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  • The Tempo Thread

    I thought i would start a thread dedicated to The Tempo. This is a really nice toy! I love the weight and the speed of it... very aptly named. I can really feel that little ball on the top of my inner sphincter. I've read that it does not stimulate the prostrate, but I'm wondering about that... when I bear down a little, it was a similar feel to the helix...

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    Hi @krissive,

    Actually yesterday I shared with everybody here about my experiences with both the Tempo and the Advanced Peridise Set, both of which I got at discount a few weeks ago at See:

    You are correct. The Tempo "does not stimulate the prostate," but rather exercises and tones your anal sphincters and auxiliary musculature. From the get go, I have achieved a distinctive rhythmic action from both the Tempo and Peridise. Also I discovered that these two products work well with my Aneros prostate models, so much so that they too have a Tempo rhythm. But this rhythm can vary from the obvious to the subtle. Damn I get super horny thinking about this.

    Earlier today, I had a great time the Tempo and my Progasm Classic as regards rhythm!

    Finally I regard the Tempo as a perfect weight training tool for the anal tract. It is also great for the Kegel Exercises.



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      I have a very high interest in the tempo, but my god, dat price!


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        Hi @Trei,

        Yes, the Tempo is very expensive since it is made of solid, stainless steel. You can get it at for $69.95, a bargain. You can get it at discount at too. You will find that getting the Tempo is one of the best investments you have made.

        Happy New Year to you!


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          While I agree it is a awesome tool and I love mine very much I strongly do not agree with your statement."It does not stimulate your prostate!"
          It certainly stimulates mine every time and so does the peridise. How could it not as it rubs up and down along you anal tube which the prostate is along side.
          It makes me dribble precum and have super - Os as well.
          It rubs against your prostate but not as hard as a prostate massager so it is a more subtle feeling massage, but this does not mean it wont give you powerful orgasms as it most certainly does.
          Think you guys need more practice or at least rethink your statements or maybe both! LOL
          There is nothing like polished stainless steel, its like silk!
          Keep up the tempo dudes!


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            Hi @braveneworld,

            I believe that advertises the Tempo, like the Peridise as an unisex anal stimulator.

            Earlier tonight, I came across an extensive review of the Aneros Tempo which is very good, see:


            What struck me immediately about the Tempo upon my very first use was the relentless, persistent "rhythm" it produced upon insertion. For me, it was like my taking to water like a duck.

            I enjoy using these days P1 & P2 of the Peridise and the Tempo. Both the Peridise and Tempo have revolutionized my Aneros sessions and have upon them on a much greater level than ever before. I have been using these two models for five weeks now. Yes, I admit that I am a mere beginner compared to you. There is no reason that the Tempo cannot massage my prostate. While these models have not produced a Super-O in me so far, what they have produced is tons of pleasure and fun!!!

            Happy New Year to you!


            P.S. @braveneworld, how often do you have your Aneros sessions? Do you have them every day? How often do you use Tempo? Thank you in advance.


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              I have had my perdise for 7 to 8 months and use it in spurts over a 2 week period on and off. I use the tempo every now and then the same way. Not because i dont enjoy them its because I have to find the time for all my other models too! Progasm ice,vice,helix,eupho and maximus. Some weeks something is in for each night for a few hours but other times all night! It seems to have a building affect and once i start then it builds night after night till I use my progasm and or vice then a rest for as many nights as it is possible to resist then off i go again.Mind you the prostate does not wait, every moment it can it jumps into a anerosless session which just get better and better as time goes by.
              If i plan to go to sleep then i cover the perdise in Vaseline and use the largest or the smallest if i have wind that night. Before i goto sleep I am orgasming and leaking precum and if i semi awaken early morning I will get it humming real quick for a nice morning session.
              I have waken before to the peridise pumping its little heart out and having the hardest bonner posible! GOOD MORNING!
              The tempo i have slept with many nights to begin with and it certainly uses your muscles, Some mornings it has been a little harder to walk very tired legs!?
              My favourite would be the largest peridise, as you say it throbs away and because of its large bulb it massages the prostate oh so good, it not so heavy but the same sort of size as tempo.

              FYI i looked at a early patent for the aneros prostate massager, it was basiclly a peridise with a ptab!

              PS if i had the time like i used to I would use the aneros every day maybe more than once but as i get more mobile from my accident 2 years ago i seem to get less time


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                Geeze, you all sound like salesaman with this talk of a "rythm" as if the tempo has built in pulsing vibe. I'm skeptical..but i will say that the tempo is far too pricey for my tastes and a bit heavy as some claimed that it could fall out while walking, though this heaviness easily turns into a benefit if using it for kegel excersise.

