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I Really Can't Believe What's Been Happening To Me!

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  • I Really Can't Believe What's Been Happening To Me!

    I wasn't skeptical. I was reserved and hopeful. I was NOT expecting what I have experienced so far. I'm almost 3 weeks into my Aneros journey, and my body is doing things I could not have imagined. Most interestingly, most of the best sessions for me have come without the Aneros. It's like the Aneros has opened up my mind to the possibilities of what my body can do.

    I've used the Aneros about 8 times. Most of the sessions have been pleasant, a few have been intense, and one ended up giving me a few Dry-O's. But in between the sessions, my Aneros-less sessions have almost uniformly been intense!

    I think using the Aneros has stimulated my prostate and made me acutely aware of the muscles surrounding my prostate. I'm able to focus on that region without the Aneros whereas before I honestly couldn't even feel anything in the area at all.

    Last night I was able to lay in bed, focus on my prostate, and within minutes I was able to get pleasurable sensations in the root of my penis or behind my testicles. It takes some time, but I can focus the pleasure on either spot, and build it. I can MOVE IT AROUND. I don't get how, but it's like I can feel the pleasure on the left testicle, move it to the right, move it to my rectum, and then bring it out to my penis. It doesn't always work, but it feels like there is a little ball of pleasure that I'm rolling around in my body. It's incredibly STRANGE.

    Eventually, I can build the tension in the root of my penis to such an extent that dry orgasms take hold. Once taken hold, they continue for what feels like forever.

    The experience of the dry orgasm is interesting. It's like that point before you ejaculate, when the pleasure has built to it's peak, but no ejaculation comes out. The pleasure just zings at the base and top of my penis, and up and down the shaft. There's no wave of contractions, release, and surge that comes with ejaculation, so it's not quite as pleasurable in that regard, but the intensity of the pleasure near the tip of my penis is intense. Sometimes it hurts it's so intense. The nice thing about when the dry orgasms start is that I can completely relax and let them happen. Up until that point, I have to concentrate so hard to stay relaxed and keep from twitching and letting the tension go; I sometimes have to change positions and breathe just right to keep the pleasure from dissipating. But once the dry O's start, I just let go and completely go limp and relax. It's amazing. Then the O's keep coming and coming, sometimes increasing in pleasure, sometimes decreasing, but always continuing. Some of them last for a minute or more, then relax a little, and then another one follows it right up.

    Last night this went on for an hour, then subsided. Today, however, I still felt some zinginess down there, so I laid on the couch, and it started again. Only this time, I was able to get to dry O's in minutes, and with less effort. And once started, they continued unabated for over 2 hours! I think they would have kept going had I let them, but I had to be somewhere and had to stop them. During this time, I would also feel intense pleasure behind my testicles. Sometimes the pleasure behind my testicles was more than at my penis. I THINK that my prostate is trying to have a full-blown orgasm, or my rectum is perhaps, but I'm not sure since I haven't really experienced that yet.

    During all of this, my nipples, which were previously MIA, suddenly felt like direct links to my penis and prostate. Just by rubbing them, twisting them, and squeezing them, my dry O's were enhanced and it felt like I was rubbing my penis just by touching my nipples. I've never had any nipple sensitivity at all, but this is new and amazing. I hoped so much for nipple sensitivity!

    Last week, I had what I think was the beginning of a Super O. I felt my prostate squeezing, and it felt like a "warm goo" had been expelled throughout my body. I suddenly felt "quiet", and "at peace", and I had an orgasm feeling IN MY CHEST. I'm serious. The same feeling I get in my penis was suddenly IN MY CHEST. I don't know how this happened, but it kind of scared me, and I pulled back. When it happened I felt a little like the wind was being taken out of me. Being someone who suffers from panic attacks occasionally, having my wind taken out of me immediately triggered the panic-attack response, and I pulled away. But next time I won't because I'll expect it. For the few seconds I had the Super O building, it felt amazing. At least, from what I've read, it felt like a Super O, but maybe it was a mini-O and I have even more to look forward to!

    For now, I am so satisfied with my Aneros Helix Syn that I'm ready to buy 10 of them. Funny that my best sessions came without it. But without the Aneros, there's no way I could have activated these pathways and start the rewiring. I'm hopeful that my Aneros sessions will be more successful going forward. I don't know why I can't have the Dry-O's easily with it in, but I think I am still getting used to the sensation of it being there.

    Also, from what my prostate and rectum areas felt like when building pleasure, I am certain I can get an orgasm there too that will feel more intense than anything I've felt in my life. It's just my gut talking, but the intensity in that area is off the chart. I just can't get it to take the next step. But it doesn't matter. Having 2 hours of Dry-O's that last a minute each is the most amazing gift I could have ever received. I feel honored to have an Aneros product.

    Now, I just have to figure out how to tell all my friends about it! Sounds like an awkward conversation... perhaps I can try something like "do you think we should swap Matt Ryan for Joe Flacco this week? Oh, and by the way, I think Flacco is playing tense right now. He should probably get an Aneros massager. You should check those things out..."

    EDIT/UPDATE: I've had dry-O's with the Aneros twice more now, so I think I'm over that hurdle. Also, I finally did have a prostate orgasm behind my testicles, and it was every bit as intense as I thought it wold be. Yay!

