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Peridise from a womans perspective

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  • Peridise from a womans perspective

    All of the info I can find about the Aneros Peridise from a womans point of view is from 2008. So, I'm looking for some current info in hopes of convincing my wife to give it a try. The men on this forum go into great detail describing their experiences with their Aneros prostate toy, so i'm hoping some of the women will do the same with the Peridise.

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    My wife said yeah great she will give it ago. Thats months ago she never has.


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      Well, maybe there aren't many women who frequent the forum. How about the guys here, does your wife or gf insert a Peridise during your lovemaking or her solo time?


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        After 200 virews I'm a bit surprised there hasn't been any response about womens use of the Peridise. With all the butt play that goes on in this forum, there must be some couples that share in the fun. Or are the married guys keeping their butt play a secret? My wife has agreed to give it a try, so I ordered the set of 4. Two for her and two for me. I'm hoping she has the patience to stick with it, so I'm still looking for feedback from some of the women or the men regarding their wife's use of the Peridise to help keep her motivated.


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          On a Forum sponsored by a prostate massager manufacturer, I don't think it is surprising to have a predominately male audience and male participants. However, there are a few women who have joined our membership and occasionally have contributed the benefit of their perspectives. I would like to point you to the posting 'Category' of ANEROS WOMEN for some of their posts. In particular, 'lynn2694's thread A WOMAN IN "PERIDISE", while dated, the insight is still apropos.
          Good Vibes to You !


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            Thanks rumel, I've read that, but like you said its kind of dated, If I remember correctly from 2008. That's why in my last post I was asking for the guys on here whose wife or girlfriend is using the Peridise to chime in.