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      To be honest, I have always been a bit embarrassed to share my aneros imagery. The very idea that I would think of ridiculous things such as imagining that my whole body were a penis, seems juvenile. Now I accept it as a part of the aneros experience and although I do not need the imagery to get great super-o's, the imagery certainly enhances and intensifies the super-0's.

      Anyone want to share the imagery that they use to get over-the-top responses? If it seems too embarrassing to share, no worries: I understand!


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        oh goodness... I have a good one...

        I vividly imagined sex with my girlfriend. But from her perspective... It seriously turned me on so bad...

        I started out by building a sense of self imagery with my 'new' body. I got used to looking down and seeing boobs, feeling my hair past my shoulders, being 5'6 instead of 6'2, playing with my vagina, putting a finger in and gently rubbing my gspot, and touching my clit, as well as walking around in a thing and getting started at by guys just walking down the street. I spent a lot of time getting used accustomed to this body, and made it the "normal" for me.

        Once I had this down as second nature, I built a scenario in my mind:

        Skip to the "***"'s if you don't have an interest in sentimental things or love, or are weirded out by them...

        "We had just been married. The after party ended. We are driving back to our apartment.

        We run almost giggling into our apartment, excitedly knowing what's about to happen. We begin taking off eachothers clothes. When he is finally pulling of my panties, he carries me to the bed and gently sets me down. Lying on my back with my legs spread open, he lays down on top of me and we begin to passionately kiss. I can feel how hard his penis when it occasionally bumps up against me. I want it in me so bad. He starts kissing my neck, which immediately sets my skin ablaze with electricity. My gspot is buzzing so hard right now. I can feel myself becoming more wet than I have ever been in my entire life . He starts moving down to kiss my breasts, but I can't even contain it; I roll on my side away from him and he lays down behind me still kissing my neck. I direct his penis to the opening of my vagina, waiting for him to plunge deeply inside of me, but he doesn't. He takes his penis from me and rubs it against my inner lips in a circular motion, never actually going in. I am begging for it at this point. After what felt like an agonizing eternity, he finally obliges. Finally deep inside me, he rests there for a moment, allowing me to accustom myself to this new feeling. Almost immediately, I feel a wave of electricity wash over my body.After a few minutes, I turn my head to look at him in the eyes. We kiss and exchange loving words, and I tell him he may continue. He kisses me on my forehead, Gently grabs my breast, and slowly begins to Pull out of me slightly, and then move back in. The speed slightly builds, but it stays at a slow but powerful pace. I feel my body start energize and feel powerful deep electricity stem out from my gspot. After a few minutes, my entire body is becoming aglow this magnificent glowing electricity. I am so consumed in my thoughts. So much happiness. I feel so complete. I feel the head of his penis become hard, and he starts slowing down his thrusting. I turn to him again and tell him that its okay, that he can cum, and that him I love him. He kisses me, and begins to thrust deeper into me again. His breath deepens, and he rests his head against my ear. He begins softly moaning. I can feel the head of his penis start to get harder again. My breath follows in time with his deep breathing. The feelings of electricity are feeling more powerful than ever. I contract my PC muscles and he immediately moans. He struggles to control his breathing. I let out a moan and can tell he really liked it, so I stopped inhibiting them. His moans are getting louder. He grabs my head and turns it to him as I am breathing heavier than before. Passionately, we kiss, and I feel him begin to tremble and his penis pulsate. His moans become loud and his breathing quickens. I feel five pumps of liquid warmth flow into me as I notice the peeks of his moaning. My entire body still aglow in electricity, I moan loudly because I know he loves when I do. His thrusting slowly stops. I can tell how good I made him feel just by looking at him! I think about asking him how I did, but before I can ask he tells me how much he loves me, how much I mean to him, and tells me how great I made him feel! I roll over and face him, and hold each other in our arms. We cover up with blankets and drift off to sleep in each others arms. I felt so good and I didn't even cum! I feel like the best wife in the world! "

        ************************************************** ****
        Now, this is weird. Because I experienced all of this in my mind from my wives point of view. So technically what I was lusting after in the beginning was my own penis. Very weird stuff.

        Now the reason I am telling you all of this embarrassing fantasy that posessed me is not to be erotic. But to highlight the fact that what did the most for me was not "something something you're so hot", or like just about how great your gspot feels. The thing that made me the most aroused was the loving side of it, and I find that that was something that took me a while to realize I was even ALLOWED to fantasize about. Often as a young man, I learned that it was frowned upon by society to fantasize about anything other than the strictly physical aspects of a woman. At least by piers.