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    Hi @mdad,

    Well, congratulations!!! It looks like you're are an Aneros natural and well on your way in your Aneros journey. See how far along on Aneros Milestones.



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      As a guy thats coming up on his first year with Aneros and is also rewired I know the feeling and just know it gets so much better. Let that phoenix loose and enjoy all that is coming your way. Congratulations.


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        Sounds great! Just so you know there are some people who have better luck without the use of the device that I have read about on here, but hey, whatever works. Sounds like your one of the lucky ones! Stick around I'm sure it will only get better.


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          Congratulations! You are one of the lucky ones to experience this stuff so early on and rather easily. I've been at it for just over seven years and am just starting to sporadically experience mini-O's. You are doing great and I'm glad you are having so much fun and pleasure with it. It is rather interesting that through my readings here at the forum over the years, I notice how varied each mans experience is in what it takes to achieve some sort of multiple, dry orgasm. Just because you haven't orgasmed with your Helix in you doesn't mean it wasn't helpful in getting you there. Enjoy what you got!


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            ....TEEEEACH.... MEEE!!!!!!!!


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              Since writing this last week, I have two episodes of orgasms with the Aneros inserted. They were heavenly. Prostate orgasms, too. They have been incredible. But last night I have another Aneros-less story to share.

              My wife and I had sex yesterday, and it was AMAZING. I lasted longer than I have in years, it felt incredible, and I wasn't holding back at all. I was just able to... last. Forever. Until I finally decided to let it go. It's like the pleasure just peaked and held at near-point-of-no-return level until I let it go further. It was awesome. Truly epic.

              After the amazing sex, I decided that last night would be a night off for my Helix. I had no need, as I was fully satisfied. But my body didn't agree. From the moment I closed my eyes to sleep, I felt a buzzing in the tip of my penis. Like flies were buzzing around there. I couldn't stop it. I put forth absolutely no effort at all, and the buzzing continued, and grew. Eventually, my whole penis was buzzing. Within minutes, the dry orgasms started. And these were the strongest dry orgasms I've ever had. They made my other dry orgasms seem like duds by comparison. They were so strong they hurt (in a good way). It felt like my penis was hard as a rock and ten cock rings were on it. It felt like the blood at the tip of the penis was about to break through. But when I felt it, preparing to be amazed by how rock hard I was, my penis was FLACCID. I wasn't surprised; nothing with Aneros surprises me any more.

              The dry orgasms continued one after another, lasting for over a minute each (I think). Some may have lasted two minutes or more. After one subsided, another would start. Some came so close together that I had to make a judgment call on whether to increment my orgasm counter. Yes, I'll eventually stop counting, but for now, I am a stat junkie. After I got to #25, something new started. My prostate got involved. And suddenly, I was having the strongest dry orgasms of my life at the same time as prostate orgasms (which I feel behind my testicles and diffusely all over my groin). These were the most intense sexual experiences I've ever had. Two completely different orgasms at the exact same time! I resisted the urge to count double, though.

              At about #35, on top of the dry orgasms and prostate orgasms, I had lightness and airiness across my entire body. I didn't feel the orgasms in my chest as I've experienced before, but I felt a floating sensation as the orgasms were going on that went all the way to my head. It was amazing.

              Somewhere around #40 at about 90 minutes, the orgasms started dissipating. I could have kept them going, but at some point I had to work to make them come back. I did this a few times, but eventually stopped when the effort became too much. I finished off with a Super-T that was really hard to get to. It's like my penis was tapped out. But I knew it would feel amazing so I chased it for a long time (maybe 10-15 minutes). As I hoped, it was incredible.

              And all of this occurred without the Aneros inserted.

              I'm still amazed that this is happening. These have been truly epic experiences. I still haven't experienced the Super-O (I don't think I have, at least), but I'm not complaining and I will look forward to that day.

              One of the coolest things so far is that every session's orgasms, the pattern, strength, duration, and finish have been completely unique. Every experience is completely different and unpredictable. It's like the Aneros read a book on sex that encouraged variety in the bedroom, and it complied.

              Until next time...


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                @mdad, sounds amazing, keep us posted on your progress.


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                  @mdad, you're experiences in the first post, especially about moving that pleasure spot around just by thinking about it, was the closest I've read on here to my own experiences--though it took me longer to get there!
                  As for your second account, it sounds amazing. Something to look forward to, I hope!


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                    Hehe since I wrote this I've had 8 days of NOTHING. I guess it's my first "dry spell". I thought I was immune to such shenanigans since I started off so well, but apparently I'm not. I tried going 4 days without ejaculating, but that didn't work either. So I guess I won't do THAT again. Time to re-learn whatever has been unlearned...


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                      Hehe since I wrote this I've had 8 days of NOTHING. I guess it's my first "dry spell". I thought I was immune to such shenanigans since I started off so well, but apparently I'm not. I tried going 4 days without ejaculating, but that didn't work either. So I guess I won't do THAT again. Time to re-learn whatever has been unlearned...

                      Not to worry, you've not unlearned anything! It's just a period of regrouping! It does return!