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IT`S REAL!!! I just had my first Super-O!!!

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  • IT`S REAL!!! I just had my first Super-O!!!

    Wow.... where do I start..? how it happened or how it felt??
    I have to admit, the first week I actually thought this might be some kind of feeling people believed so hard they actually imagined the sensations.

    Now I know that it`s the good feelings physically + focus on a feeling of a wavy electric sensation in your prostate + finding your own breathing technique + method to make it all tip over the edge.

    Jesus Christ... it really is like a wave flowing over your entire body. It's like deep inside your abdomen you build up a huge pool of tingling smooth sensations that suddenly wash out over every limb in your body.. Like the almost smooth electric wave gets sent to every single neural connection in your entire body... O M G.......

    Still can't believe it happened. Don`t even know if an orgamsm is the right word for it.

    Tried to have one more after the first one but couldn`t breathe properly, couldn't relax - muscles tensed up, and couldn`t hold the contractions like I did the first time. Felt like what you call mini-Os afterwards. More locally in the anal region, like a small wave in the anal canal.

    Dunno what more to say besides --- I WANT ANOTHER ONE!!

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    Lucky auto ass fucker! LOL!


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      Haha.. beat you to it @xtimedt69 thought you would be first though. Never experienced what people describe as autof**king. Only movement by breathing and contractions.

      You'll get there to.. I promise!! Still can't believe it.. :O


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        Congratulations! Sounds like a delightful experience. Explore and stay open to everything that comes your way. Autof**ing is not a prerequisite for the Super-O, it's something that manifests itself with certain individuals. Your path will be your own.


        BF Mayfield


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          Thank you! *Proud Super-Oer*


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            @Alex_xxx I am happy for you man. I will get there am enjoying the ride with you guys.


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              congratulations!!!!! =D>


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                Yes, Alex, the Super-O is indeed real !

                Good Vibes to You !


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                  @rumelHaha.. sorry, didn`t mean to say that everyone here is lying. I just had a hard time believing that the male body could have such a physical reaction emitting from the prostate/abdomen/anal region and out into every single limb. It`s like a neural sensory overload. I just didn`t comprehend how it was possible since I haven`t seen any real scientific research done on it.
                  To put it simple, a small part of me thought that this could be a marketing gimmick to sell the aneros product.

                  Now I just feel like one of you guys, one of the first pioneers a new era of male sexuality (even thought 1 million products have been sold). One that will become more prominent as taboo`s all over the world diminish in an ever increasing open society.

                  Now I will learn how to better control this new gift this forum and the Aneros company has given me. And now I have no issues at all with the money I`ve spent on my three aneros models. They will follow me as long as I live!

                  I also want to give a big thank-you to my girlfriend that I`m sure will be reading this post. A thank-you because she`s been so patient, encouraging and interested all at the same time.

                  She was shocked when I told her I got the Super-O last night after she had fallen a sleep (my breathing session started before she fell asleep).
                  This breathing-method I did in the start before switching to an holding contraction of the PC/Sphincter is better described in the post before this one.

                  This is not the end - it`s only the beginning, can`t wait!!


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                    @Alex_xxx - Congratulations! I'm thrilled to see the change in your beliefs about what your body is capable of. Just wait till you get to share this experience together with your girlfriend actively participating.


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                      Congrats! You will be amazed once you have one Super O it will manifest itself into different types of Super O's. I have only been fairly new to this and have so many different kinds it is crazy. People have been on here for years and still have different types of Super O's so we all have much to look forward to.


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                        Was I right that you had actually been having P-waves for longer than you expected?

                        Congrats man!


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                          @MMO_RPGlolWell.. it might have been a P-wave that time, but it sure wasn`t a Mini-O or Super-O. Because now I know that feels completely different

                          What I had that time I`m still not exactly sure of, but I trust your judgement if you say it was a P-wave. But I think you said it was a Mini-O when I asked if it was an P-wave.. ?

                          I can`t wait!!!

                          You`re right! But I like things explained and documented physically, not spiritually or meditatively.
                          I will continue to wrap my head around this. In my mind this is all about focus on muscle groups, movement of the body and the aneros and physical stimuly as well as erotic thoughts. I think it is a physical reaction to an overloaded system. Dunno why it reacts this way though...

                          Researchers have a hard time explaining 100% why we get shivers from horror and big impressions, so figuring out this thing won`t be done until 20 years have passed I guess


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                            Wow, nice going! Must of been an awesome surprise!Interesting you mention 'make it tip over the edge' - seen a number of posts and technique bringing this up. How did you personally tip over?


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                              I`m not 100% sure, because I had another session with MGX and Progasm today going straight for the goal. And I was on the edge really fast but couldn`t tip over. Today it seemed like my muscle contractions went out of steam, and I also lost control of my deep but short breathing when I was on the verge of Super-Oing.

                              So based on that I made it tip over by having a looong session with only movement and edging with breathing. Then suddenly I switched to contrations - more than usual.. had PC muscles at about 50% constantly and continued to press on with the spinchter muscle (the one that STOPS your pee mid-session) to push the aneros inwards. The PC was engaged all the time when I started this.

                              Hard to select between the two..... since they seem somewhat interconnected. But I found a way for people to easilly seperate them when I went to pee one time. The one that HOLDS the progasm in place when you stand and pee seems to be the PC, but if you have try to stop midways you also engage the spinchter (closing your butthole in plain french). Sorry about the description.

                              So to conclude, after a long session of breathing and edging I actually used the method in "Quick and dirty path to the super O" because those two muscle groups seemed to rotate, PC engaged all the time and spinchter only when I could - hard to hold that muscle constant. It`s the one that can make your penis bounce as well as stop pee midways.

                              Next time I will edge for a longer period with breathing before I try to score.
                              Try to make it get sucked in when you breathe out and pushed out when you inhale.
                              That edging technique got me some interesting results, noted in my other thread here:

                              And DON`T stop your breathing technique when you start doing your contractions. It`s really hard to breathe + contract correctly so that if feels good AND relax. The exhalation was key to the good feelings for me, emptied my lungs on my shallow breaths out.

                              Hope it helps!! I`ll be happy to answer in more detail if possible.
                              Maybe some of the more experienced users can comment on the muscles used to make them have a "tug of war", because that`s what happened before I had my Super-O.

                              I had the PC contraction at 50% when going active because I felt it press against my prostate better then. Along with the breathing and spinchter contractions it made me Super-O

                              My prostate has been "purring" all day long after the last session. At one time on the couch I almost had an Mini-O while just laying there. It`s really feels awsome