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The importance of pelvic floor muscels and how to train

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  • The importance of pelvic floor muscels and how to train

    Hello Community,

    I registered there are some facts about Prostate-Massage which can't be learned step by step because everyone's experience is different. Despite of all self-experiencing, relaxation and arousing there is one thing without succes never will occure. I speak of strong muscles in the pelvic area.

    I hear many people talking about PC-muscle-training but I think in this area are more than this one PC-muscle which has to be trained and controlled. On top of that: a bit of stopping to urinate can't be enough to get total control of these muscles.
    What excercises exactly you have to do and which muscels has to be trained? When do I notice that my muscles are strong enough? Is it possible to contract different muscles in this area seperately (For example: If I contract my PC-muscle, my sphincter contracts also a bit. I'm not sure if that's right) ?

    Please tell about kegel excercises and what is needed to have control over the pelvic area. Which excercises did you and how often? Any links or "How To's" to that topic?


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    Hi @toolbox,

    Here are couple helpful links on the Kegel Exercises for you:

    Prostate Exercise for Men's Health and Sexual Stamina

    Kegel Exercises For Men

    Also see Aneros Learning Center Instructions which describes the Kegels in context of the Aneros sessions.

    And finally: Prostate Massage / INSTRUCTIONS .

    Hope all this helps you.



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      I am not sure what the correlation is between strong PC muscles and success with the Aneros.

      From all my reading of this forum I have not seen a pattern where guys state that their experience has improved because of PC muscle training. Perhaps a couple.

      Just like basketball: skill, talent, practice. Does weight training make you a better b-ball player? Maybe in some cases, but most guys who are good out there on the pick-up court don't weight train to improve, they play b-ball.

      One thing i want to make very clear: DO NOT STOP YOUR URINE TO DO PC EXERCISES.

      Yes, you can once or twice do it to locate the muscles you should squeeze. But after that, only do kegels when you are not urinating. I have seen plenty of guys somehow get this confused and think they should do these exercises while they are peeing, which is totally wrong and not good for your bladder.



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        @darwin From a source that i read, over 95% of people suffer from pelvic floor issues unknowingly since our society is structured heavily around sitting but i haven't given it further research so Iím uncertain.

        As well i may disagree with your anology as cardiovascular strength, mental acuity, and reflexes are gained in the process of playing b-ball whereas with aneros, you won't get anywhere but the hospital if you're pelvic muscles are knotted up enough, as well you won't get far if you don't know how to operate the different muscle groups via kegels exercises. basketball should be analogous to kegels and not the aneros itself imo.


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          I really like that massage you pointed to. I am one of the people who has pelvic floor tension issues and that particular massage is a good one.

          That said, I don't believe the claim about 95%, that seems more like a marketing claim of some kind.

          About Aneros and Kegels, my point is this: most people who have success with the Aneros do not do kegel exercises; and, I have not heard of any cases where somebody was struggling with the Aneros and kegels solved the problem.

          I think that it is true stronger kegels provide stronger sexual response, that much I think is well established. But the Aneros develops those muscles through use. Developing them through an independent program might help in general sexual response, but I have not seen evidence that it will help Aneros users.

          But... there is no reason not to give kegels a try.

          In my experience kegels can lead to increased muscular tension in the area not decreased, for what it is worth, so I have to avoid them.



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            I would have to agree with darwin in that I don't think that you have to have strong PC muscle to have success with the Aneros.
            I do, however, think that PC muscle, and root lock, exercises will make you have success faster. Why do I say this? Well, I believe that the way to success is to become aware of your body, and when it comes to the Aneros it's about being aware of an area that you have neglected maybe your whole life. Just putting the Aneros in will make you aware of this area, and PC and root lock exercises will help with this as well.

            But when it comes to full body orgasms, other things will also help getting there faster, like for instance becoming aware of other parts of your body.

            Regarding muscle tension, I can definitely recommend using a tennis ball for massage in the pelvic area. You put it on a chair and sit with your perineum on it. Then you move around so that the ball can massage the whole area.


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              Hi @TEK,

              Can you tell us more about the PC muscle and root lock exercises? These exercises may help me along in my Aneros journey. Thank you!


