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    Well darkengine, this i already knew and it makes little difference how aroused i am, though just so you are aware i am always (more or less 100% of the time) aroused when entering a session, the device certaintly moves more quickly and vigoursly, but it still results in NO pleasure, i mean literally nothing. That cannot, i repeat cannot be right? its like, i have the device working as it should, but it just doesn't produce any feelings! its like eating the most glorious and expensive food but it having no taste!


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      Maybe do some sessions where you do nothing but deep belly breathing. Any tension or involuntaries that occur, try to relax them away as well. And focus on subtle sensations no matter how insignificant.


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        @inhope,I also wonder how often you have a session, how long your sessions are and what tools you are using.


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          I usually have 3 or 4 a week, each session is usually 2hrs, sometimes longer (this excludes leaving it in overnight as well, which I've tried 3 times)

          I use the SGX, MGX and Helix. I have the SGX because i am a man of smaller stature.


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            @inhope,Sounds to me as if your routine and choice of tools are ideal so I am a little surprised at your apparent lack of success.

            Might I suggest that you try the Peridise set and mix them in with your current stable. I'm sure the use of these in accordance with instructions from HIH, coupled with a period containing some overnighters with the smaller ones, helped to get me past the road block.

            Admittedly, I did get them primarily for the relief of haemorrhoids, but I soon discovered that they do have this tremendous additional advantage.

            Worked for me. See how you go and Good Luck!


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              You're surprised? imagine mine! and the money this company have had from me for bits of plastic i have been shoving up my ass for years, for NO actual point, it would seem....! Can you all see why i might think this is all false? some sort of scam or joke?

              I can try what you say but I'm unwilling to spend yet more money on something that i know in my heart just wont work! if this company believed in what they make then let them send me all the models they do and when i get some success then i will pay for them and rave from the friggin' rooftops about how awesome they are! seriously, 3 freaking years man!!!

              I also kind of confused/slight angry as to some of my results and side effects I'm experiencing, that nobody in aneros history seems to concur with, such as (just a few, there are lots more things i experience):

              "The other thing that is a big problem is the involuntary leg movements i am getting. I also get these OUTSIDE of aneros sessions and are usually when my legs are close together.

              They are uncontrollable, i literally cannot stop them. When using the aneros they are super violent and are verrrrry fast. THey are so violent that i am unable to stop them from happening, it also results in it being a distraction from making the device work, but again even if i am gripping my legs they get crazy and ruin things.

              When these leg movements happen it usually causes my penis to move which triggers pleasure in it, again detracting from prostate concentration.

              Lastly, during my sessions i will occasionally get these lovely sensations, which i assume to be the device working but what I've actually discovered is my bladder filling up/putting pressure on things inside, so as soon as i go pee the pleasure stops. How weird?

              Same thing goes when i get an erection, lovely pleasure inside until its fully hard, then nothing."

              Though, as I've said before, i will keep trying but seriously i am feeling so stupid lately and that its all big joke all of this, the pleasure people report just cant exist and this just cant work. I would LOVE to be proven wrong, but there just isn't any evidence other than ramblings from people on a forum. If it were a year ago, when i was still positive then yes i would happily try it all, but its not its now 3 years (in fact over that), i seem to be the only one trying for this long without success, it even made me doubt i had a prostate at one point (yes i realise this is stupid, but when you're upset and exhausted from trying at something, you start to think outside the box)


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                @loveis has you beat by 2 years dude.


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                  @inhope,I note your problems. If you feel the side effects are a problem, you should probably quit now.

                  For what it's worth, I began this journey in June 2009 and I still don't have success on every trip, but at least the past year or so have been mostly fun.

                  If you possibly can, try to enjoy the fun. If that isn't possible, I repeat that you might have to quit.


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                    Perhaps your prostate is numb. Take some time off and start again at a later time if you wish. Now that you're feeling hostile probably nothing will happen. After a great session I had involuntaries that lasted a couple days, which overworked my prostate and now it is completely numb, devoid of all sensation. I hope my sensation comes back as well, b/c it was just starting to get good.


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                      2 years? so then 5 years with nothing, NO pleasure? wow, what a trooper!

                      I dont have success on any trip, at least not success that involves the aneros actually working, what i thought was progress recently actually isn't at all, in fact it appears to have been the opposite. It would be nice to enjoy the 'fun' as you put it, but i don't experience that either, not unless i am in need of a pee or getting hard ons when i can actually feel the prostate doing something, if only for a few seconds.

                      Numb? i dont think so, i can still orgasm traditionally very well. The side effects arnt a problem, they dont scare or worry me, but they are distracting! my legs go crazy, i don't get why and i don't know how to control it, i see others stating they get 'in-voluntaries' and 'twitching', which is fine but i want to know why they happen, as this may help me better understand and control them.

                      See i feel like something is happening but i cant tell if its good or not! nobody even knows if using an aneros in a repeated fashion can cause damage (i'm pretty sure it wont but nobody says definitively that its 100% safe when the results from person to person seem to vary wildly.)