        The reason I'm posting this at all is because, I think being emotionally aroused is extremely important too, and that many men may be completely ignorant towards that aspect of sexuality.

        So in closing: Fantasize about what touches you the most emotionally, not just on what gives you the hardest boner...


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          I applaud your insight into sexual matters at your age. You are going to have a wonderful life as a married man with all that insight PLUS the benefits of the rewiring.

          I am a little green at your experiences and understanding and the life you will have. When I was your age, however, sites like this and sexual understanding was almost non existant in American society compared to today.

          Great post, son.


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            Thanks @Turnrow
            I can say that I would be clueless too without the information on this site. I always wished I found out sooner, and plenty of debate has gone into just when is TOO early for a young man to know about various mmo techniques. I think the important thing to focus on is what you found, not when you found it. Think about the hundreds of million of men that never even got to find out multiple orgasms were possible. I think that the fact any of us are finding out at all is just amazing. And of course its never too late to build communication with our mates!

            Can I ask specifically why you say you're a little green by my post?


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              On the green, at my age with dimishing sexual powers, I so admire and in a sense envy youth. Not only are you young and virile and saving yourself for that special girl who will love you sensually and unconditionally, with your newfound rewiring experiences, you are going to be one happy happy man sharing the maximum sensory experiences possible with your sweetie. You are going to have one hot marriage.
              I have had a wonderful life with my committed and loving wife. But she is a product of a conservative upbringing and conservative standards. I keep my sweetie posted on my progress with the aneros and have joked with her about a strap on for a rewired prostate. Who knows.......things might really come together for good in my later years...............But you at your age are to be commended for delving deeper into your sexuality and wanting the most out of your body and in pleasing your wife to be.


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                Thanks! That genuinely means a lot to me. Honestly, the way you described yourself and your 'sweetie' ( that made me really happy because I always call my girlfriend sweetie), you sound like you do have quite a wonderful life, and a great partner to share it with.

                I mean this honestly, but the fact that you call her sweetie really impresses upon me the respect you have for her. Some people I know aren't able to utter a single nice word regarding their mates, after only a few years nonetheless. Maybe you have had your differences in the past, and maybe even working on getting over problems now, but the fact that you still call her by the same nickname you probably had for her when you two just starting out shows incredible commitment and love.

                I hope with time I can grow in that regard. The hot flames of youthful passion are easy envy, but the glowing embers of mature love are something to really be envious of. I really hope I get there some day too


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                  I completely agree with @Turnrow. He has been an inspiration to me too!

                  Have you thought of sharing this with your 'sweetie'? I have a feeling it might just give you both an extra little boost!

                  Good luck to you both and Blessings!


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                    @pommie it is all in the works my friend!
                    I told her about my nipple orgasms, and also how I want to buy an aneros. I showed her the HIH website.I'm just in the process of actually feeling my way around to make sure she wont feel hurt.


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                      The past 2 days have been aneros overdose days for me. I have spent hours and hours and hours in intense, continuous orgasmic bliss. I just took two Advil because I know that I have abused my body. Crazy thing is: I STILL WANT MORE!

                      It seems that my pattern for aneros use is to binge for a few days and then put it away for a few days. Anyone else do this?

                      I am not ready to call my aneros use an addiction, but sometimes it feels like one.


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                        Sp, that makes me get the biggest grin on my face when I read how happy aneros makes all of you guys! Its so awesome. I just want to tell the whole world!


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                          Until today, the word "bliss" was just that: a word. But now, after today's session with my aneroses, I think I know the true meaning of the word "bliss."

                          In the midst of a great session with my helix, I decided to switch to my progasm JR. After a few minutes a new, powerful feeling came over me. It was, for lack of a better word, EMOTIONAL. I nearly broke out laughing! What an oddity: while my body was thrashing and writhing in sheer pleasure, suddenly a wave of sheer "bliss" washed over me. I smiled and then nearly burst into uncontrolled laughter.

                          "Bliss" will no longer be JUST a word.


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                            That is amazing. When I was having my first gspot orgasm, I started laughing too. It was bliss too! And it wasn't even that powerful, but it sure was blissful!


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                              what the hell, this doesn't fill me with hope, as my name may suggest but instead anger! I've had YEARS with the aneros and nothing, no pleasure, nothing.


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                                @inhope how long have you been trying? Just curious.