              P.S. I surfed the Internet a few minutes ago and found some insightful suggestions for performing the PC muscle and root lock exercises

              For PC muscle exercises, see:

              How to Do PC Muscle Exercises on Wiki.How

              Another good link for these exercises:
              Basic PC Muscle Workout

              For root lock exercises, see:

              Kundalini Yoga Bandhas and the Sensory Human

              You have to scroll down to the middle of the page to Root Lock = Mulbandh.


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                There's a lot of variations you can do. Root lock is contraction of the anal sphincter and kegel is contraction of the PC.

                But, it is more important to focus on moving sexual energy in the body. That's what really it's really all about. Arousal is the same as sexual energy, and when it's stuck in the pelvic region it has only one way to go. Out of the penis. You need to learn to circulate it in the body.


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                  Hi @TEK,

                  Thank you very much for your reply. What you have written is so powerful!

                  Earlier today I had one of my intense Aneros sessions ever. I began for the very first time sitting with my Tempo inserted at my PC for nearly two hours. That in itself was absolutely wonderful, and it primed it for two hours with intense action with Progasm Classic like never before!

                  Right now my body is suffused in a warm afterglow of sexual energy. For the last few hours I have been on the edge of experiencing an orgasm! I am going to savor this feeling for as long as possible today! I am going to imprint your words on my mind, ponder them, and put them into action!



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                    I'm glad that you are awakening your orgasmic potential. A bit of advice... Energy follows attention, so wherever you put your attention, energy will follow. Experiment with moving energy around in the body this way. You can also experiment with imagining that the energy is expanding from the point you feel it out to all parts of the body.

                    You might want to google "Microcosmic orbit" and read a bit about that. It's an ancient Taoist meditation for moving Qi (life force) around in the body. Sexual energy is called Jing, and is a condensed form of Qi.

                    You might also google the term "fire breathing orgasm" and read a bit about that too.

                    There's tons of this stuff out there. Google "energy orgasm", and you'll see.


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                      @Darwin Hmm, you have a point there Darwin, considering your observation of minimal kegel success story's. Iím lost in the wind on this as I am severely under studied on this topic.


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                        I read several times the pelvic floor muscles, in particular the feeling and controlling of them, is an important thing for prostate-massaging. If I do the 20-30 minutes breathing and contracting excercies at the beginning of a session, which is suggested in nearly all "How To's", I don't feel very much. I also haven't got the feeling that the toy is moving enough through my contractions, whether I thought stronger muscles would be helpful.
                        On top of that, stronger muscles help for better handling the toy and may increase the sensibility in this region. Suprising for me, that darwin is saysing thats not that important. Did I understood you right as you said, that your don't doing that kegel excercises at all?


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                          Interesting reading below:



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                            Yeah, I've read about ankhing before. It's very similar to "The Microcosmic Orbit" in Taoism.

                            I do several Taoist exercises, and also some Tantric exercises for moving sexual energy every day. Something that I've started to experiment with lately is Energy Masturbation (I'll provide links below), and giving someone else an Energetic Orgasm.

                            I've also started using EFT and tapping for clearing emotional blockages in the energy field in the body. This so the energy can move more freely in the body.

                            Remember, arousal IS sexual energy, which in turn is life force energy. When you are arousing yourself through for example masturbation, you are generating sexual energy in your genitals through friction. The sexual energy is life force energy taken from other parts of the body. This energy must be cycled in the body, or it will be lost through ejaculation, and will leave you with less energy.

                            Energy Masturbation:

                            Energetic Orgasm:

                            Also, check out Nathan Martins website at . He also has some info about EFT, but otherwise you can check it out by googling it. It's a totally free technique that is based on the Chinese system of energy meridians in the body.


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                              Wow, you guys have shared with us lots of important information for activating and putting to good use the energy that we get from our Aneros sessions! Gee, I feel like a randy teenager this morning because my awakened prostate is quivering with excitement! But today is Sunday which I have determined will be my day off, a breather from my sessions.

                              @TEK, I have transcribed your words of advice into my notebook and did your suggested Google searches on "Microcosmic orbit," "Fire breathing orbit," and "Energy orgasm." Gee, I am really excited about all this!

                              Finally late yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time @chuckjo2000 in Aneros chat. Chuck gave me nipple stimulation and toe pushing exercises as aids for achieving orgasm with Aneros!