                      I dont want to stop because i feel there is something there, but i have real, serious moments of doubt, jealousy and occasional anger when the effort i put it, and believe me i put it in, yields no results, even slight, which i don't think is too much to ask. Just so you know i didnt expect reward in any way, or results, not for the first two years anyway. I still seem to be no better off than a beginner, i should be a veteran of experience, shouldn't i? Im still at square one, and can give no advice to newbies or first timers because i am very much exactly where they are!

                      In fact i was happy to enjoy the ride, to have a journey, but now i'm tired, frustrated, confused and alone. I am weary. But its the stories i read of people here (which i at times think are plants potentially) that get me excited and want to continue... i just hope they are real people and telling a truthful account.

                      If i quit now, even for a 'break' as it were i would feel even worse, all that effort and time for nothing, i must continue because the way i will feel will be worse than i feel now. All I need is to gain 1% progress to get my positivity back that i once had, that isn't too much to ask is it?

                      Just one last thing i want to add as well, the packaging of the aneroes states that you put the device in and it then works automatically. That is such BS i cannot even begin to believe its actually there, in black ink on that packaging! Perhaps once you are rewired, yes that may be true, but it mentions nothing of this process whatsoever.


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                        @inhope, i can say that the results of the aneros are real, i have felt them, though like others have said, it is not always a given. I have had spotty results and been using over two years now. I have had a couple of the elusive super O's and multiple dry O's though i havent had any O's in quite a few months. Most of my sessions are usually very pleasureable though as of late no O's for whatever reason. The suggestion to break for say two weeks is not a bad one. I have done this and was amazed at how my prostate came to life just thinking about having a session. Its at least worth a shot. Also taking a break would also help you re-energize and come back with a better attitude. My personal belief is that your expectations and attitude has a tremendous affect on how well an aneros sessions goes, so i will leave you with this quote that i like. "Happiness is not a matter of good fortune or worldly possessions. It's a mental attitude. It comes from appreciating what we have, instead of being miserable about what we don't have. It's so simple?yet so hard for the human mind to comprehend."
                        Bits and Pieces


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                          I agree that the marketing approach of Aneros is misleading for most people. I can still have a good traditional orgasm even though my prostate is currently numb. It just won't sense my Aneros right now. Maybe take a break and ease into it when you come back. Try shorter sessions with no expectations. I would be frustrated in your position too, but maybe you've been trying too hard.


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                            @inhope well what do you expect? "Try the Aneros! Within 5 years most people are able to have prostate orgasms!"...

                            Although it deffinitly has some hype to it, I k ow I wouldn't have stuck around if it was like " Try our product maybe. I think one guy once had a good orgasm once with one. No promises though. We can't guarantee it".

                            I think mocking their marketing strategy is pretty pointless...


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                              Quote, "Just one last thing i want to add as well, the packaging of the aneroes states that you put the device in and it then works automatically."

                              @inhope, I am no where as long a user as you are. I agree that there is no automatic working of the Aneros for me! It just sits there! I have tried all the known ways to coax it into spontaneity, but no it just sits there. I do however feel a pressure response from probably my prostate and against my BC muscle. I can move the aneros up and down using various muscles, I may just get a mini single involuntary or perhaps two in succession when the moon is full. I can trigger a single involuntary by tightening up various muscles except the BC and PC ones. But this is probably teaching myself bad habits - for which I will no doubt pay for later.
                              On the positive side I believe the presence of the Aneros and the Prostates' rather pathetic response has greatly improved my attitude, my sex with my partner, the well being of all the pelvic area, and my 'rhoids have all but gone. I sleep much better with an Aneros. But it is still frustrating that I don't seem to be able to get to the "thrilling" bit, this may be good as my body may not be able to take too many thrills, being somewhat long in the tooth. but perhaps I am rationalising.
                              I find it difficult to read the members super o's - an fact even their sequential in-voluntaries. I am not moaning, just saying there are quite a few plodders.
                              I feel it is beneficial for me to continue, so I shall.
                              On day perhaps..............


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                                @ctusser you have me slightly concerned, is it possible i wonder that a prostate can ALWAYS be numb? perhaps from previous/prior damage? i cant see that being true? i cant even see it being true in any other way for that matter.

                                I should also have mentioned that I've had breaks, around 2.5 years in i had a break of almost a month and again there was little difference when returning. I am starting to think that maybe just maybe the aneros device experience is more unsuccessful for most that it is successful....

                                Can i also state that before a thread was made regarding videos of people using their devices, the videos you would find on the net would involve someone using a device whilst masturbating. This company should have had some instruction videos out somewhere/everywhere to stop people getting the wrong end of stick, because for a looooong time i assumed that it was something to aid those kinds of sessions.

                                Also im not mocking their marketing, I'm just stating it needs to be better! It literally states on the first use of it that it works (it moves in and out) automatically! this is literally true of nobody that I've ever heard of!? I'm not being nasty or condemning it or anything just that its not particularly clear or accurate. Okay maybe i am mocking it a little!