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    "What amazes me is how almost nobody talks about the new dream product : the Eupho Syn. Until now it was an unattainable fantasy (my imagination obviously made it better than the Classic Eupho which is my preferred one even if not always easy to maintain in the working position). I'll order it when it will be available on my favorite store. Is there a parallel world where it is being discussed ?"
    Consider it being discussed now. Consider the parallel world here. I too am extremely curious about this dream model. Ever since the idea of Syn hit the market, my immediate thought was, when is Eupho next? Syn is the only model aside from the Eupho to give me barrier breaking orgasms. When I used the Eupho, I experienced orgasms that were far beyond my expectations, my scope of knowledge, and previous idea of an orgasm could be. I had orgasms so strong that I needed those before me to help me understand what I was feeling. I charted new ground within myself and my own sexuality.

    With Syn, I felt a similar level of orgasmic bliss. The design, feel, and shape spurred an entirely new endeavor in sexual heights. My blog is revolved mostly around the Syn. After feeling its comfortable, sleek, and very enticing design, I've had a difficult time going back to any other model, including the Eupho. The only other model I use now besides Syn is Vice.

    Where Syn is a subtle, and most gentle love that cuddles right up against my prostate and gives it a loving, almost tickle, touch, Vice gives me a direct impact with some very firm and authoritative presence. Both are most enjoyable due to the silicone skin and pliability that allows each model to be flexible and mobile while retaining and very sturdy core that gives me the stiffness I need.

    Knowing how each of these models took me to an entirely new level over the Eupho and Progasm, I can only salivate and feel a very deep pulsating desire to know the touch of the Eupho Syn.

    I've come to appreciate each sensation that each model gives. I often times go through cycles of fondness for one before moving to another. It's been a while since I've been back to Progasm and Eupho classic. I can only attribute that statement to the more comfortable design of the next generation silicone models. Eupho Syn simultaneously reminds me of the most wonderful days of my early Aneros exploration while arousing me and heightening my expectations for what might come next.

    I want to strongly encourage anyone who has been lucky enough to try a Eupho Syn already to share their thoughts and feedback.

    Other than that I simply want to say:

    Who else is as excited as I am?!

    Edited: Fixed formating issue. Thanks to Rumel for assistance!

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    Well, sorry about the outline there guys. Didn't realize it was doing a white font background. I should have previewed post first.


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      @rikaaim Well I have never felt this silicone revolution.

      I bought the Helix Classic and a month later the Helix Syn came out and I figured I already have that shape so it cant be that much different. Certainly not $70 different!After 6 or so months of use I decided to buy the eupho so I did in good faith and it was wonderful! I PAID somewhere around the $85 mark for it! Then a month or so and Aneros drops the price to $50. NOT HAPPY AT ALL!
      I look at the Progasms and want to get the Vice but it is way out of my reach so I end up going for the progasm Ice $60 because it is the best out of all the progasms AND they are all the same PRICE.

      YOU guessed it a month goes by and the progasm classic red is dropped to $30.

      Every time I find the money to buy and do so I am left with a sour taste in my (ass) because I pay too much. This is not to say that I love the products I have bought though.

      Although the eupho Syn is out it is another $70 I can not see the point in buying it because:
      1. I already have that shape
      2. It is the smallest aneros and will silicone really make that much difference
      3. the price and for sure I would be dudded again on price.

      If they had had the Eupho Syn out before when I was buying the Classic then I would most likely of bought the Eupho Syn.

      So there you go. Thats why I am not excited about the eupho syn. And to top it all off I pay full freight on top of the price which makes them all a lot more expensive.

      I always never seem to quite have the money saved when Aneros has a sale on either.
      Maybe I just always have had bad luck, but it is no fun at this end.


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        If I had the means and the ability, I would send your a Syn or a Vice so that you could compare. I'm enjoying the comfort of Vice more than Progasm. It has a larger feel, not sure if that's actually the case or not, and the Muze inserted creates pulsating and deeply penetrating waves of pleasure.
        The Syn is so comfortable that I nearly forget it's there until I start feel wave after wave of pleasure begin to take over.
        Trust me, I was fully in your dilemma before pulling the trigger and buying a new model. I would get the Eupho Syn personally because I don't think Eupho is going to have any major design changes for a while now that this is out. It's been very stable over the years. I'm also just really enjoying the new silicone models. There is a level of comfort that allows me to relax more. I was even able to fall asleep, albeit just a short nap, with Vice inserted. One of the best nap dreams of my life.


