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getting a prostate massage from my girlfriend?

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  • getting a prostate massage from my girlfriend?

    What should I tell her to do? How should we do it? What do I do what does she? What should I / her expect? Thanks!

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    More than likely, prep like you would for an Aneros session, have her trim/clean her nails (NOTE: if she has long nails, I've heard that putting cotton balls under her nails, and then using exam gloves works quite well. Or just have her wear exam gloves anyway). Whatever finger she's going to use, have her lube it well, either bare or with a glove on.

    You should lie in any one of the standard Aneros insertion positions, but on back with legs spread or on stomach with butt in air, also with legs spread, take some relaxing breaths while she massages your genitals and gently push on the opening with desired finger. She can either gently wiggle her finger in, or twist it in gently, until she bottoms out her hand. When she starts massaging, she should have her palm facing your scrotum and penis, and gently feel about for a smooth, somewhat firm object about the size of a walnut. You'll know when she hits it; you'll feel all kinds of good things, and the urge to pee is one of them. The telltale sign will be some clear fluid oozing out of your urethra. Then, just like you massaging her G-spot, she should massage your prostate, or P-spot in the same manner, but remember, she should be as gentle as possible to prevent damage to your prostate, which is more delicate than her G-spot.

    Hope this is helpful, and good luck.


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      Extremely helpful! So I should expect an orgasm? (I have used my aneros many times with nothing) Should she touch my penis at the same Time?? What if she doesn't hit it?


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        If done just so, you could manage a mind-blowing, prostate orgasm, but it can be elusive, just like Super-O's with the Aneros.

        If you want a pretty much, guaranteed orgasm, yes, have her touch your penis; I've found that when self-stimulating with a dildo, if I stimulate my penis at the beginning (usually flapping it from belly to perineum, which stimulates the other side of the prostate), I'll feel an erection build quite rapidly, and then stop stimulating it. In a short while, I get a really powerful orgasm with gobs of ejaculate.


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          Wait, a prostate orgasm is different than the super o? Aren't they the same things since the super o is just massaging your prostate? If they are different how do they feel different?


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            @seby223, any orgasm from massaging the prostate is a prostate orgasm, or dry O, or super O, they are all prostate orgasms just different types and descriptions. I will say if she massages your prostate you may have more of a chance of feeling something but no guarantees of having an orgasm. I say this cause you have a constant massage from her on your prostate and you can tell her harder or softer, faster/slower whereas with the aneros you are relying on your muscles to do the massaging which may or may not be doing that depending on how long you've been using it. Just remember harder is not always better, and make sure her finger nails are trimmed


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              Then why use the aneros at all, why not just have her massage for me?


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                @seby223, thats definitely an option, if you have someone willing to massage your prostate whenever you feel like it. I think the aneros is valuable in the sense that most of us unfortunately "dont" have someone willing to do this.


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                  Sorry, I feel like a dick after that but you're saying it would be more beneficial for her to massage it than use my aneros?


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                    @seby223, no worries lol. I personally think it would be better if I had someone to massage my prostate, hell yeah! Just hope her fingers dont cramp up lol


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                      What should the session be like??? Lots of making out then how long should she stay in? How long should it take to feel anything at all??


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                        no idea, uncharted waters for me. I'm sure you two can figure it out, if she is even willing, then im sure things will work out.


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                          @seby223, I hope that your girl friend is getting as good or better from you as you are expecting from her. We often neglect the partner in the quest for our own pleasure.


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                            Here's my suggestion for how to have a great evening together.

                            First, make sure you've had a good BM and then clean your rectum with some warm water to make sure there's no stragglers.

                            Next, jump in a nice hot shower to get all nice and fresh.

                            After you towel off, put on her favorite cologne. Women love the scent of their men. If you want to be extra sexy, put on some cool underwear like Cock Sox or Andrew Christian see through mesh or Clever or some other men's underwear that show off your best parts. She can do the same while you do the next part.

