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Sticky thread for BPH therapy?

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  • Sticky thread for BPH therapy?

    I think this is one of the big things missing from the Aneros forums. How exactly do you perform a non-ejaculatory milking session for BPH (etc) therapy? I haven't found any real instructions on the Wiki either. In fact, I can't find any real info on how to use an Aneros for BPH therapy anywhere. I'd like to get an Aneros for my father (seceret santa) and print out some of the most helpful info I've found (obviously including techniques that will lead to bliss) but I need some clear and simple instructions for BPH therapy to lead with. A thread here would be perfect.

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    i think there is more info on that topic on the high island health webiste.


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      @ineverknew Thank you, but all I ever found there is the difference between using their product and milking by a doctor. Not how to use it for therapy. I could spend months reading before I got the info I'm looking for.


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        If I can't find a good clinical method to include, I'll just say to have a 45 minute session and then sex with his wife while its in (Helix Syn). That clears me out, but I'm not here for therapy


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          Thank the Lord I have no BPH but did start having some prostate congestion symptoms in my 50's here and then discovered the Aneros and became successful with the "re-wiring" and prostate "super orgasms" which has really helped.

          Medically I'd say that regular Aneros use for gentle stimulation of the prostate, say as Wandering_Smoke suggested, for 45 minutes then having good sex with your wife with like the medium sized and comfortable Helix Syn still in to promote thorough emptying of the prostate would be good therapy not to mention lots of fun.

          I wouldn't necessarily try to duplicate "milking", like a urologist might do under specific indicated circumstances, for "at home" maintenance of prostate health.


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            concur with all that's said here. I usually do a "bph therapy session" two or three times a month using my Vice. I start these sessions about an hour after I've taken my daily alfa-blocker (Hytrin) so that my prostate is in a relaxed state.

            Well into the session I start a serious edging routine and make multiple passes at PONR. Once I've attained an intense pulse (heartbeat) in my prostate and along my perineum, I remove the Vice so as to not restrict the flow of ejaculate... then I let go. I used to swap out the Vice for a small toy like a Peridise or an SGX (anything larger results in a smaller semen load). I seldom do that swap now.

            The proof is in the pudding. I've been able to arrest growth of my Prostate at an estimated 50-55 grams for the last four years and hold my PSA very steady between 1.3 and 1.5. --- pretty good as these numbers had been growing about 10% each ms a year (Urologist's estimate of volume from annual finger wave).

            At the same time I was able to cut my daily dose of Hytrin in half, from 2mg. per day to 1mg. That's help me avoid the dangers of low blood pressure. Regrettably the smaller dose size isn't listed in my HMO's formulary so it carries a higher co-pay ..... Strange but I'm a very happy camper !

            Three cheers for Aneros and High Island Health