everything (don't know why) hey, maybe thats why I've been getting nowhere for 4 years? who knows. I could have been only using the aneros to rewire me properly for the last month or so

                            As i say though, i just had a really great session! no dry o but definite contact with prostate, feelings building and for once, i enjoyed it all!

                            Kept felt like my dick was leaking precum (like normal) but wasn't :-)

                            I only stopped because of the previously mentioned cold heat in the prostate which actually at one point felt like it was maybe going to hurt in some way (but never did) so thats something to note in future sessions.

                            But yeah, a good session. (then again yesterday was a super session that ended in it being a weird session ha!)

                            EDIT: one issue with being turned on and getting to this point with aneros without orgasm or mini o's etc is that i am so close to orgasm all the time i am sitting here or walking around, a stiff breeze feels like it could make me go! I'm very....antsy right now!