                            Light some scented candles, maybe put on some nice mood music, turn down the lights, get some lube and Alboline set up and sprinkle rose petals on the sheets of your bed. Then, go get your lady.

                            Give her a back rub, maybe with some scented body oils (Jasmine smells like sweet sex to me) while you straddle her in your underwear and she's wearing nothing but her panties. If you get hard, great, but don't touch it and don't allow her to touch it until you've completed your time with her. Ladies cum first, remember? After she's good and relaxed, roll her over, slide her panties off and slide down on her body, caressing it all the way, until you reach her vagina with your mouth. Let your tongue circle around her entire vulva, teasing her and bringing her to a squirming, moaning, quivering mess. Slide your tongue in and out of her now wet vagina, lapping up the delicious,musky juice. If you're really daring, raise her legs up and move even further south, sliding your tongue down her perineum until you reach her freshly showered anus and let your tongue tickle her into another quivering mess. After some time her, grab some lube and get your fingers slippery as you move your tongue back to her clit. While stroking her clit with your tongue, sloooowwwwllllyyy circle her anus with your well lubed fingers, letting one finger slip slightly in, every couple of circles. When she's practically screaming for release, let a finger or two penetrate her anus and gently press toward her vagina. You can lube some fingers on your other hand and begin to insert these into her vagina, while you have the other fingers in her anus and your using your tongue on her. It won't be long before she has one of the best orgasms of her life. You may want to kiss her with her juices on your lips. Now, lay back and smile. It's your turn. At this point, your dick will be so hard, you could pound nails with it. But, if not, no worries. You'll rise to the occasion again.

                            You've basically just showed her how to do you.

                            A couple of thoughts for your time...

                            Let her suck your nipples for a while as she massages your perineum with some Alboline. She should press gently in and up toward your navel while sucking your nipples. She can circle around your shaft, run her fingers through your pubes and cradle your balls but don't allow her to stroke your throbbing cock. After a while of her doing this, your prostate will start aching, in a good way, your anus will be quivering and you'll be begging for her to get her fingers in you.

                            Have her use some lube on her fingers and slooooowwwwlllly circle your anus, while she continues to tease and suck your nipples. You'll begin to beg for those fingers to slide on in. Let the tension build. Allow her to sense your arousal and lead you to ecstasy. Ask her to please come inside you and have her slowly slide a finger in, just through your anal opening and no further. Become accustomed to her finger and allow her to go deeper still. Talk to her, guide her, speak softly and giver her gentle direction like "softer", "a little harder", "a bit deeper"...she doesn't know how you feel, you have to tell her. Allow yourself the freedom to vocalize or moan. Women love to know they can drive their man wild. As she slides her finger deeper, guide her to press up toward your belly button and make a "come hither" motion with her finger on the wall of your rectum. She should feel your prostate, which will be a firm, roundish object felt through the rectal wall. When she hits the spot, you may feel like you have to pee. Alternately, you may feel something is inside your penis and pressing pleasurably out on the head and at the base. Continuing to suck your nipple while she does this will app up the sensations. You may begin to drip some cases, a large amount. She should feel free to lap up your male nectar with her tongue. Don't be afraid to grab your legs behind the knees to give her better access...doing this will position your prostate for more direct stimulation. All the while, you're breathing and relaxing. If she so desires, she may want to suck your penis.

                            I think you know how this ends. You blow your wad...either in her inviting mouth or shooting a thick rope of hot cum into the air, all over your stomach and chest, maybe even over your head! You both will be spent. Or, you take your throbbing, aching cock and plow it deeply into her wet vagina and pump her full of your hot man juice in one of the most forceful orgasms of your life.

                            So, there's my advice...a blow by blow description of many nights my wife and I have enjoyed together. I hope you write us back to let us know how it went. Just remember, when you put her first, it makes your pleasure all that much greater. The longer a man has an erection, the greater the anticipation of sexual release, the greater the orgasm.

                            Have fun!