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Damiana - an aphrodisiac?

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  • Damiana - an aphrodisiac?

    Hi Everybody,

    In this thread: @airbag mentions using Damiana Tea to relax and as an aphrodisiac.

    I poked around on the web, and these effects seemed to be reasonably agreed on, though not officially.

    Having found myself in a frustrating inorgasmic rut for a while, I thought I'd give it a try. (By that I mean, dud sessions for a couple of weeks. I could still cum the boring old-fashioned way, but the female-style orgasms were not coming, like women sometimes suffer from).

    I went to my local "nutritional supplements" store, and bought these Damiana Leaves capsules:

    They seem to be ground up damiana leaves in gel caps.

    The first time I tried them I took 4 caps. I did seem to get a bit out of my rut. I had a session where the cares of the world went away and my nipples seemed to be particularly responsive. But nothing unquestionable.

    Tonight I took 8 caps, two gulps of 4 at a time, with *lots* of water. The results were unmistakable:
    1. damiana definitely is neurologically active. I felt a mild warm and calm high, what I imagine a very low dose of opiates would be like.
    2. in my session I easily transitioned, for the first time in weeks, into the "o-zone" where I was fully immersed in a virtual world of getting fucked and coming intensely.

    Based on this experience, I would say others out there should try this and see what happens. Experiment with low doses, like 2 or 3 caps, at first to be safe. It takes effect within 15 minutes and seems to last around an hour or more.

    I know from experience that things that work once or twice as a session enhancer seem to lose power as time goes on (maybe they are just a strong placebo effect?). So that might happen here too, though for *sure* I was mildly high. (Not like pot though, no stoned outlook.)

    The only thing I have found to be consistently powerful in bringing my sessions into intense overdrive is two tokes of weed. The damiana was not as strong an effect as that, which is good, because pot is usually more of an intense experience then I want to deal with in a routine session.


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    It works for sure! I've taken capsules and made tea from bulk leaves, and also smoked it too. It works oh yes it works good. I recently got a tincture of damiana, not the best tasting when mixed with water, but I stacked that with yohimbe not long ago and it was like I was possessed by sexual stimulation, other worldly in effect.


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      @techpump, do you remember how many caps you took, and how many mgs they were, or, now much tincture?

      just want to give the guys a sense of dosage.



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        Darwin, I've taken only 2 caps of the same product you have and didn't feel much. So I'll try more. But I vaporized it and get a nice mild relaxing high. It's also good for the prostate, testosterone. The mayans knew about this. Also catnip is like a mild pot high when vaporized. I'm going to try wild lettuce next. Its elixir is very good. I have to get a decent vaporizer next.


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          There is a standard dropper that comes with the tincture, it says mix 2 full droppers with beverage of choice. Two is a for sure, very relaxing, one dropper is mild. The capsules are Swanson brand, 510mg each. a dose to them is 2 caps, 1.02g. I've taken 2 caps twice a day, 1 cap twice a day, or just 2 caps an hour or two before sex time and never noticed much difference, but I didn't just do one of these regiments for an extended period, I've mixed it up day to day. smoking it though makes both caps and tincture more effective.


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            I've been wanting to try vaping different herbs and such as I am a fan of reading and hearing about trip reports from people that have taken different substances and such. I think i'll try Damiana/catnip first.


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              I would like to try this! Anybody was able to get some in Canada? I looked for on the internet and it is legal here. I will go shop a bit when I will have time. I hope it is not expensive.


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                dude it's so cheap, I got 8 ounces dry leaf (but a lot of stems) a few years ago for maybe $15? It was really cheap Swanson has capsules usually under $5


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                      cant seem to post correctly.

                      took 8, 450mg capsules an hour ago and don't feel any effects. guess im not one of the lucky ones.


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                        I've been having difficulty posting, too. After I write it and try to post it says need to put a body.


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                          I think I figured out what my problem was. I was putting message in box without hitting "write a comment" to get a different box.


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                            here is an update from my experiences with damiana.

                            i tried it again the other day. this time i did it as tea: i dumped the contents of 4 caps into hot water and let it steep. a lot of the powder sank to the bottom, but the tea was still strong tasting.

                            i got high from it almost immediately, unmistakably. a flush feeling and a kind deep calm.

                            i did a session and it was a powerful one. i feel like the damiana exerts its "aphrodisiac" effect by making you more inward and aware of sensation. it helps block out the static.

                            all that said, that may be the last time i use it. since i did it during the day, i couldn't conk out afterward, and had a kind of icky headachy feeling when i "came down." that felt kind of artificial and weird.

                            i suppose i am gonna revert to weed as my accelerant of choice.