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    A lot of people assume that prostate stimulation is the reason many gay men enjoy receiving anal sex. But when we surveyed men for our book, The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure, we heard from a lot of guys who had a lot of anal sex experience but didn't know much about the prostate. Since anal sensations and prostate sensations are quite distinct, this makes a lot of sense.

    Unfortunately, a lot of gay men look at the Aneros products and think that they're too small to do any good, not realizing that bigger doesn't mean better with prostate pleasure. So I wrote a blog post to go into a bit more detail about it. I'd love to hear any feedback you have, or suggestions for how to approach this topic.


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    hi charlie, welcome to the forum, and congratulations on your book and blog, etc.

    just a quick note: the aneros trains you for general anal pleasure, as well as prostate. my anus and rectum have become highly sensitized, and i routinely have anal and rectal orgasms as well as prostate orgasms, each feeling very distinctive.

    from there, once firmly MMO adept, i was able to have nipple, belly and throat orgasms. the latter are particularly awesome. i imagine being deep-throated, leading to orgasm in which my throat rhythmically contracts. with nipple orgasms, as well as involving the pelvic region, i experience rhythmic pulsing in my nipples. to enhance that i imagine that they are producing fluid (which they don't).

    but... all this might be off topic of your intention for this thread. if so, sorry.



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      I'd love to hear any feedback you have, or suggestions for how to approach this topic.



      Like 'darwin', I too wish to welcome you to our little community of adventurous Anerosians. It is wonderful to see authors such as yourself getting the information out about the benefits of prostate massage and the pleasure too many men are missing out on.

      I read your blog posting and was a little surprisedgay men weren't necessarily more knowledgeable about prostate pleasure. Expanding men's awareness of their prostate pleasure potential is the prime motivation for my presence on this forum and I welcome all who endeavor to make this knowledge mainstream.
      As far as suggestions for " to approach this topic." may I direct you to the thread Ideas for Spreading the Word..., you'll find both humorous and serious ideas our members have proposed.
      I look forward to purchasing and reading your book and hope it liberates many men to experience the untapped pleasure latent in their own bodies.
      Good Vibes to You !


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        Charlie - welcome, you have joined a very special group, quite unique on the internet. I have yet to encounter a better studied, experienced, and accepting group of men and women anywhere. I hope to attend one of your presentations in the future.

        I'm not too surprised at your findings. I'm currently looking for a new Urologist. Of the four I have visited, only one knew of the Aneros. None seemed to understand the prostate's role or potential in pleasure. They are willing to cut it up, but they don't understand it - or it's importance to the "whole" male. If the professionals don't get it, it's not surprising to me that most men don't either.

        I personally applaud you in your efforts to spread the word about a difficult topic. Together we are pioneers of sorts, and I'm sure you will find plenty of warm support and acceptance here.



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          I do agree with your statement of the importance of the combination of prostate and anal sensations that compliment each other. Over three years ago I started my anal exploration with the aneros and have gotten a few models since then. For a long time since I have been interested in dildo play and finally got a nice one for myself about 3 months ago. Quite a different sensation generally speaking, the stretching and the in-out smooth rub is very pleasurable...then I can tilt it the right way for increased prostate contact which is great!

          I'm glad I now engage in both types of stimulation as I feel engaging in one further sensitizes the entire area leading to an enhancement of both experiences. I have noticed that some men on the forum have started with dildo play and then later found the aneros, experiencing very satisfying results in short time. Makes sense since their brains/bodies are used to receiving stimulation in those areas, even passively receiving prostate contact though it may not have been their intention. Being a young heterosexual male I can only hope that some day I find a girl willing to participate in such activities. Unfortunately the stereotype of a confused sexuality persists in today's society (though not as much as the past). I'd say mostly due to ignorance and a lack of education - it is pleasure plain and simple, the same potential for everybody who is willing to train themselves regardless of sexuality. 23 years old and not a soul knows, likely keeping it that way.

          Oh and as far as a way to approach the topic, I personally recommend a scientific approach. it is hard to argue with or deny science. Going somewhere along the lines of explaining the reason it feels good is because you are literally training your brain to respond to previously unused areas of the body and associating it with pleasure. The reason many people do not experience immediately astounding results is that they have simply not done it before, but it is absolutely possible. Just as when someone tries their hand at the piano and may at first clumsily strike unwanted keys or their fingers simply cannot keep up - after much practice eventually their fingers will effortlessly and accurately glide over the keys. The brain literally changes itself to form a greater representation of their hands and fingers through the increased use allowing for the rise in ability.


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            @CharlieGlickman - Welcome! You've come to the right place to talk about this sort of thing. And thank you for getting the word out about prostate massage via your book, talks, and blog posts. Ruby Ryder was the one that informed us here about you. And I'm glad you have decided to join us.

            Like rumel, I was rather surprised to read that most gay men didn't necessarily do anal play for the prostate massage aspect. I assumed that was the point. Thank you though for opening my eyes that anal play and prostate massage can be two separate activities. Because I started with Aneros prostate massager's, and eventually discovered pegging and dildoing my own ass. I just assumed that the only reason you'd want to do these sort of things is to get to the prostate and massage it.

            But much like others here have mentioned, even though I haven't yet achieved prostate orgasms, after six plus years, my anus and prostate is very sensitized, and I love that sort of stimulation. Often times more so than penile stimulation and traditional ejaculatory orgasm. And I'm an older heterosexual man. If that even means anything at this point if we stop worrying about labels.

            In addition, I totally agree with needing a firm focused object to massage the prostate. For myself I find that this also translates the same with dildo's used for pegging, or used solo. I prefer the much more firm silicone of my Feeldoe More over the significantly softer silicone of the Fun Factory Share. It gives a much better prostate massage for me which translates to better sensations of pleasure.

            I'm curious how you discovered prostate massage for yourself, and what you used to accomplish it? And how long did it take you to be able to reliably have multiple prostate orgasms?

            Thanks for posting here in this wonderful forum.


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              Thanks for all the warm welcomes, everyone. Getting this book into the world has been really exciting and we're proud to have Aneros as our biggest sponsor for our book tour. I've been a fan of the Aneros ever since the very first product came out and it's so good to see how the company has expanded the range of products.

              I'm not sure exactly when I discovered prostate massage. I first began exploring self anal play when I was a teen, and started doing it with others when I was in college. I knew there was something about it that felt amazing, but it wasn't until later that I learned what was going on. Before the Aneros, I mostly used dildos or had a partner do massage.

              When I was in my late 20's, I discovered tantra and other sexual energy practices, so that's when I started having multiple orgasms. I found those to be really useful skills and even though they weren't taught with prostate stimulation in mind, a lot of the techniques carried over.


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                I hope you will be a frequent visitor. This forum hosts many that share your interests.



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                  I hope you will be a frequent visitor. This forum hosts many that share your interests.


                  I agree with @Xileh


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                    i was able to have nipple, belly and throat orgasms. the latter are particularly awesome. i imagine being deep-throated, leading to orgasm in which my throat rhythmically contracts. with nipple orgasms, as well as involving the pelvic region, i experience rhythmic pulsing in my nipples.

                    Nipple and throat orgasms? Really? I find that hard to comprehend.

                    Actually, that made me question the whole possibility of anal or prostate orgasms.


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                      Yeah, I've often wondered if what others considered to be an orgasm was the same as what I considered to be an orgasm.


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                        nipple orgasms are nothing more then prostate orgasms brought about by stimulating your nipples, as far as i understand. When i touch my nipples they seem to be directly wired to my prostate. As for throat, not sure maybe its just a way of tying that into stimulating your prostate through your throat? im guessing.