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          @rikaaim Dont mind me I am just having a bad day,month,year, whatever. From the looks of it there are not many that have bought the eupho syn yet, due to the lack of posts.I fall asleep with the helix classic,eupho classic, and progasm Ice quite easily.
          Vice would have been nice but the pennies only go so far


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            I didn't even realise that a Eupho Syn had been launched yet. Am i missing something?

            It doesn't even seem to be shown in the Aneros shop on this site!


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              @Pommie look again. think you must of had your eyes closed??? its the 2nd one on the page and if your at the homepage there is a big add that cycles through!But your right there was not much hipe to launch it.


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                It's not that I'm taking any offense at all to what you post. I can fully relate. I fully understand the frustration. I had only two models before Syn came out, and it took me a while to decide to purchase it.
                My mindset was simply, "Well, Eupho is giving me Super-Os, Progasm is giving me Super-Os, how much better can the other models be?"
                I got an answer to that question after using Syn and Vice. I have to say that I think the way I would describe the reaction of different models is that they don't necessarily give a better Super-O, but they do give a *different* Super-O, or sensations in general for that matter.
                I've come to understand the way each model touches and stimulates the prostate. I would like to think of it this way. Imagine getting a blowjob from one woman. Next week you get a blowjob from a different woman. The end destination may be the same, but the journey, the sensations, were probably a little different.
                I'm certain if cost was no factor that many of us would have every model that was ever made. Like you, that's the biggest limiting factor in my owning several models right now. I'm very happy with what I own, and I know that waiting to pick what models I was most interested in was right for me.
                I've seen models posted on other sites for sale, but I purchase from Aneros for one reason. I support the company and CEO.
                Whenever I've had a problem, it's been taken care of. The results and customer service have been outstanding. I support that.
                What I want to say is to please keep posting how you feel and how you see fit. The greatest aspect about this community is that we are supportive brothers. Trust me, I feel you financial pains my friend.
                I remember when a local sex shop was selling Eupho classic for $95 and Vice is $150! Thankfully I didn't come anywhere close to paying that much money.
                I'm certain that I'll get Eupho Syn as soon as the piggy bank is full enough to do so. I've loved Eupho Classic from the start, and have fallen in love with Syn. I can only imagine the two together would be a wonderful offspring of pleasure of delight combined.


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                  If anyone has any feedback at all about Eupho Syn, please post and share.
                  I know it's still just recently available, but any insight and information would be much appreciated.
                  Along the same line, if anyone gets a Eupho Syn in the future, please share about the experience. I know as soon as I can I will.


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                    The "Specs" section for the Eupho Syn seems to be incomplete--no "stem to perineum distance" number. I'd normally have assumed that it was 1 3/4 like most of the other models; however, I checked on a third party site that sells the device and they have it listed as 1 1/2. Can anyone confirm this?


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                      Since the centerline of the shaft (in profile view) is curved, the dimension you are seeking is dependent upon where on the main shaft you measure. I just measured mine, from the tangent (body contact) point on the P-tab to the centerline of the main shaft taken at the narrowest part of the 'waist' the dimension is 1 3/4", measuring from the tangent (body contact) point on the P-tab to the centerline of the main shaft taken at the widest part of the lowest 'bulge' the dimension is 1 1/2".
                      Good Vibes to You !


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                        Thank you rumel, for taking the time to reply. I guess I am looking for a relative measurement...if that makes sense. You mention and explain that there is more than one way to take this measurement. Which way do they use for all the other models? I guess my questions is: is the "stem to perineum distance" the same as the standard Eupho, and most of the other models (at 1 3/4) of did they shorten up this distance, for this particular version of this model to 1 1/2?



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                          Additionally--and I suppose this goes for Syns in general--are there the same issues with seams on these models like with the white plastic ones?. I'm curious, since I'm guessing the production process would differ.


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                            The stem to perineum distance is the same as it is on the Eupho Classic. The molding process is likewise similar with a seam line running from the anterior, over the head and down the posterior. Note: the finish is very smooth with a slightly rounded ridge 'seam', just like the Helix 'SYN' finish.
                            Good Vibes to You !


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                              Thank you for the info! Looking forward to reading reviews of this device.