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  • Confused

    after doing some reading for my next session as l have successfully reached the elusive super-o yet this thread caught my attention:

    specifically point number two which is about mixing up contraction types, whats confusing me the most is the idea of pushing and pulling at the same time.. how can you pull in but also push at the same time without some sort of effort involved? lm assuming while drawing the aneros in the idea is to try push it out at the same time, in which case l can see some effort being exerted which l would have thought counter productive as the idea of doing both seems impossible, as lve been practising without the aneros to get the idea of how to do it (obviously with fingers involved lol) and my theory is if l know what it feels like both inside and outside l can reproduce it with a proper session if that makes sense.

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    You relax and let an involuntary contraction (which feels as if it's mysteriously sucking the massager into your rectum and gripping it) occur. It's nothing you do voluntarily. Relaxing and deeply breathing and lightly tickling my nipples brings it on for me.


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      all it does for me at least while using the aneros is cause a hardon, thats not to say l havent had one or two times where lve suddenly had the involuntary need to buck around a bit.. but lve never reproduced that in a while.

      like lve said before lve had some interesting sessions and when l originally got my first aneros l nearly managed to get from a to b quite quickly tho it felt on the verge of a normal masturbation.. however its been a couple of years since and lve never managed to get close again.. since then lve been trying different things and techniques over a couple of months at a time just to see if there are any differences since lm not expecting things to magically happen so l give it time to see what suits me best.

      only problem is when it comes to kegel exorcizes lve heard about l can never remember to do them once or twice a day.. by the time l remember to do them lm too tired and off to bed lol.

      regardless, l guess it becomes pretty confusing when talking about contractions.. l think wording and explanations need to be more simplified like in the post l linked, it was much easier to understand the difference between anal and rectal contractions put in the perspective the user did, tho lm still unsure how to get the tug and pull going that was suggested.


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        after some thought, going by said post lm assuming that rather than try and work out how to do said rectal and anal contractions at the same time (I.E. the pulling the aneros in and pushing it out) would the idea be something along the lines of combining both types of contractions by the act of starting with one contraction and ending with the other?

        that is to say first l do an anal (the act of pulling the aneros in) contraction and then turn it into a rectal (the act of pushing the aneros out, baring down on it as if you were trying to push it out obviously without putting so much pressure on that the aneros gets expelled) contraction?


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          I think that thread means PC muscle vs rectal. When you contract the PC muscle it's like what you do when stopping yourself from peeing. A rectal contraction is pushing out like when you crap. By alternating them you may get a tussle between the two


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            so basically l could try pulling in then pushing out, so far lve tried pretty much most methods and had some interesting times but nothing major past the one session where l did have some full body movement but it wasnt exactly as fun as a normal orgasm, plus if l really think about it lve only ever really done the pulling in movement (PC muscle going by your explanation).

            so maybe its worth me trying to mix pulling with pushing by basically drawing in the aneros in one contraction then pushing it out to see if l have some different results.. tho it does look like l'll be retrying allot of positions again LOL, as l said before l tend to try methods and give them a month or two before looking into trying other methods, once l find the groove and eventually start progressing past precum into dry/super-o's then hopefully l'll have found a method of my own, l just hope to achieve that soon because my work pretty much leaves no time for a social life and l gotta have some of my own fun sometimes LOL.


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              Im not sure on this one at all, but ill chuck my 2 cents in. I find when i tighten my abs it creates somewhat of a pushing feeling in my anus, Its subtle but definitely a pushing feeling as opposed to a pulling. I can do this whilst pulling in with my anal muscles. Can any one confirm or deny this is what was implied?


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                I just relax and gently pull in with my urinary sphincter, concentrating in my mind on "up front", not down back. It's just a gentle pull that I hold while tickling my nipples and soon the warm waves inside start and the quivering feeling at the anus, and then soon an involuntary rectal contraction (nothing I really feel at the anus) pulls the massager inward and grips it. That's when the orgasm begins.


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                  l guess lm still in the testing waters phase, tho its interesting to see the different methods ppl use.. and less technical terminology which makes it easier to grasp what other things l could try. tho at the moment the only method lve not really visited is mixing anal/rectal contractions.