                As well, the base makes it possible for the tempo to be accidentally sucked "all" the way in, if only the base where backwards it'd been better. The tempo does look sexy though and i still may purchase one one day.


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                  Hi @Trei,

                  I understand your reluctance in purchasing such an expensive product such as Tempo. I believe that originally sold it for $99. Now they sell it for $69.

                  I agree with you on your reservations of wearing it inserted while walking. I use it exclusively for my Aneros sessions lying on my back, often with my butt on a folded pillow here in my apartment.

                  Yes, it has "heft," but I was amazed at how easily it inserted the first time around. And yes, it produces that uncanny persistent rhythm! I had used Maximus, Progasm Classic, and ICE for Kegel Exercises for a good year before I began using Peridise and Tempo. So I was well-prepared for these two models.

                  I do not think that Peridise or Tempo can be sucked "all" the way in. That has not happened in the five weeks I have used these guys. Yes, the Tempo is sexy, like the entire Aneros line. I do hope you will purchase a Tempo someday in the future.



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                    i have worn Tempo for several hours at a stretch (including away from home) without it falling out... it seems to remain in pretty well. I had it in today while standing for much of the day at a standing-desk. The nice thing about Tempo's relatively small size is that it is pretty "nimble"... it moves pretty easily, and that feels great. I've read similar comments from Eupho owners along that line. I've also slept overnight with it many times and never lost it. I've never sucked in in either.

                    I had one occasion when my Tempo fell out, and that was while using it after i had been stretched by Progasm use... no surprise there i think.

                    Incidentally, i only use a VERY light coat of vaseline on the Tempo... that seems to be more than enough.


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                      I wish to thank both @braveneworld and @krissive for sharing with us their rich Tempo experiences.

                      @krissive, I may wear my Tempo some day soon outdoors during one of my long walks. But can you tell us if it is too uncomfortable to sit with the Tempo inserted?

                      Also when the weather becomes warm here in April or May, I'll wearing my Aneros models to bed with me too. @krissive, what lubes are best for your Aneros models when you wear them to bed?



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                        Thanks krissive and BigGlansDC. That cleared alot up for me, i tend to hold things in my butt so easily that i don't even have to put effort into it. As well, if you say it doesn't get sucked in easily i'll take your word for it ; ). I very well may get one someday but i'm still mystifed of this rythm that you all speak of, is it the same automatic rythm as other aneros models? thanks again.


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                          Vaseline never drys out while you are asleep. You can use some waterbase too but would not recomend just waterbase. Havent tried just silicone lube with the stainless steal. I reckon it would be real slippery!

                          @Trei Yes and no! Yes similar but not the same. More of a quiver to start and then gets going to a in out rythm.
                          Even prostate massagers of different models work at different speeds, every one is different!


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                            With regard to sitting, the Tempo is perfect. The tail of the tool is a thin triangle shaped wedge. The apex sits at your anus, and the base conforms easily to your shape. Since the majority of your weight is on your thighs and cheeks, the Tempo is slightly suspended. I think its a special pleasure to wiggle on a chair with Tempo inside. Nice on car rides too! I haven't had an orgasm that way, but my prostrate is in the process of waking up, so it wouldn't surprise me if i did (and i think it WOULD surprise me as well!)

                            Rhythm. For me, i induce rhythm in all my Aneros toys by slightly flexing my feet while on my back with knees drawn up & feet flat on the surface. The Tempo works this way for me to. If I alternate foot flexing or flex both feet simultaneously, I can control the "pace" of movement, and if I start shaking, the pace matches the shakes (which can me incredibly high). The Tempo behaves the same way, but it seems to move more and take less input. In fact, there seems to be a sense in which it moves on its own. I'm not really sure if this is true... it might be picking up on micro-movements my body is making... but it moves a LOT with really fine inputs.

                            Last night i had the best Tempo session I've ever had... waves of pleasure. I have a feeling that there are a lot more peaks to reach, but this was still pretty incredible. Since i was having a lot of success, i experimented with other positions. One of them was on my hands and knees. I found i was able to induce a high tempo rate by flexing my elbows with my lats! That was a surprise!

                            Like the helix, i find I'm getting to orgasm by simultaneously bearing down and pulling it in while the Tempo just pistons its way around my insides with a mind of its own. very...very... nice.


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                              I see! so that is the "rhythm" that you all speak of. All models have their own rhythm but in the tempo, (due to its nimbleness, mobility, and sleek material) the rhythm is far more pronounced and easier to maintain and initiate by the body without effort; utilizing the body’s natural peristalsis chain reaction of the anal-canal muscles when it feels that something is I right?

                              Ok, i think you've all sold me on a tempo! (Just have to scrounge up the money now > >)