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  • New here.. some questions

    Hey folks,

    I haven't yet acquired an Aneros product but strongly considering it. I had some questions before buying. I plan on getting the classic Aneros Helix, it's more affordable and seems to be often recommended to newbies.

    I note the Aneros is designed to put pressure directly on the prostate. Obviously, I enjoy these sensations, otherwise I would not be here. But how "direct" is it? The reason I ask is that when I've applied direct (but not excessive)pressure with my finger in the past, it seems like I always get some degree of burning sensation which can be quite unpleasant, either that or the intensity is too much. I've always used Vaseline for lube, which by itself has never irritated me. Any idea what could be causing the bad sensation?

    But strangely, when using a fairly large plug with Vaseline, I never have this issue. I guess perhaps the plug is more indirect, maybe thats why the burning does not occur. Anyway I can get some interesting sensations with the plug, but I find I have to generally fondle my member to keep the good times coming. I've tried just letting the plug sit there without touching my weiner, and there is *some* sensation when I do that, but no escalation. That's why I think the Aneros might be for me, I'm interested in what you can do without traditional jacking, it's new and novel and different.

    Maybe it's possible that if I try to adjust myself to direct prostate stimulation, the burning will start to subside?

    What do you folks think?

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    The best info you can get about this subject would be to go to the wiki page and read under aneros basics and this will explain how the aneros works and where it puts pressure.I don't think you want a lot of pressure on this area this will defeat your purpose and be painful.The helix would be a good choice.
    Hope this will help


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      When I first started with my Aneros (helix) I noticed a light burning sensation. Soon afterward, maybe a couple of sessions, this feeling came to be quite pleasurable. Perhaps part of the rewiring process. Now it just feels great with no undesirable or weird feelings.


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        Maybe your fingernail is irritating when using your finger.

        It took me a couple months to develop consistent results with my Aneros (Progasm Jr.) so don't get discouraged if it doesn't wow you at first. The first few weeks I didn't notice anything pleasurable. Also, resist the temptation of Jacking while using it. Keep those separate until your body begins to respond to the Aneros. I don't even get an erection when using mine but yet I'm having amazing prostate orgasms completely flaccid.


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          No, it is not my fingernail. I've noticed the same thing when directly contacting the area with *any* tool. That's why I was wondering if even getting the Aneros is worth it. The Helix is affordable, but nonetheless it might be a waste if I can't get the burning sensation to go away. I expect with time it will probably lessen, but I dunno.

          I also wanted to ask, do you folks think knowledge of the male G-spot has gone mainstream? That people in general explore the area more than they admit, due to the stigma? I wonder if some girls like to play around with it, too. Here's an interesting video, it's a must see. If this video is not scripted, and it seems it probably isn't, maybe it's becoming more common among couples? ;-)


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            Which video are you talking about? I saw the mangasm ad, Man Explains How To Have A Male G-Spot Orgasm With Prostate Stimulators, which seems like a aneros rip-off. They even copied the aneros design flaws, the ring pull thingy that always gets in the way LOL.


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              Come to think of it I recall a burning my first couple of weeks. I think it was muscle fatigue from the muscles around the prostate and anal canal that we're not conditioned yet.


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                In all likelihood, the burning sensation is due to you pressing a little too hard on your prostate when using your finger as opposed to the more subtle sensation and lighter pressure you get with the butt plug. Prostate pressure can be uncomfortable when you're not sexually aroused as well, which is why going to the Dr. and getting a finger up the rear is not nearly as enjoyable as doing it when your hard and hot, either by yourself when masturbating or with your partner using their fingers or a dildo or such. I personally find it difficult to comfortably contort my body in such a way as to get my finger deep enough to hit my prostate when I use my own finger and you're probably having to press hard to get this deep and that increases the pressure on your prostate. Whereas, if u=you used an Aneros or someone did this to you, you could guide them to do it lighter, apply more pressure, etc.

                Regarding your question about prostate massage/orgasm going mainstream...I think a lot of men have always enjoyed this and either discovered it own their own or through a more adventurous partner. I was a teenager in the 70's and recall reading a number of Penthouse forum stories about guys getting fingered by girls or doing it themselves or with an object and having mind-blowing orgasms. I think the Aneros has opened a whole new conversation on the topic and I also think men are getting more open about exploring various aspects of sexual pleasure, receptive anal sex and prostate massage being among them.

                My personal experience is that from the time I was a teen and curious about exploring my body, I discovered it felt really good to have a finger or object in me from time to time when masturbating. When I got married, my wife introduced me to the pleasure of having someone else explore there and it's been a really enjoyable part of our sex lives since then. I don't really care how popular it is or how many guys do it because it feels good but I suspect a lot more guys enjoy this than let on for fear that they'll seem gay for wanting something in their rear. At a certain stage in life, you just get to the point that you don't care what other people think or do.


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                  Which video are you talking about? I saw the mangasm ad, Man Explains How To Have A Male G-Spot Orgasm With Prostate Stimulators, which seems like a aneros rip-off. They even copied the aneros design flaws, the ring pull thingy that always gets in the way LOL.

                  You guys didn't click on the link? In that post it's in the red ink "it's a must see." It's a youtube video. I found it very intriguing. There's a hot girl with glasses in that video who says she "likes to play with that area." I would imagine if girls can talk about doing this on camera, then I would think this kind of activity is going mainstream. I think it's awesome. I've had that fantasy for more than a decade now.


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                    I found the video thanks. I think I've seen advice in this forum for approaching the subject with your partner. If not, maybe there should be. I wouldn't know how with a woman. Maybe showing her how sexy it is for you to use the aneros during sex would get her used to the idea. Again I'm not experienced with women so check this out with the straight men here.

                    For gay men it's easier because there are two g-spots in play so twice the chance that one already knows about it and then they can show their partner.


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                      I have no experience with women also. But that is not by choice. It's because life isn't fair.