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    I have been having incredible sensations they feel amazing. I have no idea if it is a Super O. I don't really shake I do moan and can't really help it, I don't sweat or get out of breath, but my mouth will get dry from breathing heavily. They come one after another and I often feel like it is building to something bigger and have the sensation I am on the edge the way you feel right before you cum traditionally. But I never get a sense of satisfaction or fulfillment. After I stop I have an aching for more and my Prostate feels really good for hours.
    I am at a point where I can do the contractions with no device and get my prostate moving. One thing I have learned is that it is very difficult to understand what you have never experienced and it is difficult to explain what is like. I was thinking how hard it would be to explain a traditional orgasm to someone who has never had one.

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    Twice here recently I have had sessions (one with the anero and one without) that left me feeling just like you described. My prostate feels really good for several hours and I am hungry hungry for more action.

    I have never felt so much alive since I was a teenager. I am now in my mid sixties. Heres a question for you rewired guys. Is that feeling of being super alive like a teenager part of your everyday existence after becoming rewired. If it is, then this is the fountain of youth that Ponce De Leon was looking for centuries ago.

    I cannot believe how good this alive prostate feeling is. I wish I could hang on to it perpetually and it not fade away in a matter of a couple of hours.


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      @Turnrow it is glorious isn't it. I am loving it!


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        @xtimedt69, Hey now, no ripping off trademark phrases of McDonalds corporation! =))


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          Someone please chime in here and answer my question of the 'bigger than life," "so much alive" feeling that comes from prostate pleasure.
          I am early on my journey to rewiring. The feelings I get for a couple of hours after a good session are phenominally energizing and I equate them with what I felt as a boy with wonderfully tuned hormones driving me to seek gratification (mostly by hand back then).

          Does the rewiring give you that kind of high each and every waking hour or is it episodic after a good session? Either is a major find in my life that I want more of.

          Thanks for an answer.


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            I get the same feelings you do and, for years, believed that they were not orgasms. However, I recently began to believe that I was having mini-O's or sometimes even dry-O's.

            My feelings changed as I began to examine the feelings in a more quiet and detached way through practicing self hypnosis. Prior to this, my practice involved watching porn, listening to erotic audio, and binural beats. Although my practice was awesome; it was cluttered with mind noise and I wasn't able to recognize that I was having nearly the same feelings during my aneros sessions as I was having during traditional orgasms.

            I used to read the testimonials from men who said they weren't sure if they were having an orgasm or not, and I couldn't believe them. How could you possible not know if you were having an orgasm!?! Now I understand and believe it is possible because we are not accustomed to the feelings and reactions of our bodies when ejaculation is removed from the situation.

            My advice is that you continue to examine your practice, seek pleasure, and go where the practice and pleasure leads you.


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              @Turnrow Your feelings are common and I have written about them in other posts and read about others having the same response. It was that feeling that kept me going Super O or not. I felt lighter more vibrant after a sessions. It improved other parts of my life and relationship.
              @forum_jedi For me now, I just put it in and it takes off. For me it doesn't matter if I am tired or not, feel good ot not. It just happenes 90% of the time. Now some sessions are better than others. But so far they have been pretty good.
              @ineverknew Micky D's is "I'm Loving it!" so I am not breaking the law. LOL!


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                Yes, I do feel very alive after a good session of Aneros play.

                In terms of Super 0 - you will "just know" when it happens. If you have to ask if it was a Super O, it most probably was not the most intense category of Aneros experiences (Super Os)

                That being said.. I don't always go after the Super O experience, it is VERY intense and it shakes me up. Often I want something less 'earth shaking'


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                  @Xtimedt69 the anerosless sessions you are now experiencing only get better and they almost never stop!I lay in bed on either side and my prostate goes boonta.
                  I have to lay on my front to stop it so i can go to sleep sometimes and i am starting to get feelings while laying on my front sometimes too.
                  The anerosless feelings are getting more intense too and my dick bobs around too by its self.
                  Braking wind! even feels good. WHAT THE! The muscles start to pulsate.....
                  I can be sitting whatching tv and there is bloodshed and bullets flying on tv and I suddenly notice there is a party going on down there. warm radiating orgasms just happening because i am sitting in the right position.
                  Does not matter what i am watching, every thing is porn to my prostate LOL


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                    Sitting on a hard bench feels good too.


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                      In specific response to Turnrow's questions:
                      Rewiring reprograms your body to react differently, than it ever has, to various stimuli --- to the insertion of your aneros, to the brushing of your nips, to thoughts and words, to applying pressure to various manly parts and areas of your manscape. Those "phenomenally energizing" feelings that you correlate to what you felt as a boy are very real; and, they seem to be bigger than life at our age --- due in part to the dimming effect time has had on those boyhood experiences and memories.
                      "Does the rewiring give you that kind of high each and every waking hour or is it episodic after a good session?" From my own experiences, I most often have an "afterglow" following every aneros session --- a varying period of time when it takes very little encouragement to trigger a series of chairgasms or sensations of warm and fullness arising from my prostate up through my sac, balls and cock. At times, these sensations will even ride back along my perineum to my anus. I have come to cherish each of these wonderful blessings; butt, for a newbie, they can be overwhelming and consuming --- making it difficult to focus on other things. When this happens to me now, I will get up and walk, do something physical or just refocus on something completely different --- but, I have a hair-trigger and they are never far away! Masturbating after a vigorous aneros session can also "clean the pipes" for a bit.
                      So for now, my newbie brother, rejoice --- your journey has begun. Praise our creator God for his awesome foresight in our "knitting together"! Your life will never be the same.


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                        Thanks Starr
                        These experiences are some of the best of my life. It is amazing how super alive my body and mind feels after a good session. I hate to see the effects wear off. I most certainly look forward to that feeling being not too far way to pull back up to energize my body and mind.

                        And your comment Starr on praising our creator puts the correct focus on who made these male bodies and who in His magnificent design of the male body, allows men to feel this kind of pleasure. To not be thankful to Him for being wonderfully and fearfully made as a rewired man is not to acknowledge that every good and perfect gift is from above.


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                          I have told @braveneworld that I can now sit in a chair and if feels like I can lift myself off of the chair with my but muscles. If i do the contractions for a couple minutes in a rhythmic pattern I can get chills from the sensation. It is really great.


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                            @Turnrow: At nearly 60, I am more erotic and charged than at any previous time in my life. As a teenager, I was ready to go all the time. But it was shallow. Now, the sensations are 24x7 and much deeper. I have developed a much greater appreciation for the erotic male, a increased sensitivity to my wife's pleasure since I now experience the parallels, and a greater connection with my gay friends through sharing in this this forum. This is much more than the relief from BPH I was seeking. Yes, I feel much more alive!

                            @xtimed69: There is one conference room at work that has chairs that are devastating! I have no control in that room. And I used to hate meetings.



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                              I know what you mean. I feel more alive than I ever felt, even as a teen. It's such a relief to feel pure and simple pleasure, and know that there is an abundance of pleasure in reserve. I haven't had any super anythings yet yet don't feel deprived or anxious to produce one. This is a revelation. Joseph Campbell, the mythology expert, said it best: follow your bliss!