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Curious about "key sound"

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  • Curious about "key sound"

    I'm curious about what key sound is like, but I can't seem to get much information on it. My first question, I suppose, would be how does one practice it? Also, where can I find information about it?

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    check out Jack Johnson's website at:


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      Thanks for the info. The price seems just a little steep for me though, not sure if I'll ever buy it.


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        After finding quite a few posts that speak so highly about this technique, now I'm not so sure about not buying it.


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          @jspad, not sure if this is the same thing but found it on amazon for about $50.

          The reviews speak of KSMO.


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            The CD is by Jack Johnson, so it is the same thing, and same author. Think I'll order from the official site though, since I think it'll also mean having membership to the site, as well as money back if I can't get anything out of it. (Not that I don't believe I'd get anything out of it, since I've read only positive things about it in these forums.)


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              @jspad, well let us know how it goes and if you would recommend it.


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                Ok, I'll post if I make even a little progress.


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                  Jspad,In 2004 I discovered Jack Johnson's website, paid my dues and attempted for a few years to learn KSMO. I even went to the extent of rejoining four years later.

                  To my chagrin, I have never been able to achieve even one orgasm, let alone multiple orgasms using this technique. Frankly, I have never been able to figure out how KSMO is supposed to work and, without a soundproof room, I felt that I could not give it the effort that it seems to require. Attempting to achieve an orgasm by simply uttering a vocal sound in a particular way seemed to me to be slightly silly! I also no longer have a suitable environment to pursue the practice.

                  That being said, I must also admit that, since any orgasm occurs in the brain, I have probably acquired the wrong mindset to KSMO and probably have to accept that this technique is simply not for me!


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                    Hi Pommie,

                    Sorry to hear that you haven't been able to make out with the Key Sound.

                    What can be responsible for the difference between success and failure with any project involving talent and mind training must be one of life's mysteries. As we all know, Van Gogh was hopeless at making violins. And Stradivarius couldn't paint for peanuts!

                    Jack's KSMO has given me the orgasms of a lifetime - literally. It's clear that it doesn't work for everyone.

                    But I think I am one of the lucky ones.



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                      @Mog ... grand to see you back in the forum !

                      As with many others, early in my Aneros journey, I became curious about KSMO and ordered the complete package from Jack. At the time I was working in a very rigid schedule which made full participation in work, family life, Aneros sessions and KSMO rather challenging.

                      I found myself very "self-conscious" in approaching KSMO as my primary orgasmic trigger and the overwhelming sensations from Prostate and ano-rectal stimulation were more seductive to me.

                      I did find that Jack, without question is the finest breathing coach I've ever met. (Most of those have been Meditation, Martial Arts, Physical Therapy folks.)

                      Once I refined my breathing, relaxation and vocalization I developed the means to "shape" my physical and mental responses to the energies I sense during Aneros sessions. Although I'm not one of the "energy guys" in the Forum, Jack's breathing and audibles helped me enhance core-chakra responses and build great dry orgasms. His program helped me to "let go" and fall into my sessions, usually at an appropriate moment.


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                        I wouldn't want anyone to hear me either lol. You don't have to do it very loudly, right? Just enough to vibrate your chest? And if I feel were to still feel self-conscious I could put on some music in my room I suppose.


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                          One of the things I have to ask is if I'm making progress, is it partly to do with Key Sound practice or is it just from Aneros practice? I was trying out the sound for a few minutes along with an audio track that was an example/guided 20 minute practice session, and I did feel some of the feelings I recognize as pleasurable feelings since practicing with Aneros. Once I felt some nice feeling a bit high in the chest, and it seemed to sort of run down into my groin. I'm pretty sure this is already somewhat helpful thus far. The only 20 minute session with Key Sound I've had so far was day before yesterday, just to give an idea of when I've started.


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                            So I may look into this.

                            It seems to have worked for you.
                            Now that I am putting aneros away for a little bit! I have a hard time saying that I'll never have multiple orgasms again.

                            Are they like legit multiple orgasms?


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                              Hi MMO_

                              [FONT=Helvetica]>Are they like legit multiple orgasms?