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    After 9 months of practicing with my helix I had a breakthrough last night. After 10 min of relaxing on my side I started to feel a deep buzzing on the prostate and it was subtly intense. The tip of my penis became enlarged but no erection, and fluid was dripping from me. This felt really good, building way up and then coming down again, I could do 10% contractions and belly breething to keep the pressure up, almost like the tip would burst from the build up. My problem then becomes discomfort... The great buzzing in my cock slips away, and even relaxing for another 30 min failed to bring back sensation.
    I love this site for all the info and testimonials, and now I hope to get some personal response. I just want to know how close I am on my journey to this pgasm. I have a positive attitude and I know I will figure it out soon after last nights promising progress.

    Does anyone else feel these sensations? Anyone been stuck like me? And how can I slip over the edge to a full orgasm and expulsion with my helix?

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    It sounds like your body rewiring is progressing, though I do detect hints of some problems from your post.
    First, "My problem then becomes discomfort...", pain or discomfort are session killers. While I recognize there are members here who derive a certain amount of pleasure from experiencing pain as in a S&M scene, normal Aneros use should never cause you pain or discomfort. If you are suffering from some condition which is causing this you should discontinue Aneros use until you've found and resolved the reason for the discomfort.

    "Does anyone else feel these sensations?" The 'buzzing' feeling you experienced is a fairly common sensation and one I made note of in my own first Super-O experience. If that is any indication, then you are probably closer than you may know to entering the "zoneros".

    "Anyone been stuck like me?" Progress is not generally linear and there even may be seeming regression at times. If you drop expectations and just enjoy the sensations you are receiving from current Anerosessions you will eventually cross the plateau to rise again later. Remember this is a journey with no final destination, the journey IS the thing.

    " can I slip over the edge to a full orgasm and expulsion with my helix?"Please see my post regarding 'the edge', with a prostate based orgasm there is no edge. Orgasms can vary in intensity and duration but I don't believe there is a partial or full orgasm, you either are having an orgasm or you are not, it is akin to saying a woman is a bit pregnant.

    Finally by "...and expulsion...", I presume you are talking about ejaculation here. If your goal is to achieve HFWO's you should read this section from the Aneros Learning Center. However, if your goal is to get to the Super-O then you need to better understand that the Super-O is by definition a non-ejaculatory event and reducing/eliminating penile stimulation is recommended, see the thread Penis, NOT for a discussion about this paradigm shift in thinking.
    Good Vibes to You !


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      Thank you so much for the wisdom and good vibes. I realize now my post made it seem like I am full of expectation, however I am simply curious and have learned to enjoy the ride while relaxing 100%. I'm not into S&M; I have not found the right lube yet and I believe that a little more could have prevented discomfort. With all this in mind I think you're right in saying the zoneros is within reach. I look forward to continuing the journey!