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  • Aneros + ASMR

    Hello, I am new to these forums and the Aneros in general.

    I heard about Aneros about 2 years ago; however, I only recently purchased my first unit, a Helix Syn.

    I have used it 3 times now and have noticed definite progress in the 2nd and 3rd sessions.

    Yesterday was my off day(from Aneros), and while surfing the web I re-stumbled upon information in regards to ASMR. Now, I have only discovered ASMR recently and from my perspective it seems to be a relatively unknown phenomenon.

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with ASMR, it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. What it is, is a phenomenon characterized by a pleasurable tingling sensation, typically on the head or scalp, but not limited to one area.

    Triggers for this phenomenon include: whispering, scratching or tapping, blowing, page turning, and particular descriptive dialog.

    You can Youtube 'ASMR' for examples, most of which will definitely make you feel something immediately.

    Well, it occurred to me today that long ASMR videos may synergize very well with the Aneros.

    Has anyone tried this? I will eventually when I have time, but I just thought I would share this idea.

    If this idea has already been posted, I apologize, I'm new


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    I think you may be on to something. Went to youtube and played one from a Russian woman describing a facial massage while doing some contractions and got what I would describe as startled relaxation. A warm tingling feeling in my solar plexus area that I felt like I could melt into came out of nowhere taking me by surprise. Gonna look into this more after work.


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      looks interesting, thanks for bringing it up. I tried a few videos and didnt feel anything. Is there a learning curve or should the response be immediate?


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        Hello, I found out that an ASMR thread already exists on these forums:

        I was in the Aneros chatroom yesterday and a member, @Trei, linked me this video, which has several triggers that I found worked on me:

        @ineverknew The effects should be rather immediate. However, everyone has different sets of triggers, and among those triggers, the effect varies in feel and intensity.

        Also, I have since discovered 2 of my friends find ASMR videos bother them. Neither can explain exactly what it is they don't like.

        I personally like the whispering, blowing, and kissing sounds. I find when I hear these sounds I feel a pleasurable, borderline arousing, tingling feeling.

        But I also have an ASMR reaction listening to Bob Ross ( I can almost pinpoint the peaks of my ASMR reaction, with respect to Bob Ross, to when he says P,B,C or K sounds. The scraping sound also triggers it for me. However, the ASMR response I feel listening to Bob Ross is completely nonsexual, different than the whispering.

        I am experimenting with this now, but I think for now it is safe to say that using the Aneros in combination with listening to ASMR videos, may increase arousal, pleasure, and widen bodily sensations.



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          I have.. I found a resource for downloading sessions where women whisper sexy things, moan and masturbate. Works good.. But porn gets me going faster. While ASMR sessions let me relax better.


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            That sounds like a great resource Alex, do you have a link at all please?


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              You know what.. I don't remember. I googled moaning sexy and found some tumbler type file archive and found a way of right clicking the playable file an save as..

              I'll see if I can't find it when I'm on the computer.


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                i found these, can right click and save as if you wish.


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                  Thanks, I'll have a look later


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                    If you like those links you'd quite love the Sonic Erotica podcasts available for download on iTunes for free. They're my go-to


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                      There we go.. @ineverknew found the source! good job


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                        @410: Thanks for the Sonic Erotica info! I've been listening to them during my A-less sessions in the car as I drive.


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                          looks interesting, thanks for bringing it up. I tried a few videos and didnt feel anything. Is there a learning curve or should the response be immediate?

                          If you have never experienced ASMR before in your life from natural triggers, it's unlikely you actually get ASMR at all. It seems to be something not all people experience. Personally, I know nobody in real life who actually experiences it, apart from myself. It's a very special sensation, it is not sexual at all, just extremely relaxing. I suppose that the relaxation from ASMR would go hand in hand with aneros session. I will give it a shot some day along the week and report back.


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                            &AreJay --- I've experienced these types of sensations @-) for many many years, but until now, I didn't have a name for them!! I guess my macho exterior belies my true inner abilities! I always just attributed these events to my desire to just "enjoy the moment". I've experienced many memory triggers over the years...sometimes due to scents I've encountered!

                            One my most prominent triggers is a particular type of gong sound! I get the tingling and if I'm Anerosing at the time, it adds to the pleasure of my ride!

                            Also, over the last few months, the frequency of my "flying" dreams has increased significantly, and is extremely pleasant!

                            I attribute much of this to my Aneros journey, which has become a very important part of my life!

                            (Replied while at Universal Studios riding my Helix Syn!)


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                              I will try an aneros session tomorrow with ASMR, am expecting big results. Seems like it has potential.

                              ThemeGasm, there's a community on Reddit dedicated to ASMR type stuff.
                              People upload videos that trigger ASMR. Most of it is pretty girls whispering, which never really triggered me. I prefer the unintentional stuff, like a video of a doctor's visit.