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    And then I had my regular morning session, and had a stretch of longer mini-O's. But these were different from ones that I've seen described here. I got goose bumps, hair standing up and shivers all over me, not the warm calm seas as before. They lasted for minutes at a time and felt very good like the other ones. Does anyone else get these kind of sensations?


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      Sorry for the long overdue reply, I just wanted to thank those kind words, thanks @TurnrowI'm glad you're making advances too @euphemistic. Only regarding your last reply, yes, I get those sensations when I haven't worked with that energy for some time. It's like when you turn on those old tvs after a week without using it (not flat screen) and the screen gets all that static electricity that makes the hair on your arms stand up hahaha. I think that once you use other ways for energy to travel you get a similar effect at first.

      As soon as I'm back on track I'll answer whatever I can.

      Take care!


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        I am trying JMays recommendations with good results. Thanks to all the guys who have tried to help me in these three months. Starr831 has been a Godsend and several others.
        Question: While trying to relax and feeling great P waves, I get whole body tremors. Do these whole body tremors help or hinder the relaxation process and the building up to mini Os etc.?
        If these tremors hinder the process, how do you guys shut them off so that greater relaxation can occur. I feel that these tremors hinder relaxation and the building up of the good feelings, but what do you guys say?


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          What I've learned, though I'm not sure about this, is that when you get tremors, shivers and things like that, sometimes it's as though energy (whatever is the souce of the tremor) was going through the right path but suddenly it scattered around your body, like spilling water, hence shivers. There are some things that you should be able to handle with a little more care without losing the relaxed state, not to prevent the tremor, but to help the energy go the right way.

          As long as it's more a reflex than a forced movement it should help with the relaxation process. Remember that after a while, you actually can and will move the way you want to, but you need the previous warm up.

          Pay attention to your breathing too! Whenever you are going to climax you may tend to breathe in a lot of air and hold it. That action creates pressure on internal organs and forces ejaculation. Whenever you are too close to ejaculation, exhale all your air and relax internal organs and every muscle, see how those pleasant feelings were from that 'airless' perspective, it's much more manegable, less pleasurable but it won't spill out. The more you work with sexual energy on that state, it will grow over time, it's much slower, but also much more solid, that's when you eventually get the freedom to do whatever you want because arousal happened the way it should happen... slowly, paying lots of attention, carefully, without forcing anything.


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            How does this come about? Is it a matter of arousal to such an extent that the prostate connects with the brain. Does it come about after say ten minutes or more of prostate arousal?

            How does one cause the prostate to connect with the brain. What does the prostate-brain connection feel like (1) in the brain..........and (2) in the prostate.

            Thanks for helping me get the roadmap to this connection. I have had times where my brain felt heavy and sorta numbed over and dulled over with intense prostate play. Is this the beginnning of the prostate brain connection .......If so, how do I move this on to further intensity or a state where my body will experience a mini O, a dry O, etc.....

            Appreciation here


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              Whenever you make a connection with some other part of your body, it's always about sucking energy in to that part, instead of "spending" it on local pleasure. It's a little complicated to explain, but I saw it written perfectly on an excellent book called "Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm: Awakening His Sacred Gate To Supreme Bliss" by Somraj Pokras and Jeffre TallTrees. Suck pleasure in, like a sponge. The feeling is very different from when you force pleasure to concentrate on your genitals, you don't force anything, instead you absorb as much as you can.


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                Thanks much @JMay for this thread! There is so much to understand and explore here but I have found that the anus squeezing action definitely does sensitize my prostate. And that leads to other feelings. This is definitely a new breakthrough for me.


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                  You're welcome!