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Just had my first hands free aneros orgasm, but I'm very confused!

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    well thats great. the first sessions was very pleasurable and i mean pleasurable!, immeasurably so, the last two - nada.

    Just to add, even with the disappointment, confusion and lack of anyone experiencing the strange a weird things i experience i actually DO enjoy using it, a lot.


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      I edge every night for about an hour raising my arousal cycling under PONR. Once I'm really going, I do some basic asana's for about 30 minutes getting other energies in my body flowing good. By this time the energy in my body is amplified and I begin some meditation focusing on pranayama, followed by some Chi control meditation and lastly with some relaxation meditation. This cycle raises my chi, produces great chi flow and control, allows chi conversion, reduces sexual urges, and lastly leaves me extremely relaxed. Disregarding a huge amount of other benefits this offers.


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        I had what I now know was a supero years ago, without aneros. I have never had an orgasm like it before or since. There was a partial ejaculation, but it oozed out. It was so blissful that I felt I had experienced an ephiphany. I couldn't believe how good I felt, not just my genitals, but my whole body. I was not trying to have a "supero" and at the time did not even know what a supero was.

        I share this because you said, inhope, that after your first orgasm with ejaculation, you felt like you had not ejaculated. Does this mean that you did not have a refraction period? That is what my experience was. Although I had ejaculation of some semen, and this incredible feeling throughout my body, I still had sexual arousal, and no refraction. I think that if only some semen is ejaculated, and not "a full load" the refraction period does not ensue. Truth is, there is no one way that these experiences happen, they are as varied as the sunsets.


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          The first one had no refraction period at all, the next two i felt as though i had came (tired/didnt feel aroused afterward) only the first one seems to have 'worked'/have any pleasure associated with it.