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What is the maximus like compared to other models?

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  • What is the maximus like compared to other models?

    I currently own the sgx, mgx, helix, eupho, and progasm jr.  I was thinking about getting the maximus but not sure if it's too big.  Could any of you who own it compare it to any of the models I listed that I owned?  Thanks.

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    I purchased a max a few months ago and love it.In size,it is about the same as the pro.jr.It has a rounded head that takes a little practice to get it inserted.I had problems with jr.keeping it in,never seemed to fit me very well.The max will suck in nice and snug and still has good movement despite its size.If you have used jr.,you can use the max with no problem.Good luck!!


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      After beginning with the Helix Syn in early June 2012, two months later I "graduated" to the Maximus. I took me about three weeks before I could use to Maximus's length without slipping out. The Maximus is just as long as the Progasm, but it doesn't have Progasm's girth. It does slip in easily however. And yes, it will be "sucked" so nicely as @aneros_user54626 attests.

      The Maximus does have a distinctive curvature in its shape. It does give your prostate a rugged ride which I certainly like. By all means, @jja, get yourself a Maximus for your Aneros collection. You'll love it. Also since you have mentioned Progasm Junior, this model does slip or is sucked in easily. I just love how the Progasm Junior goes to town and works upon my prostate like all get out. Progasm Junior is real hot!!!



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        thanks for the input


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          I've got a Maximus I got a long while back, and my favorites are the smaller models, especially the new Helix Syn and the Eupho. I occasionally ride my Maximus but as has been described above it's a rugged ride with lots of massaging action right on your gland that in my case at least, leaves me a little sore there the next day or so. It also has an interesting hump down where it rides at about the level of your internal sphincter so you feel this noticeable pressure and movement at the level of your inner anus during your prostate massage, which if you like feeling stimulation at that level is okay, although that particular aspect of it doesn't add anything for me.