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    So I recently started using my Helix and MGX again after a pretty long break.  I know from what I've read on here that Aneros sessions are best when you don't play with your dick.  But what about in between sessions?  Is penis play counterproductive even when you're not in a session assuming it doesn't end in ejaculation?   And is cum avoidance in general something people phase themselves into?  After a few days of no release (which feels good/bad at the same time), just wondering how long I should drag this out.  

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    It's difficult to remember back to my early experiences however the 'conventional wisdom' in the Aneros Chatroom and Forum advises to not ejaculate for an hour or two after each session until you are well wired into dry-Os. Just reflect on the session and cherish its pleasures.
    When you plateau during your initial rewiring, be chaste for a couple of weeks to break out of that plateau.
    I think that, once rewired it's best to 'blend together' your prostate stimulated dry-Os and your traditional wet-Os (those from sexual contact and/or masturbation).
    Some men report that their prostate horniness is increased following their refractory period (coming out of a wet-O).
    I can bear witness to that having happened to me -- a couple of times each month. Such a happening, while not consistent is always great !
    Remember YMMV.


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      Thsnk you, rook, for this wealth of information. Where did it come from, personal experience or the wikis? I haven't come across anything about what to expect post-rewiring. What is the plateau you refer to and why do you want to break out of it? What's WMMV?

      JTFan09, I don't think there's advice here for "cum avoidance". Just that regular penis ejaculation can interfere with re-wiring the nerves around your prostate in your perineum that produce dry orgasms. Follow rook's advice about the timing. Don't stop masturbating completely. I think I overdid recently and made myself actually ill.