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  • good relaxation/erotic audio

    found this the other day, really like the way its done. I fell asleep after the first 10 minutes so cant comment on the sexual part of it yet, lol. Too tired from work. ed=0CEcQFjAD& &ei=qQhnUsiTKuLCyQHa8IC4Bw&usg=AFQjCNG1UXG_Y7jA_4g 7wSjARJcHDkkTLQ&bvm=bv.55123115,d.aWc

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    Direct link:


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      I just tried a couple of the videos on that site and second the recommendation, I found these deeply relaxing and that they did a reasonable job of following up with building arousal. I liked these better than the aneros endorsed mp3. I'd love these guys to do an aneros specific version!


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        Great info,I used the link and went to Hypnosiserotica. Purchased their Ultimate Male Orgasm mp3's (Best $39.00 I ever spent) I didn't think I could be hypnotized but these files made me think otherwise. I listen to the ultimate relaxation part for a week (as per their instruction) and then did the orgasm one, WOW!!!!!!!!
        This gets you to a super O almost immediately! I tried my Eupho this morning without the hypnosis (maybe 30 minutes) and it felt OK but no orgasms, I then put on the hypnosis mp3 and was having BIG O's within 5 minutes. If your "stuck" and looking for an easy solution try this hypnosis program.(the best part is comes with a 30 day guarantee!) My wife even likes the Ultimate relaxation files (she hasn't tried the orgasm one yet)