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Sleeping with my Mgx

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  • Sleeping with my Mgx

    Ok so the last session I had was about 3 weeks ago now but if been a bit busy with a shutdown at work. However I decided to skip a session earlier in the nigh to allow me to do some reading. I did still want to get the Mgx in as I haven't had many sessions in the past 2 months and I feel almost like my rewiring is reversing. I was however really tired too so I decided to try sleeping with it in as I've read some people like to do so, I lubed up a lot and dozed off. I will add that I always sleep on my stomach so there's was increased pressure on the prostate in This position. I woke up several hours later and I could feel I was insufficiently lubed, however I also felt a strong tingle/itchy type feeling in my prostate and I felt great, not so much in a orgasm way but I my whole body especially my forearms felt really nice. I have not felt this in any of my conventional session so it's hard for me to describe with more accuracy. I did not do any contractions due to lube issues but also did not want to take the Mgx out because I did feel really nice, deciding to wait it out and see if anything builds I accidentally fell back asleep. I woke up with small pain and no good feelings so I took the Mgx out (death grip was initiated but I was gentle). Without any pain the next day I decided to add more lube before I dozed off, but only 1 minute in I felt the same pain and aborted my session. I'm yet to get a chance to try this again but I think if I was properly lubed I would of had considerably more pleasure. I will of course try again and report my findings when I can. In the mean time I'd like to know how many of you have slept with a model in, did you have any similar experiences and advice on buying a model with the purpose of being a sleeper. I currently only own a Mgx but my desire for a new model or 4 rises daily. Oh and whilst I have a thread open I may as well ask if anyone has felt like without regular sessions, your prostate awareness drops? With regular sessions I find I can become completely aroused without an erection, I haven't experienced this in a while now.

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    @Wired Ask and you shall receive.You asked so this is a discussion from my early aneros days.


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      Oh that's exactly what I was after. Thank you braveneworld. Also an enjoyable read. I think when I can I'm going to get a eupho and helix


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        Though I don't personally recommend one to use their Aneros whilst sleeping there have been numerous threads by others on the subject. Here are just a few for you to review -> Going to sleep with Aneros?, Sleeping with Aneros? and Use while sleeping.

        You might also want to check out the Related Discussions threads listed on the left side of this page.

        Please PLAY SAFE

        Good Vibes to You !


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          Two times I woke up after nightmares about shitting myself in public. Both times the ptab has been torture. Never want that again!


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            Thank you rumel, unfortunately viewing the forums on my Phone (brand less generic phone lol :P), is tricky at best. I will definitely have a read of those links tonight. I wouldn't say I'm sold on the idea, but am willing to give it another go as I did have unique results that feel can be improved on last time. Also @Alex_xxx I found the same thing, however the p-tab on my MGX is not suitable for this. Do you mind if I ask what model you slept with? I've considered minor alterations to make it more sleep friendly but I think I will just get a model with a softer tab, Maybe a helix Syn?


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              I slept with the MGX both times I got the bad dreams, and I almost NEVER get any bad dreams, or any at all that I can recollect.I`ve also slept with the helix, but that was intentionally and it wasn`t that bad. Woke up dried out like you but no bad dreams.. at least.

              I really don`t think sleeping with them is a good idea. You`re clogging up you`re system. And it`s supposed to work best in the night. If you were to sleep with anything I`d recommend something short that interferes minimally with you BM.


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                I've tried, last night, for the second time sleeping with the helix. Once again, I didn't sleep too well. Time usually seems to pass quickly when dreaming, but with the helix in the night seemed to drag on. I don't suppose I'll be trying again anytime soon. At least not until I've rewired enough to feel pleasure from sessions. At least I can say the helix is nice and comfortable for long periods, at least when I'm not doing much contracting.


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                  I agree with you Alex and I will put more thought/research into this. I certainly don't intend for this to be a regular practice and I would only use it when I'm off work, meaning I don't require good sleep, this allows me to set an alarm to wake me up after 2-3 hours so that I don't leave it in all night. My main interest in this come from the alternative feelings generated from this technique compared to my regular session. I will purchase 2 new models soon and I thought I could get atleast one of them that will suit this purpose.


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                    Jspad, I believe the reason that you're not sleeping well with the Helix in is that it is disrupting your REM sleep cycles; it's just stimulating enough to wake you from time to time, not allowing you to enter REM sleep, which is where you get the most rest. I had this happen to me several times when I had more working nerves in the anal/rectum area.


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                      I must admit that when I used to sleep with the aneros and have vivid dreams there was most likely medication in my system, as i was badly injured. I have no desire to sleep with it any more?I was driven to sleep with it in the beginning but now not at all.


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                        I've slept with mine, but it's not a sound sleep. Somewhere around 2am it starts asserting itself and wakes me up. I've had the best luck with the smaller models, especially the Syn. For me, the classic Helix and MGX are too aggressive to sleep with.

                        I don't have O's in my sleep, but the next morning can be a lot of fun!



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                          From what I can see there hasn't been a lot of success with this method. Thanks for the feedback fellas